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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

Mar 30, 2019 - Some know I have had a fairly significant family emergency. I apologize for being away the last month. Hope to get going again in next couple weeks. Any of my characters can be skipped still in threads. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    Malachi is neither particularly ugly nor particularly attractive. He stands at a below-average height of 5'5" and weighs a little over 120lbs. He has a fairly small build overall, with lean muscles used more for speed than strength. Overall, though he isn't a towering powerhouse, it's clear that Malachi is an active, athletic man. He has disheveled brown hair that he keeps mid-length and tries to style in some sort of way, eyes as blue as a clear autumn day in Kentucky, and a hookbill nose that mostly dominates his otherwise soft features. His most attractive feature is his smile, which is almost always on his face, trying to bring a little joy in the lives of others.
    Spending his entire childhood filled with anger, Malachi has certainly had enough of it. In a lot of ways, Autumn helped bring out the Malachi that lurked underneath all that fire and hate. From his early teen years, he started smiling and laughing more, and found he not only loved to laugh; he loved to make those around him laugh. This particular joy has continued on, even as the world around him crumbles. He tries to keep a positive, upbeat attitude about life, finding beauty in unlikely places. Malachi could never be mistaken for a spiritual indigo child, but Autumn’s make-peace-not-war, love-thy-enemies, hate-the-hate attitude sort of rubbed off on him. He’s not going to be running around making out with trees anytime soon, but he does his best to play the comedic relief role in a tragedy. This also means he’s likely to break out into random, off-key singing and dancing when the mood strikes him - which is actually surprisingly often. When danger isn't lurking just around the corner, Malachi can be a little loud and clumsy. When focus is required, he’s great at moving his body and taking in his surroundings. When he doesn’t have to be careful or quiet, however… he isn’t.

    Bouncing on his toes, gesticulating wildly with his hands, eyes wide with wonder at his newest achievement, Malachi more closely resembles a six year old than a twenty-six year old. He’s determined to win this “game” against Mother Nature or whoever caused the Nevus to completely ruin the world, and the best way he knows how is by keeping a childlike bounce in his step everywhere he goes. Or, more accurately, the whole thing has driven him a little bit crazy, and his cracked brain can only respond to all of that pressure by making basically everything a fun new adventure. He's especially excited when he finds things - a temporary bed, travel companion, or random item.

    The world has ended, who cares about respect anymore? Not that anyone from his past – school teachers, first foster family, pothead friends – could ever honestly say that Malachi had any respect to begin with. A vulgar child from a young age, his language was never really something he cared all that much about. Autumn bitched at him for it, sure, but like that was going to stop him. He learned early on to protect himself with a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit – used only for snappy comebacks, naturally. Again, end of the world. Does it really matter if ten year old kids hear a four-letter word now and then? If said ten year old kid is lucky enough to be alive, they probably don’t care about “bad words” either. That’s how Malachi sees it, and he can’t understand why anyone might think differently. This lack of ability to understand how others feel can be troublesome when Malachi is interacting with particularly prickly individuals. A little rough around the edges himself, it’s fairly easy to goad him into a fight, especially if it becomes something of a competition. Malachi hates to lose.

