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    The impact of Ada’s physical presence is akin to viewing a piece of art from the Metropolitan Museum – one cannot help but be moved by the curves carved from alabaster, her gold-tinsel hair and soft angles, and those fathomless eyes that could drown a person from across the room. She is always dressed and made up to the nines, her wardrobe tailored in classical lines, her accessories minimalist yet chic. She exudes that certain je ne sais quoi from the golden age of Hollywood – when she wills it, she is a magnetic force that draws the eye.
    At her core, Ada is a survivor – she made a personal vow that she would flourish wherever she’s planted until such a time when she could find her way back home. She can be considered an optimist, and tries to see things from different angles, all the while looking for that one good side. However, her experiences post-Resonance taught her to hide this particular nature of hers behind a tougher, worldlier shell. She is adept in projecting what other people expects (or pays) her to be, and has assimilated more or less in the environment she's stranded in.

    [Interactions with Strangers]

    Ada is polite, yet guarded, in her interactions with those she only has a passing acquaintance with. If you are not a paying customer, and she’s not sure what your motivations are, you will be the recipient of cool, appraising, sometimes condescending, conversations that feel like you are being passive-aggressively dressed down in public.

    [Interactions with friends, the Bakkhos family and loyal members]

    In her ten plus years working for Bakkhos, she had made more than a few friendships within the family. In particular, the staff members at the Empire Casino are familiar with her playful side, and have been the recipient of various pranks she had orchestrated over the years. Ada is touchy-feely with those closest to her, and is more transparent with her emotions.

    [Personal Goals]

    Her main advocacy is to pay-it-forward – she covertly helps veil-crossers in distress when she can, the same way she was given aid and succor when she needed it most. Her activities in this area are not as secret as she thought them to be, and they also hinder her advancement within the mob hierarchy ... the Bakkhos higher ups are not clear if she will choose them or her own kind when push comes to shove.

    While Ada respects and follows Bakkhos laws and leadership, her true loyalty lies with the person who took a chance to invest in her skills and gave her a place in this world - Luciano Cavalli.
    She is in possession of typical items for a highly paid woman in her line of work : a nicely furnished condo in an upscale section of the city, as well as various designer dresses, jewelry, and other expensive fripperies given as gifts from her clients. She owns two thin brass knives disguised as ornamental hair sticks. While she knows how to use these weapons to defend herself, she prefers to rely on the protection her Bakkhos connections provide.


    Faerie Glamour - Ada's ability to weave illusion covers the full sensory spectrum – it can fool sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. However, it is a shadow of its former glory. Whereas she used to be able to create hyper realistic and breath-taking panoramas out of thin air, now, maintaining more than one detailed construct is taxing for her. For example, she can disguise herself as human, or cloak something in plain sight from view, but she cannot do both at the same time. It is also important to note that her illusions are exactly what the term implies – she can give a starving man an illusory apple, and it will be the best apple he had ever tasted in his life, but it will not sustain him or do anything to assuage his hunger.

    Pheromones - Like Keats' poem La Belle Dame sans Merci, Ada emits pheromones which have a mildly addictive effect on humans. It has no serious repercussions other than prompting a desire in others to spend more time in her company, which lasts for a couple of days until it wears off. It's an unconscious ability; she has no control over it.
    Social conversation, etiquette, and persuasion
    Knife fighting and defence techniques
    General physical fitness
    Offensive/Defensive driving skills (for two-wheeled vehicles - mechanical /motorized bikes, and the like)
    [Pre-2010 Resonance]

    Ada came from a place steeped in old magic and courtly intrigue, where a race of faerie not unlike the Daoine Sidhe from ancient folklore reside. She was the last daughter of the High King and his Summer Queen, and favoured by the Shining Court due to her grace of form and prodigious skill in weaving illusions. As the youngest in a brood of six, she had little chance of inheriting the throne, which meant that her parents and siblings were free to dote on her without fear of political machinations marring their relationship.

    Although she received the same tutelage in deceit and manipulation as any high-born child of her bloodline, she had little reason to use it. She grew up sheltered from the darker side of her kin and was gentle in a way that her brothers and sisters can't afford to be. However, she was not oblivious to the fact that her safety depended upon being perceived as harmless, as someone to be cossetted and adored. Thus, she made sure that this image of hers was never broken - she was always their golden girl, and butter would not melt in her mouth. She was duplicitous in her own way, but never in a dangerous manner.

