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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    New York, New York
    Order of Light
    Carefully clothed to make himself look taller and fuller, Felix stands at only 5’5” and is extremely slight in frame. His sharply square facial structure and patchy scruff are enough to earn him a second glance by most passerby, but it’s clear that he’s a man who cares about his appearance. His hair, about two inches in length on top and closely cropped on the sides, is naturally very straight and thin, but it’s tactfully styled to add volume. His eyebrows are remarkably straight, almost enough to lead one to believe that he gets them done regularly, and below them are glimmering eyes, a cold and icy shade of blue. Felix’s resting face is something between a frown and a scowl, making him come across as much angrier than he means to.
    Awkward and calculating are two words that describe Felix at a glance. Something in his mannerisms, movements, and word choices comes across as very… off, in a particularly unsettling way.

    He’s a proud man with a fragile ego. Well aware that he’s lacking in terms of physical ability, Felix has a tendency to overcompensate, constantly trying to “prove himself” to those around him through displays of his intelligence and insightfulness. He always finishes what he starts, no matter what the cost, and he stays true to his word unquestionably unless the interests of the Order conflict with his promises.

    He tries his best to be social and well-connected, and he’s remarkably successful in keeping up with the workplace gossip, but he struggles to build meaningful connections with others. This is mainly due to his overall lack of empathy – he can empathize with others at times, but only under particularly extreme circumstances, which is something that he’s very self-conscious about. Felix is caught in a battle between wanting to empathize more with others and not wanting to show weakness to anyone.

    He still can’t help but wish for a close friend or two to confide in, someone who truly understands him, and he’s constantly seeking somebody “worthy” of him opening up to. However, he holds unrealistically high standards for friendships and is innately critical of those around him, causing him to struggle to see the good in people. This doesn’t stop him from trying, however.

    He can be an excellent listener because of his highly objective point of view, but he feels the need to know everything about everyone and is surprisingly skilled at coercing information from others. Knowledge is power, and Felix knows this very well, arming himself with blackmail and secrets.

    He’s completely devoted to his work for the Order, obeying its commands without question. Felix considers himself one of the most loyal members, to a point where he secretly doubts the loyalty of those around him (including the higher-ups) and he takes every opportunity to prove his loyalty. There are few things that he wouldn’t do for praise from his higher-ups, even if it's at the expense of others. Believing that he owes his life to the Order, he is constantly seeking praise and approval from his superiors and would throw his morals out the window on a whim for them.

    He has seen all sorts of horrible things through his work as a forensic pathologist, so it’s difficult to faze Felix, but his past experiences have given him a deep-rooted claustrophobia, and being alone in the dark makes him extremely uneasy. He finds this fear to be petty, though, so he does his best to hide it.
    Felix always wears his Order of First Light signet ring. Like with almost any member of the Order, something is severely wrong if he isn't wearing it.

    Paranoid of being attacked, Felix keeps three sharpened knives hidden throughout his apartment. These knives are designed for piercing flesh in combat.

    His paranoia has also lead Felix to keep a bottle of arsenic in his apartment at all times.
    Felix is a loyal and devoted member of the Order of First Light, being very well-networked within the New York and Rome chapters.
    Felix’s powers revolve around using clairvoyant techniques to immerse himself in the sensory experiences of others, and then projecting those sensations onto others if he chooses to. In addition, Felix can store an unlimited number of sensory experiences in his memory, and with extensive time and resources, he has used some of those experiences in the crafting of more elaborate spells.

    Low Drain:
    Wake-Up Snap
    This spell was created by Felix when he used his Sensory Reception ability on a colleague who was waking up from a vivid dream. By snapping his fingers and making eye contact with his target, Felix projects that exact sensation onto his target. Those who are unfamiliar with this illusion are typically left stunned for a few moments as the mind is tricked into processing recent events as it would a dream, sometimes even causing them to forget the recent events entirely. For those who understand the illusion, however, the spell does nothing more than put them in a slightly more confused and suggestable state for several seconds.

    Sensory Reception
    By making physical contact with somebody or establishing a strong psychic link with them, Felix can immerse himself in that person’s sensory experiences: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting everything that they do. These experiences are stored away in his own memory, allowing him to use them in his Sensory Projection ability. If his target is experiencing physical pain, this spell can be more draining to Felix.

    Medium Drain:
    Sensory Snatch
    This ritual takes approximately five minutes and requires physical contact with the target and a short series of incantations that Felix compiled. In doing this ritual, Felix can pinpoint specific memories in the target by the sensations involved (e.g. searching through memories that involve blunt force to the head or the smell of smoke), immersing himself into them and receiving the full sensory experience that the target experienced during that time. Although this ritual already takes significant energy to perform, it can be particularly draining or even harmful to Felix if it involves intense physical pain. Additionally, this forced entry into the target’s memory can be very damaging to the memory itself, strongly diluting it or even erasing parts of it entirely for the target when the ritual is complete. This is especially true if the target fails to resist the ritual.

    Sensory Projection
    Every sensory experience that Felix has through his Sensory Reception and Sensory Snatch abilities is stored away into Felix’s own memory. By using this spell, he is able to immerse a target from anywhere in the world into a sensory experience that he has stored away or one of his own. In order to do this, he must either know the target’s exact location or have encountered this person in the past to familiarize himself with their energy. This spell cannot directly cause any physical or lasting mental damage to the target, but it can shock and/or disorient them when taken by surprise. Generally, this spell is better for sharing information than for shocking or attacking a target.