    Between growing up believing no one was ever gonna love you, watching those who actually did love you ripped away from you, and coming across people who had given up on love altogether, how could you not have a few issues? Despite the fun-loving exterior he puts forward, Malachi is terrified of being alone. It’s something he’s had to live with for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier for him. He tends to latch onto people he just meets, following them around like a puppy until he remembers his self-appointed "mission." On the plus side, this means he tends to develop a fierce sense of loyalty and drive to protect those people. Any new meeting could mean the possibility of a deep friendship, and this propels Malachi to putting his life on the line for people he hardly knows. As he’s aged, he’s also found he enjoys helping people. Currently, it’s the main reason Malachi remains alone instead of trying to attach himself to a group. He wants to make the world better again, and believes the best way he can do that is by actually interacting with, trading with/selling to, and especially helping individual people.
    Backpack containing: three water bottles that are religiously kept as full as possible; a first-aid kit with band-aids, pain killers, cotton balls, and an ACE bandage wrap; fishing lures & line; a knife specifically for batoning; and a wooden baton.
    Weapons: a three-inch pocket knife.
    Random scattered friends and acquaintances here and there, but most would be in the Southern territories.
    Super Speed: Malachi can run and move at inhuman speeds. Due to his background in martial arts and parkour, this also aids him in more agility-centered moves such dodging attacks and doing, well, parkour things to slip out of dangerous situations. He doesn’t have much stamina, and tires quickly. He also has to make sure he keeps a healthy stash of water on his person at all times. Dehydration is already a danger without adding super-human abilities that drain your resources. He’s also hungry, like, all the time. He can't move at super speeds for long periods of time without risking over-exhaustion. A straight run is easiest, while using speed to enhance dodging, rolls, flips, etc. will exhaust him much more quickly. Malachi can only move at super speed for about two minutes if he's doing a lot of dodging, rolling, flipping, etc., and about six minutes if he's running in a straight line. If he exceeds this time, he will get very weak and dehydrated. If he continues to push for even two minutes longer, he risks passing out. If he continues to push for even a minute longer, he risks death from exhaustion.
    Pranks: Malachi was a prankster as a kid, and in the immediate wake of the Nevus, used his prankster skills to trap and kill zombies.
    Survival: Malachi has very limited survival skills, but, thanks to Autumn, he does have a few. He knows how to build adequate shelter, how to create fires, how to scavenge for (some) edible plants, very basic first-aid, things like that.
    Parkour: He spent four and a half years learning and excelling at Parkour, and continued to practice and improve during the zombie apoc.
    Friend-Making: (Hey, it's an important skill.) Malachi, with his cheery nature and bullheaded determination to make friends everywhere he goes, is actually quite good at forming connections with people. (Usually.)

    That's all his bio-parents ever gave to him. A pretty neat name.

    Born January 2nd to a pair of drug-addicted teens who dropped him off at the foster care office in London, Kentucky, and left, Malachi never knew his biological parents. When he was younger, he ached for them. He cried for them. The hole in his heart gradually became filled with anger as a child.

    Malachi's first foster family, an older couple who weren't interested in adopting any children, but wanted to give infants and toddlers love from an early age. They were kind and gentle, though Malachi doesn't remember them. He wasn't yet a year old when his foster mother got sick, and the couple had to send Malachi away.

    His second foster family was an eclectic mix of children with a slightly neglectful couple. They weren't neglectful on purpose, but the foster system simply didn't have the resources, and the couple was feeling strained and overworked. Everyone was overworked, but of course, Malachi can only remember that this home introduced him to justice and injustice. He was still young, only about seven years old, when some of the older boys - and keep in mind these 'older boys' were young as well, between ten and eleven years old - started picking on him. Malachi was a small child, and children in general could be mean, especially when they, themselves, had been hurt.

    Understand, it wasn't entirely one-sided. Malachi, an angry child at this time, retaliated with sometimes embarrassing pranks. He wasn't able to use any physical power, being thin and uncoordinated, so he was forced to use his brain. His pranks, of course, were silly and childish - a bucket of water over a door, putting hands in warm water, those types of pranks. It started out harmless, but as the boys grew older, the teasing became bumping against him on purpose, or blaming him for something like writing on the walls, which always meant Malachi got spanked. Naturally, he retaliated each time they did something. They continued to become more physical with each other, with Malachi starting to push back or bravely - stupidly - taking the initiative and shoulder-bumping the boys before they could bump him. He did have a friend, and his friend would stand up for him, but arguing too much with their foster parents would just get him into trouble, too, and his friend was just as physically weak as Malachi, so a fight just seemed out of the question.

    But of course, at eleven years old, Malachi started a fight. One of the older kids shoved him, and truthfully, Malachi had simply had enough. He got a couple of hits in, but fighting wasn't his specialty, still being thin, short, and awkward. He came away with a broken nose, two black eyes, and a jaw that ached for weeks. But the other kid's black eye was completely worth it, even it did get him sent to a different home.

    Actually, Malachi would have gladly started that fight much sooner if he had known what awaited him in his third home.

    They say "third time's the charm."

    Malachi's third and final home was his most memorable, and the one he remembers most fondly. They were his first true family.

