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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    At five foot eight and 160 pounds, Darius is a man of average height and a slender, toned build. At a glance, it's clear that he spends a moderate amount of time working out and cares about his appearance. His short, dirty blonde hair is carefully groomed into a synthetically messy look, as though he spent half an hour in a mirror trying to make it look like he does not care about grooming his hair. This style compliments his angular facial structure well, though, highlighting his sharp cheekbones. Aside from the deep shadows underneath his eyes, Darius appears to be aging very well, hardly looking a day over 30.

    His eyes are a twinkling shade of grey, sometimes appearing steel blue in the right lighting. The space between his eyes and his eyebrows is smaller than average, and his eyebrows are rather faint, fading very quickly into his forehead. Below his eyes is a long nose, full lips, and carefully pruned scruff. His default expression is one of general apathy, with his eyes wandering around the environment surrounding him and his lips forming a witty smirk, as though he knows an entertaining truth that nobody else knows.

    As far as Darius's clothes go, he generally dresses quite nicely, proudly sporting blazers, button-downs, and colored pants (generally maroon, white, or red). He also has two suits (one that is black and white, and the other features a grey blazer, bow tie, and pants with a light pink button down) that he saves for truly special occasions where he wants to make a strong impression. When on missions, he dresses much more functionally, wearing turtlenecks and tight, mobile pants, his clothes disguised under a sweatshirt if needed. The only times that one would catch Darius in a t-shirt would be when he is in the comfort of his own home, alone.
    In a letter to the higher-ups of Pharos, Darius's friend and former mentor, Catalina, wrote the following:

    "His heart is in the right place, but he still has the mind of a conman. Every day, however, he is learning to see that the world is so much more than just a resource to exploit. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that he has known this all along deep down. Darius's outstanding dedication to understanding the Resonance and furthering our organization's mission never ceases to amaze me. On the outside, this man may appear to be the very image of corruption, but by working with him, you gain the opportunity to discover his heart of gold. Remember, he joined Pharos for a reason."

    Darius has retained many traits from old identity as a conman, such as his manipulative nature and selfish instincts. He has absolutely no problem with weaving the most intricate of lies to get what he wants, no matter how small, and he would not hesitate to fight a rival head-on if it came to that. In addition, he can very easily be diverted from his objectives by the right amount of money and/or a pretty face. If he wants something, he will do anything and everything in his power to obtain it, and he struggles to handle the feeling of failure when he does not succeed in an endeavor. He is very insecure about his past as a conman, especially his time in prison, and is absolutely terrified of this history catching up to him. He no longer goes out of his way to keep a low profile, but he only discusses the truth about his past to those who he trusts completely. Should he suspect that somebody is onto him about his past, he gets extremely nervous and uncomfortable around them.

    Despite all of this, Darius is a man who truly loves life and wants others to see the beauty of the world like he does. He pities cynical people and pessimists, often triying to take them under his wing to show them the good in the world. As for his powers, he sees his process of learning to use them as a fun challenge. He enjoys traveling and see new places, and he delights in learning the history of the world, finding it fascinating how things came to be the way that they are. He keeps a list of his "favorite places", and he loves showing these places to people who he trusts and cares about. He adores the world, and seeing it in its chaotic and apocalyptic state after the Resonance struck him very painfully, motivating him to put aside his selfish ways to work towards a greater good, instead. His hope is that by working in Pharos, he can help his faction gain a vast understanding of the Resonance and use that knowledge to benefit the entire world.
    - A black and white tailored suit

    - A tailored suit with a grey blazer, pants, vest, and bowtie with a pale pink button down.

    - A pistol and several boxes of ammunition.

    Darius has often worked with the Law Enforcement to assist in solving mysteries involving magical artifacts. He's very fearful of them learning about his old identity.


    Shapeshifting some or all of his body into the equivalent of its mass in water. He has complete mobile control of this water and is capable of expanding, contracting, temperature altercations, moving in any direction (within reason), and jumping up to two feet in the air. In this state, Darius is unable to change back to his true form unless all of the water is in the same place, and he suffers from major physical detriments when the water is separated for long periods of time (should it be for longer than 15 minutes, he will end up bedridden for at least a day, and he will die if it's for longer than three hours). Should he encounter any toxic materials while in this state, he is capable of expelling them from his mass, but must do so before returning to his natural form or else he is unable to expel them. Also, should this water be boiled, he will die.

    Completely shapeshifting into a chaotic whirlwind. Darius has limited control over this state, and while in it, he is capable of expanding, contracting, altering the intensity of the whirlwind, and moving in any direction (including up and down). If he goes below a 31mph wind speed while in this state, he automatically shifts back into his true form, and if he goes above 172mph, he suffers from major physical detriments afterwards, often rendering him unconscious. As a general rule, the higher his windspeed, the more energy it takes for him to maintain it and the more severely it impacts him afterwards. Darius cannot alter this form into anything other than a whirlwind, and should he pick up any toxic materials while in this state, he must face their effects once he shifts back into his true form.

