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    Moses Black is a young twenty five year old Lamia. He has the upper body of a women, but the lower body of a snake. His scales are white, purple, and blue. From head to the tip of her tail she is fifteen feet long. His upper body has flawless ivory skin and long brunette hair. His eyes are a sparkling blue and her body constantly smells of flowers.
    Moses has a very boorish personality. He is loud, rude, and quick to turn to violence. This is the result of her transformation from a normal human into that of a Lamia. It should be noted that this is not the result of her mind being twisted, but instead the result of him being physically changed. Before being changed into a Lamia Moses was a six foot tall black man who lived in the south and regularly visited the gym. He took pride in his well toned muscles and manly physic. After the Resonance he was now a snake monster that looked like a female. Moses acts the way way he does because of his inner frustration and attempts to hold onto his manly pride.

    It should be noted that Moses does have a softer side. When he is not in public and around close friends he will act more reserve and is less likely to get angry. Most of his anger outburst are done in a effort to keep his man image in his head. When he is alone and away from everyone else he allows himself to just be him. It should also be noted that Moses has a soft side for children. He will buy them sweets, play games with them, and be a general nice person around them. He will even reframe from cursing in there presence.
    A silver cross, a Samual L. Jackson Bad mother fucker wallet, a flip phone, keys to a Ford Truck, a photo of his mother, a old picture of himself, a bible. A European Arming sword, a cutting axe, a deck of cards, A black baseball cap, black T shirt, a Corrections Officer Unifrom
    New York Department of Corrections


    As a Lamia Moses gains the advantage of most of his body being made up of muscle. He can whip his tail around at whip like speeds and lunch his upper body forward at the speed of a viper. He also has a tough scale hide on his lower half. He can sense people though body heat and particles in the air and see in the dark. He can also climb up objects like a snake. Moses Black can strike from a striking position at the speed of a rattlesnake, 100 meters per second squared. That strike has a length of half of his body lengthy, so about seven and a half feet long. When jumping Mosses is capable of lunching his body twice his height. This places his jump at thirty feet. He can also see in heat up to 330 feet or 100.5 meters.

    A disadvantage would be that his body is now much larger, which makes getting around annoying. He is also vulnerable to attacks in those areas. Snake base poisons are effective against him
    Can make simple drawings, can read and write, expert at playing cards, can grow food, and can drive a truck even with snake body.
    Moses grew up a preachers son in the south. As a result of this Moses grew up with high moral values and high expectations. As a young boy Moses was baptized in southern culture. He was playing football as a little boy and wrestling as soon as he reached his preteens. The moment he turn fourteen his father introduced him to the gym and Moses was hooked for life. Moses spent most of his highschool life either in sports or at church. It was a good time to be alive for the young man. then in his senior year, everything changed.

    When the resonance happen Moses was not the first to change, but he was the most drastic. The warping of his body shocked and horrified his father. His so he was so proud of, now took the form of some demonic female serpent. Moses mother could not take the sight of it and had a heart attack as of a result. She died in the hospital a floor below her son. Morning the lost of his wife and ashamed of his son Moses father stepped out of his life. he would cotact his boy though letters and phone calls, but they never again meet face to face afterwards.

    After the change Moses life took a dumpster dive. his scholarship he had earned in football was revoked, the people he knew in life were disgusted with him, and the southern government was moving to imprison or outright kill his kind. Moses had no choice but to flee the south and move to New York. There in the Big apple he put the pieces of his life back together. He got a job as a prison guard, working for the local Sheriff office, and made a few friends.

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    If first started role playing as a boy with toys. I later moved to write on a fire emblem forum and then I moved to a Lord of The Rings forum. It was then that I found this place and decided to give a original idea Rp a chance.
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    "Something is not right", spoke Moses as his tong flicked the air. There was something off today. One of the prisoners was not showing any signs of heat, but his body was still in the cell. The first thought that crossed Moses mind was that the man had committed suicide, but the fact that he had not picked up on the smell of human waste disagreed with that statement. People always released there bowels when they die. That was a fact, well a fact that Moses believed in.

    "Hey where is prisoner number eight", asked a fellow guardsmen as he stared at the prison cell. The man was gone, at least from view that is.

    "Did he escape", ask another as they began to walk up to the cell.

    "Hold on a second", spoke Moses as his long body slithered across the floor. It was true that the man was not visible, nor was there a heat signature in the cell, but Moses could still smell him. It was not the smell of human waste, but that of sweat and of ...

    "He is afraid", spoke Moses as his eyes stared at the cell. "Prisoner 8 must be a alter. He probably has some kind of power to turn himself invisible or something."

    "Your sure about that, his file ..."

    ""I can smell the sweat running down his throat. He is alive and inside of the cell. Leave him there till ..."

    "You snake bitch", roared the man as he suddenly came into view. With all the strength in his arm he tossed a makeshift knife, carved from a piece of wood. The wooden blade cut though the air like arrow, but stopped short once it slammed into the sturdy force of a rito shield.

    "Calm down 8", spoke a smug guardsmen as he held the shield between the man and there new favorite guardsmen.
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  1. Need of a Rp

    Anyone looking to do any rp. I was hoping to get into something open, but the site seems to be slow.
  2. Day in the Park

    Friday, April 6, 2021 Time : Noon "Man what a day", spoke Moses to himself as he stretched his body out. His long slender arms extended out toward the heavens as his chest shot up toward the sky. The rest of his body leaned back to give him some balance and support his weight. With his head now twelve feet off the ground Moses had a good view of the park. It was calm, peaceful, and filled with warming sun light. Ever since his transformation into a Lamia Moses has always enjoyed the sun light. He was not cold blooded like many snakes, but the warm feeling of the sun on his scales gave him a sense of joy he lacked when he was still a normal man. So many things had changed since he transformed. There were so many things he had lost. "Enough of that', spoke Moses aloud as he cleared the thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about that. He did that enough all the time. Now as the time to enjoy the park, take in the sun, and feel alive once more. The city was completely different from the south. In his old hometown there were trees everywhere. Compared to New York it was practically a forest. Here in the big apple though, well it was a bleak landscape of concert and yellow taxi cabs, except here. In this one little area the world was renewed. Grass spread all around and tress bloomed like spring. It was Moses one place of sanctity in this city. The one place that felt close to home. Central park, the big green of New York. "Alright lets get some exercise in", he spoke to himself as his body returned to its normal standings position. He then began to slither across the ground at elevated speeds. Viewing the world form this angle was frustrating and weird when he first started, but now, well now it was just another thing. He wondered if it was the same for the other meta-humans who lived in the city. Maybe not the same exact experience. A centaur did not have to look at the world from the ground, or slide on its belly, but the normalcy they had experience had also been shattered. As Moses glided across the grass his mind was filled with various sensations. However the Lamia was simply ignoring them. He did not care that a dog was urinating under a tree, or that the women staring at him from a nearby bench was deadly afraid. He did not care that the businessman walking by was three degrees lower than everyone else, nor did he care that the women in the bathroom was burning up from disease. Today was not they day his sensations would get the better of him, but the day he let the world simply bleed into a uniform grey. it was his day at the park, and the sun was radiating a glorious hue. "I wonder if I can buy a waffle come", spoke Moses to himself as his nose picked up on the smell. His tong flicked out his mouth and confirmed the sensation.
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    If you are in need of a post partner I can help. Moses is a factionless character so it is not like they will bump heads.