    Autumn Fox - yes, that was actually her name - was a woman full of love that she wanted to share with as many troubled kids as possible. She was a dog trainer professionally, and was good enough to earn a decent living. She had two dogs and three ferrets, plus a few chickens and goats. Setting her own hours meant she was able to spend as much time with Malachi as she wanted. It was Autumn who introduced him to martial arts, a more positive way of releasing his anger. Through martial arts, Malachi learned discipline - sort of; he at least learned not to use his skills unless necessary. This led to a keen interest in Parkour. In the four and a half years that Malachi was with Autumn until The Event, he excelled in Parkour, and dabbled in your typical Judo and Muay Thai. Malachi was with her for two years until Noah came along. Noah was a twelve year old boy with a penchant for setting things on fire and anger problems that rivaled Malachi's. The first few months were rough, and Malachi was forced to put his discipline into serious practice. Even Autumn had a tough time, keeping Noah under control without losing herself.

    Eventually, though, they found an outlet for him, and his own hurt was slowly subsiding. They started camping as often as possible, where Noah was allowed to build the fires. Autumn purchased an outdoor chiminea, where he could also create fires when supervised. He even started getting into Parkour with Malachi, though his interest shifted into Muay Thai after a few more months.

    Malachi's sixteenth birthday present was adoption papers. Noah's early birthday present was also adoption papers. Malachi doesn't like to talk about it, but that day, there were a lot of tears, a lot of hugs, and a lot of love.

    Those four and half years were the best that Malachi had ever had.

    It wasn't that bad at first.

    There was a hole in the sky every night, sure, and suddenly they didn't get any news programs or even internet access where they were, but that wasn't too shocking. Autumn owned a forty-acre property in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky, so moments of no internet were relatively common. Autumn kept the boys' minds off of the lack of t.v. by increasing their camping trips, though they stayed on the property. Malachi noticed that he felt faster, more agile, but didn't connect that to the Nevus until years later.

    It was on one of these camping trips, only a few weeks after the Nevus first appeared, that they came into contact with a neighbor that was supposed to be dead. After a brief, but terrifying, fight, Autumn managed to use a tree branch - cut and sanded to use for batoning - to kill the brain.

    Once they realized the true threat, Autumn, Malachi, and Noah set up their little farm to protect them. Autumn had come from a "World Will End" type of family, so she had a few survival and self-defense skills that she was able to put into place. With chicken wire and quickly-made "spears" that they stuck into the ground just outside the chicken wire fence, Autumn managed to keep the little farm going for a while. She had a small collection of nonperishable food, which they were able to make last a little longer with the addition of chicken eggs and goat milk. The goats and chickens had their own feed, as did the dogs and ferrets, but supply was sorely limited. The other issue was that they were seeing and killing more and more zombies, and their flimsy chicken wire and hurried spears weren't going to hold the zombies off for long. Even with the three of them dispatching any undead creature that tried to walk though the fence or got stuck on a spear, they were becoming overrun.

    When it was time to go, Autumn didn't want to, but Malachi managed to convince her that if they continued to stay there, they'd be eating the ferrets next, and then the dogs, and the zombies would get them anyway.

    The first year was pretty much how you'd expect it to go. They scrambled for their lives. They scavenged. The dogs followed them for a while, but both eventually ended up dead, trying to protect their owners like the loyal animals they were. Malachi was actually able to use his prankster skills - in conjunction with Autumn's survival skills - to keep them mostly protect at night, when they found some place to rest - setting up rudimentary fall traps and trip wires connected to empty cans.

    They met a few survivors, helped and were helped, and heard stories and rumors. Beliefs were shared and argued about, but Malachi hardly paid attention. The truth was, he never cared about the origins. He never cared about the why. He simply believed - and still believes - that it was just the way life was. You either accepted it, and learned how to live it, or you didn't, and you died. In this first year, Malachi was more focused on keeping himself and his family alive, but, seeing the devastation and the pain in the people he came across, he was beginning to see how important it was to bring joy to the lives of others - even if only for a few minutes.

    Noah was the first to go. Like Malachi, Noah had a fierce desire to protect. The small group of survivors they were with were suddenly overrun, and Noah was one of the first to start whacking undead heads while the rest of the group could gather necessities and run. Malachi and Autumn never actually saw him go down, but when they regrouped, Noah and several others from the group were gone.