    When physically in contact with a body of water, he can manipulate the form of the water to a certain degree, controlling the motion of any water within 30 feet of him and altering its temperature at will. He can move small amounts of water (up to 20 lbs) to disconnect with the body of water that he is in contact with, but he only has control over these for 13 seconds from the moment that they disconnect, and doing this is moderately draining for him to do.

    Darius has limited control over bodies of water within 30 feet of him when he is not physically touching them. He can make small, temporary altercations in the current of the water, create up to medium-sized splashes, and causing the water to make sounds (such as footsteps running through it or a pebble dropping).

    When touching water, Darius can sense the presence of anything else touching the same body of water within 52 feet of the point where he is making contact with the water. He is only capable of sensing the presence of what is touching the water, and cannot detect who or what it is.

    Darius can summon very small gusts of air, enough to blow a pile of papers off of a desk or to propel a bottle across a table. This, however, is the full extent of his control over the air element.
    Darius is an outstanding speaker, and when he wants to, can be very incredibly with his words.

    He is fluent in Arabic.

    During his years a conman, Darius had to break into houses on several occasions to destroy evidence against him. He developed intermediate lock picking skills from this.

    Darius can easily devise an incredibly elaborate and convincing lie on the spot.

    He is a decent brewer and can make a delicious cocktail.

    Darius is incredible at board games. Very rarely does he encounter someone who can beat him at chess.
    Darius was born to a young and tense couple, and when he was five, his mother had children with another man and left. His father genuinely cared about him, but he was constantly obsessing over his frequent and short-lived relationships, making Darius feel incredibly uneasy at home. Therefor, Darius spent most of his time at his friends' houses. Lacking in discipline, Darius flew through high school with ease by relying only on his skills and tact in his English and History classes. When he got to college, though, his lack of care for other subjects caught up with him and he failed out after his first semester. He took to working as a waiter in a local restaurant, where he would use his skills to devise tragic stories about himself so that pitiful guests would tip him incredibly generously. It was not uncommon for him to receive $100 bills as tips. It was at this point that Darius discovered the extent of his skills in persuasion, and he decided to give college a second try.

    This time, Darius wooed and charmed his professors into seeing him as a star student, despite the fact that he hardly lifted a finger on any assignment that he didn't care for. Nearly all of his professors adored him, and the few who saw through his tactics soon began receiving letters of warning from the campus administration about their "unfair treatment of students". To put it simply, Darius had the entire campus wrapped around his finger. An English and History double major, he made the Dean's List every semester, studied abroad in Egypt for a semester, and became the president of the student government (until he got tired of it, so he made an elaborate lie about his father's unstable mental state requiring more attention than he could give with all of his activities and stepped down). He was offered the chance to give a graduation speech, but instead he passed the opportunity onto one of his peers from a particularly wealthy family as a favor, knowing that he may need a favor in return later on in life.

    After graduating college, Darius was almost immediately offered a job with the International Archeological Association (IAA), an organization that he had worked with during his time in Egypt. He eagerly accepted, and was assigned the task of traveling all over northern Africa and the Middle East working with local governments to establish and maintain the framework for state-of-the-art archeological expeditions and preservation. At one point, the Association found itself at odds with a business syndicate that was pushing for the destruction of a cutting-edge archeological site as a part of a plan to expand their companies. The syndicate's vast wealth was winning over the local governments and it was an uphill battle for the IAA. However, Darius stepped in and devised a deal to make with the syndicate, local governments, and the IAA in which all three parties benefited, saving the archeological site from harm and significantly boosting the economy of the nearby towns. Despite having only worked for the IAA for seven months, this endeavor made Darius very well-known within this association and a competitive candidate for a leadership position that had recently opened up. This motivated Darius to work harder than ever before, in an effort to obtain that position, but suddenly, he had to return to America due to a family emergency.

    Darius's mother had just died in a car crash, along with one of her twin daughters. He flew back home to attend to the funeral and assist with the legal side of things, as the driver of the other car in the car crash was able to afford an excellent lawyer and Darius's family need all of the help that they could get, and his persuasion skills were extremely helpful throughout the trial. When he flew back to the IAA headquarters in Egypt, though, he learned that during his time away, somebody else had seized the leadership position that Darius had been working towards. Hurt, Darius immediately began begging all of his contacts within the organization's management to give him another shot at the position. As the higher-ups continually denied this request, Darius grew more abrasive and reckless in his correspondence with them, eventually reaching point where he was warned that he would be losing his job should he continue with what he was doing. At this, Darius saw just how badly he had wounded his standing within the IAA, so he decided to fly back to the US to start fresh and pursue new options.

