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    Carefully clothed to make himself look taller and fuller, Felix stands at only 5’5” and is extremely slight in frame. His sharply square facial structure and patchy scruff are enough to earn him a second glance by most passerby, but it’s clear that he’s a man who cares about his appearance. His hair, about two inches in length on top and closely cropped on the sides, is naturally very straight and thin, but it’s tactfully styled to add volume. His eyebrows are remarkably straight, almost enough to lead one to believe that he gets them done regularly, and below them are glimmering eyes, a cold and icy shade of blue. Felix’s resting face is something between a frown and a scowl, making him come across as much angrier than he means to.
    Awkward and calculating are two words that describe Felix at a glance. Something in his mannerisms, movements, and word choices comes across as very… off, in a particularly unsettling way.

    He’s a proud man with a fragile ego. Well aware that he’s lacking in terms of physical ability, Felix has a tendency to overcompensate, constantly trying to “prove himself” to those around him through displays of his intelligence and insightfulness. He always finishes what he starts, no matter what the cost, and he stays true to his word unquestionably unless the interests of the Order conflict with his promises.

    He tries his best to be social and well-connected, and he’s remarkably successful in keeping up with the workplace gossip, but he struggles to build meaningful connections with others. This is mainly due to his overall lack of empathy – he can empathize with others at times, but only under particularly extreme circumstances, which is something that he’s very self-conscious about. Felix is caught in a battle between wanting to empathize more with others and not wanting to show weakness to anyone.

    He still can’t help but wish to have a close friend or two to confide in, someone who truly understands him, and he’s constantly seeking somebody “worthy” of him opening up to. However, he holds unrealistically high standards for friendships and is innately critical of those around him, causing him to struggle to see the good in people. This doesn’t stop him from trying, though.

    He can be an excellent listener with his highly objective point of view, but he feels the need to know everything about everyone and is surprisingly skilled at coercing information from others. Knowledge is power, and Felix knows this very well, arming himself with blackmail and secrets.

    He’s completely devoted to his work for the Order, obeying its commands without question. Felix considers himself one of the most loyal members, often doubting the loyalty of those around him (including the higher-ups) and taking every opportunity to prove his loyalty. There are few things that he wouldn’t do for praise from the higher-ups, even at the expense of others. Believing that he owes his life to the Order, he is constantly seeking praise and approval from his superiors and would throw his morals out the window on a whim for them.

    He has seen all sorts of horrible things through his work as a forensic pathologist, so it’s difficult to faze Felix, but his past experiences have given him a deep-rooted claustrophobia, and being alone in the dark makes him extremely uneasy. He finds this fear to be petty, though, so he does his best to hide it.

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