    Autumn was never the same after that, and shortly after she and Malachi broke off from the other group, heading north - the other group heading west - Malachi came back from a scavenging trip to find her dead at their camp, a self-inflicted bullet wound in her head.

    Malachi still pushed on, using his own skills and the skills he'd learned from Autumn to push stay alive. For a short time, he stayed mostly alone, dealing with his losses by taking his anger out on the undead that he could. In his time alone, Malachi continued to understand his newfound speed, finding the strengths and weaknesses of this strange new ability. Eventually, he did start mingling with other survivors again, and learned that some semblances of government were trying to be put in place, and the zombie menace was slowly becoming less of a menace.

    For a while, as civilization began rebuilding itself, Malachi decided to go back south. Being raised in Kentucky, he felt a kinship for the southern people, and chose to remain, traveling around to the cities trying to rebuild themselves, meeting and talking to the people, trading - and eventually, selling and buying.

    Even as the politics around him shifted, Malachi remained in the South - just a hell of a lot more careful about what he told people about himself.

    Malachi spent the larger part of six years(starting about two and a half years after the Nevus first appeared) traveling and wandering the Southern territories. He was alone when the Nevus shifted again, but learned more about what happened as a result when he visited a steadily-growing town.

    Ultimately, Malachi decided to make his way North again, afraid of what the S.C. might do to crack down further on altered and non-humans.

    He made it to New York, but soon after, found himself thrust into terror as the blood moon rose above the city, and the Lycanthropes tore apart the city and the people that lived there. Malachi did what he could to help, but a knife and short-term bursts of speed could only do so much against such a vicious and terrifying threat, and he was ultimately forced to make the decision to save himself, hiding away until the threat was over.

    Malachi remained in New York, hoping to help the people rebuild what pieces of their lives they could after so much loss.

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    Ya know, he really should have taken his chances above ground.

    That's what Malachi thought when the first gunshot rang through the tunnels. Obviously these Dogs were packing, and Malachi, well... He preferred to be a little quieter with his arsenal. Didn't noise attract the Zees? And also, bullets. There weren't that many of them. So why the fuck was this group hell-bent on wasting the last of them? Seriously. Didn't make a lick of sense to the only Fox boy. Still, there he was, humming the Mission Impossible theme song as he hugged the dirt walls and tried to find his way around the dark cavern.

    Because really... Where the fuck was he? Malachi paused his humming to look around, his torch the only thing providing him a source of light. How did these Moles do this? How could they possibly memorize all of these damn twists and turns?

    Malachi had decided to hunker down until the threat passed. One lonely little Fox couldn't take on an entire horde of intelligent, living human beings. The dead things? Maybe. But the ones who were still alive still possessed a level of intelligence that completely outmatched his own. Hey, he could admit that he wasn't the brightest bulb. He wasn't very strategic, didn't know the land, and definitely wasn't about to win any awards for outstanding genius. He'd lived so long purely on luck and a little dose of street smarts. It helped that he knew how to fight and how to run away, too.

    But... Now he was wondering if he'd just run head-first into an early grave by deciding to hole up underground with a bunch of dirt-loving weirdos.

    And also trying to fight his inner sense of heroism.

    Because really... He didn't have a death wish. Like, alright, sure, he missed Autumn and Noah and Little Z. But he also kind of liked living. But only kind of. Because let's face it: The world right now sucked major donkey balls. But he damn sure wasn't suicidal.

    As Malachi inched closer to the gun fire, however, he had to wonder if that was true. He was, after all, heading towards the fight, not away from it. And still humming the Mission Impossible theme song, smiling as he crept along like a little spider on the wall.

    Or, wait, wasn't it fly on the wall? Hm... Spider... Fly... Spider... Yeah, he liked spider better.

    Oh, shit. Malachi flinched back, dropping his precious only source of light as a bullet hit the wall next to him. How rude. He smirked as he ducked around a corner while the fire from his torch began to die out. "Ya gotta do better than that if you wanna kill me," he called out to whoever had shot at him. Or maybe it was a ricochet and he was pretty much talking to himself? He didn't really know. These damned tunnels were hella confusing and light was not exactly commonplace in this place.
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