    This spell was developed from the sensory experiences of a subject who had recently gotten lost in the woods while under the pursuit of a hostile lycanthrope. To cast it, Felix must make brief eye contact with the target and say an incantation to project parts of that sensory experience into the target’s mind. The target then enters a mental state in which they’re still aware of their surroundings, but with a sense of disorientation accompanied by an awareness of a nearby hostile being. They may hear howls, footsteps, or even see the silhouette of the lycanthrope nearby, and they may experience the physical symptoms of fear such as sweating and shaking.

    High Drain:
    Seeing Death
    In this simple but excruciatingly painful ritual, Felix places his thumbs on the forehead of a dead body and uses the the footprints left behind by brain activity to reconstruct the person’s sensory experiences of their last few seconds alive. In doing so, Felix experiences the sensations of that person’s death, through all his senses. This can be a horribly painful experience that inflicts damage to Felix based on the nature of the death and which senses were strongly stimulated. For example, a peaceful death by old age may only leave him with a headache and dizziness for a few days, but a death involving torture to the eyes or ears may render Felix without sight or hearing, respectively, for several weeks.

    Death Projection
    In a powerful psychic attack, Felix can project any experience he’s had through his Seeing Death ability onto anybody in the world, so long as he either knows the person’s exact location or he has encountered that person in the past and become familiar with their energy. The attack is very sudden, immediately overtaking the victim’s mind with a vivid and potentially traumatizing death scene, but when doing this, Felix experiences the same thing and undergoes any side effects that he would experience from immersing himself in the death through his Seeing Death ability. His only advantage is the anticipation of it and knowledge of what is happening.
    Having lived in the Czech Republic the United States, and Russia, Felix is completely fluent in Czech, English, and Russian.

    Felix's studies in medical school have given him an excellent understanding of medical theory and procedures. Having specialized in Forensic Pathology, he has a professional-level understanding of that topic above all else.

    The private school that Felix went to had a heavy emphasis on the arts. Although he retained very little of it, he discovered drawing to be very relaxing for him and spends a few hours each week with his sketchbook. Over time, this lead him to become a rather talented artist.
    Felix was born in Prague to a very wealthy couple. Although they saw to his every need, his birthparents quickly realized that they were not yet ready to raise a child, putting Felix up for adoption when he was two years old so that he could be raised by parents who were wholeheartedly invested in his well-being and success..

    He got adopted by a Russian couple who had recently moved to Prague in search of a fresh start after facing a number of challenges with their marriage. When he was thirteen, his mother got laid off as a doctor and his father used this as an excuse to move the whole family to Moscow so that he could resume his old job as a priest there. This brought about many tensions in the marriage, and the one thing that his parents truly bonded over was ensuring Felix’s academic success.

    Felix got sent to the private school that his father once went to, despite the fact that he spoke very little Russian. Lingual barriers brought about major social and academic challenges for him, so his parents arranged for him to live at home rather than in the school dorms. Here he enlisted the help of tutors in Russian and his school subjects, climbing his way to academic success but isolating himself from his peers.

    After years of hard work at his school and then a private college, Felix earned himself a full scholarship to medical school. He chose a college in Prague to get space from his parents (and secretly in hopes of finding his birthparents), which meant leaving Moscow for the first time since he was thirteen. This newfound freedom, however, lead him down a dark path involving drug addiction, alcoholism, and some dangerous connections. Although he barely managed to stay on top of his academics, a professor of his took notice that something was wrong and she reached out to him to help.

    This marked the beginning of a year-long affair between Felix and the married professor, who ultimately fell in love with him. Despite Felix’s uncertainty over how he felt in return, the professor successfully guided him out of his addictions and proved to be quite helpful in Felix’s professional networking, as well, so he played along. Everything changed, however, when the professor’s husband caught wind of this affair. Enraged, this man set about ruining Felix’s career, getting him expelled from that medical school.

    The professor with whom Felix had the affair still loved her husband, but felt overwhelmed with guilt over the backlash on Felix. Turning to her most powerful contacts, she pulled some strings to get Felix accepted into a new medical school. What she wasn’t able to obtain was money for his admission, leaving Felix with no option but to come clean to his parents about what happened in hopes of getting their help.

    His confession about his expulsion and affair appalled his parents, and although they gave him the money, they wanted nothing more to do with Felix until he was a “better man”. Felix took this very seriously and this time around, he excelled in his courses. After several years of study he earned his certification as a Forensic Pathologist, returning to Prague for the third time to begin his practice.

    It wasn’t long after this that the Nevus Event took place. Felix became faced with what once would have been impossible cases to solve in his practice, seeing surreal, transformed, and disfigured bodies on a daily basis. His powers as a Magus began to develop, as well, giving him uncontrollable episodes of entering the sensory experiences of strangers.

    At one point, the bodies were coming at a heavier flow than ever before, all killed by the same, unknown being. This gave him the idea of attempting to use his sensory powers on a corpse. After much trial and error, he succeeded in this endeavor, fully experiencing the last moments of somebody’s life, including their gruesome death at the hand of the elusive monster. This experience rendered Felix unconscious in a troubling, nightmarish sleep, until he finally woke up in a makeshift hospital being run by the Order of First Light, which was also struggling to solve the case of the dead bodies.

    Using the information that he’d gained from the Seeing Death ability, Felix was able to guide the agents of the Order to the monster’s lair, where it was finally slain. Recognized as a fellow Magus, Felix was offered a position in their ranks where he could develop his sensory abilities and use them to help the Order gain intelligence. With the new facilities he had access to, he was able to develop multiple new spells and earn his place as an Eye Magi.

    During the Order’s reformation, Felix was sent to serve in New York, where he remained as a loyal servant of his superiors with a sharp eye for potential traitors.

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