    For his new "career", he decided to try something new altogether, truly putting his charisma to the test. In this scheme, he attended anti-government rallies and events, and then approach various attendees, posing as a foreign agent trying to pull strings within the country to stabilize things. He would play off of these people's pride by having them do a number of random tasks for him to "help further his cause", such as interviewing different politicians and writing articles for blogs and local newspapers. He would also have these people help connect him with their own contacts and recruit them to his "cause". Gradually, the tasks that Darius gave his followers would start involving giving him money, so eventually, he had a steady stream of money coming to him from his network. As soon as a threat of him getting caught arose, Darius would come up with an excuse to need to return to his "home country", and he would then move on to a different city to implement the same plot. Very rarely did anything go dangerously wrong, but when it did, Darius managed to avoid any serious consequences by bribing the right people and occasionally breaking into a house or office to destroy evidence.

    This scheme worked masterfully, until Darius was contacted by an old acquaintance: Catalina, who he had met during his time in the IAA. Catalina warned him that a number of powerful people were beginning to take notice of what he was doing as a conman, and that he was on the verge of being in great danger. She offered him the opportunity to pursue an ambiguous "greater purpose", but Darius took personal offense that she underestimated his ingenious scheme, so he dismissed her almost immediately. He then moved to Boston, where he immediately set on implementing his scheme again, this time establishing his biggest and most ambitious network yet. The problem was that his network expanded so vastly that it reached several people who had already fallen for his ploy. They set up a trap for him, working with the law enforcement, and before he knew it, Darius was behind bars and everything that he had worked for was gone.

    Darius fell into a deep depression while in prison, and even the guards started taking pity on him, making sure that his meals were extra warm and that he had the softest blankets during the winter. He ended up with a five year sentence, but on the third year, May, 2010 hit. Many prisoners (including Darius) managed to break free in the chaos. Darius fled to a nearby warehouse where he stayed for a few days, coming to terms with his powers and the new situation. Eventually, a group from the fractured police department banded together to try to hunt down the escaped prisoners by using their new powers, so Darius escaped, stealing a snowmobile and some gas from somebody's home and making his way to New York, where he could start fresh. Seeing all of the damage on his journey to New York, though, broke his heart, and it was at this point hat he decided that he needed to put aside his selfish ways to try to serve the greater good.

    In New York, Darius spent two years on is own, helping a number of people find shelter and get the resources that they needed, by stealing if necessary. In 2012, Catalina found him again. She explained to him that she worked for Pharos and offered to recruit him to the oranization, where his powers and skills in persuasion could be put to use for the greater good. He accepted the offer, this time. Catlina served as a mentor to Darius as he entered his apprenticeship in Pharos. Although he was sure that other people knew the truth, Catlina was the only person with whom he openly confided about his life as a conman. After several years, she began advocating for his advancement through the ranks of Pharos, but when the Resonance Wave of November, 2018 occurred, Catalina was altered with a horribly self-destructive ability, resulting in her death. At her funeral, Darius vowed to continue Catalina's legacy in Pharos, and to fight for the greater good with everything that he has.

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    "And so it begins..." David muttered to himself hesitantly as he stepped out of his rental car. A haunting shiver went up his spine as his foot made contact with the pavement.

    “So this is Arkford,” He thought, “the city of nightmares.”

    He had only been in the city for mere minutes, but he was already overcome with an overwhelming sense of unease and panic. For months he'd been planning this expedition, but he had avoided it for as long as possible, not only because of his deadly enemies living just north of Arkford, but also because of the horrifying stories of the place lining the darker corners of the internet. It wasn't until he was absolutely certain that the city would be essential in his mission that he even considered traveling there. Now, there was not a doubt in his mind that his brother had been through this city, and he had every intention to learn exactly what happened to him here.

    He looked around at the city surrounding him. He saw the eyes of each pedestrian as glazed with secrets and potential clues, and every corner having the chance of a new discovery on the other side. Despite his troubling circumstances, David couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement about the adventures awaiting him. It had been years since he had gotten such a rush.

    He walked across the parking lot to the hotel entrance and made small talk with the receptionist as he booked a room for two weeks, despite knowing that he would most definitely end up needing to extend his stay. The receptionist entered the information into the computer while David looked around the lobby, taking in every crack on the wall and leaf on the plants as though they were all vital clues that would make or break his entire mission.

    "And what's your name, sir?" The receptionist asked, snapping David out of his dreamlike trance. "Oh, uh, I'm David. David.... Kelly."

    Of course, Kelly was not his actual last name. Dropping his true name would surely attract all the wrong attention if it reached the wrong ears. He nodded to himself with an eager smile. David Kelly it is. He liked it. The receptionist handed him his room key, and he made his way to his room, unpacking his vast collection of notebooks, maps, and diagrams. And so it begins...
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