    [Post-2010 Resonance]

    She was picking wildflowers with her knight and companion, Maire, when the 2010 Resonance event crashed into her world and deposited her, alone, on a dark alley, at a seedy part of Manhattan. It was here where Ada experienced her first brutal taste of violence. A drunken thug mistook her for one of those flighty New York socialites, gravely assaulted her, and then left her for dead. But fate and fortune did not fully forsake her, for a gopher employed by Lucky Cavalli chanced upon her battered body and despite the strangeness of her appearance (for she was without any glamour at that time), made a life-changing decision to take her to a safe house without consulting his bosses first. The gopher was given flak by his superiors for breaking protocol, but they were also quick to assess how Ada could be a valuable asset once nursed to health and given proper incentives to be loyal to their family.

    Once her skill in glamour became functional enough to mask her veil-crosser appearance, she began working for the mob, working her way up from menial, people-facing jobs. As an adaptive measure to technological communication’s slow but imminent demise, her first employment was as a bike messenger, transporting various letters, missives, and packages for the Bakkhos family. Here, she learned how to interact with her new world and its occupants. She had a knack for charming her way into guarded gates and private offices sans any scheduled appointments, and started to build the foundation for a web of connections that would greatly help her in later years.

    After her stint as a messenger, she worked as a receptionist at Empire City's connecting hotel, then as a waitress at Penthouse Executive club. What she learned during this time was an epiphany. She developed a keen understanding on what desires drove the human race, and eventually, how to push buttons that makes them tick or grinds their gears. When the floor managers at Penthouse discovered that their big spenders liked to spend more time chatting up the waitress rather than their regular girls, they promoted her as a club hostess , and begun to groom her for greater things.

    [Current Timeline]

    Currently, Ada is a paid escort working the Empire City Casino circuit, although from time to time, she brings her clients to the Bakkhos or Penthouse Executive clubs. Her job description is to look stunning draped on a VIP member's arm, and whisper sweet nothings to keep them spending more money (at the tables, at the bar, at the hotel, at her; wherever, whenever). And if she happens to eavesdrop on something private which could benefit her employers? Then, all the better!

    Her abilities are well suited to her work, and she is very successful at keeping her loaded clientele coming back to these Bakkhos-owned establishments time and again. She's become something of an It-girl with the gambling and club-hopping elites of New York, and her calling card (a holo-printed card discreetly stamped with a stylized triskelion) can be found on many a high-roller's wallet.

    When she can, Ada uses her resources to help veil-crossers who were abused or in dire straits. The help she gives extend to finding them temporary or permanent lodgings with sympathetic groups, providing fake identities to those who can pass as human, and sometimes smuggling them out of places where they cannot thrive safely. This work is done through anonymous channels which can be difficult to trace back to her.

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    The alley was dark, dank, and smelled of piss. Ada sprawled on her back, staring up at a strange night sky bereft of stars and the two pale moons which watched over her sleep every night. Instead, there was a bleeding gash in the heavens, glowing livid and purple.

    Her mother wore a purple gown the exact same shade last Harvest Festival. How her siblings secrety laughed at the ugly shade! Funny how it was this particular memory that surfaced, as she was lying prone and alone, in an alien wold. The sharp pain of despair gutted her as she viewed the New York skyline, and realized she did not know the way back home.

    “And what do we have here?” She heard a raspy laugh near her. The sound which should have been joyous was full of malice and ill-intent. “What’s a fancy looking girl like you doing in a place like this? You rich girls and your privilege, thinking every nook and cranny of the world belongs to you!” The owner of the laugh materialized out of the shadows, huge and menacing, and his fist whipped out like a coiled snake to connect with Ada’s face.

    The stars she was previously looking for erupted in her vision on the first strike. It was a mercy that she lost consciousness for the others which soon followed.

    Ada woke up with a gasp, heart pounding loudly in her chest. It’s been a long time since she had dreamed about the Resonance event. She did not know what prompted his particular nightmare, was it because she’d given in to maudlin and yearned for the certainty and safety of her old life, before going to sleep?

    A cool, summer breeze flitted through the curtains of her bedroom window. She stared outside to take in the same glittering skyline that greeted her 10 years ago.

    It was beautiful, and terrible, and still a little strange after all this time … this world that taught her how to fear.
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  1. Bedknobs and Broomsticks....

