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    Ay'sha is a bastet. Unlike the lycanthrope, she is a feline humanoid. Tall and lanky, her explosive muscles are built for speed. Her entire form, including her features, are coated in a very soft short fur that is artfully speckled with mix of brown and ebony spotting. White fur starts at her chin and runs a trail down further than her clothes will betray. Her "hair" is just longer fur that spikes a bit on the top of her head and lays sleek down the sides of her features in a few longer strands, it doesn't grow like a humans. The long tail is thick and nearly half her height, another feature she doesn't bother to hide. She typically does not wear shoes as the balls of her feet are wider than a human's of her size, thick pads beneath spread out, long toes separating as she places her weight over them and the nails are actually retracted claws, as are the nails on her hands.

    Ears lay very flat to her head, like much of her form they are aerodynamic.

    Clothing tends to be consistent. Her leather and fabric vest leaves her limbs free to move easily, the matching shorts fit over her thighs snuggly, hugging down to just above the fur covered knees. Forearms and shins are also covered in leather guards.
    From a tribe of very secretive but family oriented bastet. The Karoush (principles) of her people:
    • Honor Yourself
    • Honor Your Word
    • Honor Your Kin and Kind
    • Honor Your Earth
    • Honor Your Silence

    Ay'sha follows this almost to a fault. Cut off from her tribe, she is a solitary creature by circumstance not nature. Her pride was her everything and now she finds herself alone on a strange world. She has however found solace among the other Outworlders. Once a respected warrior, her straightforward and protective nature have found her a good home as the head of Narwa security. Ay'sha is always studying, her keen senses telling her more than is seen with the plain eye.

    Ay'sha can be quiet but she is a boisterous drunk. Her world did not have an equivalent to the potent drink and her tolerance is minimal. Fortunately her metabolism burns through it at remarkable speed but typically not before she has managed to pick a fight, dance on a table or flirt with a stranger.
    She carries a staff from her own world, the wood shaft harder than nearly all metals on this planet. The end has a hidden blade that only she knows how to trigger.

    Several leather bands surround her left wrist, two have very small feline teeth dangling on them like beads. The milk teeth of her twin cubs, lost to her when she was yanked from her world.

    A home in South America granted to her as the head of Narwa security.


    In general, her bastet nature comes with senses that exceed that of humans. Her hearing and smell particularly are magnified, able to eavesdrop at up to 20 yards as well as .detect scents in places or on objects as much as 3 days after the scent was left behind.

    Cat Claws— both the nails on her hands and feet can be extended into vicious claws. Like small steel knives they are merciless when wielded.

    Pathfinder — Offers her an uncanny sense of direction. Places rapidly imprint for her by scent, site and sound giving her innate maps to find the locations again.

    Silent Stalking — A common trick for her tribe, it allows her to move without making any sound. Even squeaky or shifting surfaces, like wooden floors or piled twigs, can be passed over without noise as padded feet place carefully down over their terrain.

    Catfeet — Like other feline's, she is blessed with unnatural balance and the ability to flip over midair to land on her feet. From as high as 200 feet she can land without so much as a scratch.

    Cheetah's Flight -- Speed. This is a core gift within her tribe. She is able to run nearly 50-65 miles per hour for as long as 15 min but then must rest for nearly 30 to recover (less time if she keeps it under 40mph). In an extreme emergency she can hit 80mph but it can only be sustained for 5-8mins before she will collapse of exhaustion. Burning this gift to its max will require heavy nourishment afterwards as well, like her cousins, this means meat.. lots of it.

    Sixth Sense (Warning whiskers) -- This is an uncanny knack of sensing impending disaster. While not exactly precognition, the Gift grants vague insight that there is a coming peril (though not what it is). This manifests as “bad feelings” whenever something nasty’s waiting nearby; it won’t tell her who or what is around the corner, but she’ll certainly feel like she ought to stop before she turns that corner. Natural disasters, ambushes and festering rivalries can all be sensed ahead of time, though the outcome of combat cannot.
    Hand to hand combat - its unwise to go against the bastet in hand to hand combat. Enhanced by her speed and agility her training from a very early age has made close quarter battles skewed in her favor.

    Bow and arrow- While she is "ok" with a mechanical projectile weapon such as a gun, her preference and expertise lies with the bow and arrow. Gifted by Durion, she has a BowTech RPM 360 - appropriate that one of the fastest creatures on the planet uses a bow known for its speed.

    She can sing, though few know this. Like a soft warm wind the sound can envelop. It was a skill she shared with her twins and tribe but now is reserved for the animals of the wilderness she patrols.
    She has lost her purr....

    Her world was a harsh one by earth standards, but one her kind was well suited for. Long expanses of desert were spattered with mountains and grasslands. Bastet tribes kept to their territories and had lived in a tentative peace for several centuries before the unrest began.