    There were few places in Empire City Casino where Ada felt she could truly breathe. The gaming room was not one of them. It was a claustrophobic box of noise, sound, and light, with no clocks or windows to remind people what time it was. The design to deny physical reminders of day or night was intentional – clients stayed inside longer, where the House can slowly leech on their money while giving them the illusion that they are only one game of baccarat (or one hand of poker) away from winning big. It reminded Ada of a line in fable she once read: 'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the spider to the fly, ‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.' The Terrace had a different ambiance all together. The floor to ceiling windows allowed full view of the race track below, where the thunderous sound of hooves and applause could still be heard through the thick glass. It was where Ada likes to spend her days off, sitting by the bar and shooting the breeze with whoever’s tending. “C’mon, let me help you out there for a couple of hours. Besides, don’t you need a bathroom break?” Ada said, giving the bartender her most winning smile. It was an expression few people could resist, but he was having none of it. “That one time I let you ‘help’ almost gave me a heart attack.“ He grumbled, wiping down the bar with a clean rag. “Remember how you served apple juice and soda water, advertising that it’s the new apple flavoured tequila from Gallo’s limited stock?” Ada’s eyes brightened at the memory. Despite being non-alcoholic, a couple of nerdy yuppies pretended to be drunk after drinking the concoction, and found confidence to hit on some ladies. Placebo effect for the win. Also, for weeks, confused Terrace bartenders kept getting requests for that “special” apple flavoured tequila and can they pretty please check if there are still some left? “What are you grinning about over there? You’re a menace.” The bartender said, but smiled to soften his words. “And your pager’s blinking.” He was referring to the small device attached on her arm, the flashing red led lights an indication that she should report to the front desk. It functioned the same as restaurant pagers of old did, and was cheaper than buying those post-Resonance comms. When she got to the lobby, she was greeted by the sight of two law enforcement types waiting by the front desk. What was Julie thinking, paging me to meet these guys? Ada thought, shooting the hostess a confused look. Police visits should always be handled by management. “Ah, here she is. Miss Vasiliev, these two officers are looking for information on one Michael Kleski?” Julie put emphasis on the name, and suddenly, it dawned on Ada why Julie directly paged her. She owed that girl a nice steak dinner. Ada’s expression shifted into neutral mode. “I would be more than happy to help you with your inquiries, officers.” She said, “One small request, though. Can we discuss this matter in one of the private rooms? While we are grateful for the service you provide this city, police presence is not exactly conducive for the type of business we are in. I hope you understand.” Indeed, some of the guests were nervously looking at the cops, drawing unfounded conclusions on what their purpose is within the casino’s premises.
  2. Bedknobs and Broomsticks....

    December 15, 2020 2:30 PM A large number of technological wonders have been affected by the Resonance event. Things like the internet, the convenience of modern communication, and others are sliding into a state of obscurity. Even important tools for successful forensics – the magnetic fingerprint scanners and DNA sequencers of the early 21th century were on the fritz. However, amidst the myriad of things that humanity is slowly losing, our God-given ingenuity was fortunately not one of them. The crime scene technician crouched beside the bloodied corpse, calmly driving the pointed end of a meat thermometer to the victim’s liver with the nonchalance of someone checking the temperature of beef roasting in the oven. The state-of-the art digital readers he brought were not working (you might say temp-eramental haha), and one must make do with what one has. “Victim is male, Caucasian, around 250 pounds. Liver temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and estimated time of death around – shit … 8 hours? With this godforsaken weather I might have to adjust calculations, not sure if it’s still 1.5 per hour in this frozen hell.” He clicked the pause button of his manual recorder and opened the leather satchel where he keeps his various tools, both department-issued and home-made. With their gadgets failing one by one, the CSI department sometimes had to resort to unconventional means of gathering evidence. Case in point, he took a small jar filled with pus-yellow ointment and dabbed it on his eyelids, all the while chanting: “Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up. Pull, pull, pull, pull! Point to the ceiling, point to the floor. Point to the window, and point to the door.” A few bright tendrils of glowing light, visible only to him, erupted from the body to scattered points in nearby locations. He first found out he can perform sympathetic spells, magic which can connect scattered objects to a person who recently accessed them, while reading his daughter this particular nursery rhyme to get her to sleep. Imagine his surprise when it lit up the room in a spider web of light, connecting his daughter to everything she had touched within the last seven days, instead. Since then, he can replicate the results, but only when using a bespoke ointment specially made by that nice lady from Book of Kells. He stood up, struggling with his multiple layers of clothing, and waddled over the first object illuminated by the supernatural tether. It was a leather wallet, and upon picking it up with forceps, a small holographic card fell into the snow. He deposited both wallet and card to an evidence bag and went to the second object, which was a single casino chip. “Boss, have something over here!” He gestured to Rae, waving one arm to get her attention.