    The child of a tribe matriarch, Ay'sha grew up training hard but also well educated. She was barely out of her milk teeth when her mate was chosen. Ki'ra was several years her senior and recognized as the strongest and fastest of the most recent cubbings. They grew up together until in their late adolescence they were formally bonded. It was a good match.

    Their twins came just two years later, a boy and a girl that birthed yelping like true children of warriors. But the idyllic life didn't last long. Their twins were two when the peace shattered. The simba tribe had hunted their lands to barren wastelands and started pushing into other tribe territories. The battles were first simple skirmishes but soon all out war was erupting, the tribes taking sides. Ki'ra was lost in the second year of the war. It was an honorable death on the battlefield.

    Her twins had just lost their last milk teeth when she couldn't keep them from the war any longer. They were four (the equivalent of 6-7 for a human child) when she started teaching them with their father's mother how to handle a blade. Their fraternal grandmother kept watch over the twins when their mother would head to the battlefield. It was on one of these battle excursions that her life was ripped from her soul.

    The ground had ripped open across the grassland as blood was being spilt, she was at full speed, a risk as she would not have much left once the sprint was done, but there had been an opening on the simba leader who hid at the back of his battlefront. He wouldn't be able to avoid her blade, not at that speed. The spring took her into the air at him at over 75mph but her blade never sunk into flesh. The light had been blinding, slamming into her and sending her flying backwards.

    Waking had been a chore. It felt as though a water-rhino had struck her and she had been unconscious for days. Several ribs were broken, her ankle badly twisted and the world around her was completely foreign.

    That was nearly seven years ago. Awakening in the forests of South America it wasn't long before her path crossed that of Durion and in time she proved she had a place in his strange world. Now head of security she spends most of her time patrolling the limits of his lands and wonders what has become of her people and the war that she was ripped from.

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  1. Ay'sha Ka'rare

    Fae Fury is coming......

    Thickly padded feet slowed as she caught site of the elf out on his large veranda. Thumb ran along the strap of her bag as she leapt over the rail with a feline's ease, dropping silently onto the deck near him. Rumors aren't rumors..... The quiet words rolled off the tongue with a rich accent not found on this world. She had learned the neutral language that outworlders had come to accept as a common language but it still didn't come with a natural ease. Blanched chin extended towards the north. Farthest shore already very cold.... the um...... animals..... they come this way to escape. Bag slid from her shoulder to drop onto one of the carved wood chairs, her staff leaning against its back as she watched the woman bring out a large tray of food, the meat catching the feline's amber gaze. White is falling from sky there..... white......cold pieces.... Her world was a warm one and she had only lived in the southern continents tropical climate since coming to this world. The snow had been disconcerting. Fingers reached for the near raw cut of beef, the cube popped between her lips, extended canines eposed for the briefest moment before she licked the white tips of her fingers. .... coming closer too.... Legs folded up under her on a second chair waiting for the questions she was sure he had.
  2. Ay'sha Ka'rare

    Fae Fury is coming......

    November 20, 2019; 3pm Forearms rested on exhausted knees as she panted softly in her tree perch. This was the fourth rest stop she had to make as she returned from her investigation of the northern lands. It had taken her three days to make what had once been northern Venezuela. It was taking her three days to get back. A vehicle might have seemed more practical to cover the nearly 700 miles, but not in this terrain. The jungle and mountain landscapes that covered the majority of the trip were impassable by anything but a plane which Narwa did not have to spare, nor did the bastet care for air travel. Land creatures were meant to keep their feet on the ground. Bright amber lifted to check the sun. She would make Megildur before dark; a good thing as she had just eaten the last of her meat reserves. Coarse tongue curled and flattened with each soft pull of air as she crouched in the middle branches of the Barriguda. Eyes dropped at the sound of the capuchin family moving through the trees, heading further south. It was a behavior she had seen again and again over the last six days. The wildlife was heading south, they instinctively knew what she now had confirmed…. cold was coming. The rumors had been true. Leather sack was slid back over her head to drape down her back, flaccid now as its contents had been consumed. Crouched legs exploded, hands catching a branch, swinging out before releasing in a somersault that dropped her the thirty feet to the ground, padded feet easily catching her weight. She held back her speed on the last leg, conserving energy for the report she was sure the head of Narwa would demand upon her return. The slower pace also aided in navigating the heavier overgrowth of the dense jungles of Megildur. Hands planted on low branches as deft feet leapt over fallen trees. The migration of wildlife was becoming more and more apparent as she neared the compound. The animals seemed to instinctively know there was safety in the arms of the outworlder sanctuary. They were right. Enough fae with powers could stave off the cold, at least for a time. Padded feet slowed their sprint as the formidable compound came into view. There was much to talk about.