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May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

JUNE 13, 2019 - Family emergency  took a bad turn so had to stay away but now things are finally calming down. Hope to get going again shortly. Thanks for understanding. ~ZEPH

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    At 5'8" it is hard to picture the woman as a danger to the the Magi of the world. The chestnut locks are normally pulled away from her face when targeting but hang soft around her features when she is in the voids between attacks. Always on the move, she travels light which means most of her clothes are interchangable jeans and t-shirts.

    Hard training in the Cambodian mountains has left her with a very defined musculature. She has a nasty scar that runs down the back of her neck and diagonally across her back but it occured before the shift so she has no recollection of how she received it.
    Deyanira is two personas locked within a single fractured mind. On the one hand she is a quiet young woman who is seeking answers to the black holes within her own history. A bit shy but protective of the innocent and weak. Tortured by agony when she gets too close to the answers she seeks.

    But then there is the cold blooded assassin... triggered by the presence of Magi. Infinitely patient and impossible to reason with....she is a killing machine.

    Strawberries – she has an absolute adoration for strawberries… their taste sitting on her tongue with a memory that never seems to quite surface.
    Surfing – she doesn’t remember learning but must have at some point, because when she gets on a board she seems born to be there... only problem is now... she has an irrational fear of water so surfing is reserved now for just the air.
    Reptiles – particularly iguanas. She had a large one in Turkey but was forced to give it up when she was again on the move.
    Reading – she is an avid reader of anything and everything she can put her hands on…retaining over 90% of what she takes in.

    Cats – she doesn’t know what happened in her past, but she has a visceral loathing of them on site.
    The sound of running water – it sends shivers of fear down her spine.
    Classical music – the sound of it causes a sadness that is so irrational and yet heart wrenching.
    Sleeping – for it brings with it the nightmares.

    Extremely intelligent and well spoken which hints that she must have at one time been well educated… though she doesn’t remember. It is also what makes her a sponge when it comes to learning magic.
    A gentle kindness and willingness to aid the innocent when she is existing in the time between voids.
    Marksmanship. Her accuracy with her bow is not magicborn but a real skill.
    She has an uncanny ability to blend in and disappear. Like a well trained assassin, when she doesn’t want to be seen or found…. she won’t be….
    Patience when her alter ego is triggered…. infinite volumes of patience… able to wait hours for the right opportunity on a mark… this is why she has been so successful in the number of kills she has pursued… thus far.. every target she set her site on… she has stolen their life.

    An irrational fear of water stemming from the torture she barely remembers going through.
    A self loathing remorse that eats at her despite not knowing why she feels it. Particularly when she wrestles her mind away from her alter ego after a kill.
    Her tortured mind is still linked to the one who broke it, a long distance puppet to a master that can ignite excruciating pain within her body at will when she strays from the training that broke her… whenever memories try to break through… whenever doubt stays the assassin’s hand, unbearable agony eradicates the doubt to leave only the trained dog once more.
    A decided lack of patience when she is not the cold blooded killer she has been molded to be. While her alter ego has the ability to sit perfectly still for hours… her normal self tends to fidget and get frustrated when she doesn’t get answers right away.

    Sprirituality: None – she might have at one time.. but she doesn’t remember.
    A custom designed dual cam compound bow. Oddly enough she has no quiver or arrows yet carries the bow nearly everywhere she goes. With her skill and its pullies she can fire an arrow with a speed that rivals gunshots. She also wears a large tungsten carbide ensignia ring on her left hand, she does not know where or when she got it but the symbol etched into the hard metal is ancient and egyptian.. the symbol of Ka. Other than this and the clothes she keeps in her large dufflen and a diary she has been recently keeping... she possesses nothing.
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    Magic Sense – This is an innate ability that she has no control over. Unless they are consciously masking their magic, in the presence of Magi, especially powerful ones, she can “sense” what they are. Unfortunately this is also the Pavlov trigger to her trained dog persona.

    Deyanira’s magic is not confined to an element but rather learned through training.. it is believed she could learn any spell she wanted given enough practice and at a frightening speed as she is highly adept. The ones she has learned thus far are the ones that were drilled into her by the puppet master.

    While powerful in her magic, much of her knowledge uses mana not only to create the spell, but as physical manifestation of the spell as well (arrows, knives, whips). Because of this her mana depletes inordinately quickly if not being stolen back… this means combat with a non mana creature or a mana creature that manages to elude all attacks, can strip her rapidly of any magic, leaving her nothing more than human and relying on her own physical prowess.

    Low Level Spells:
    Mana Arrows - Her main arsenal for assassinations. Deyanira carries a custom designed dual cam compound bow, but never arrows… this is why. Created by will they are a manifestation of her own mana, like glistening arrows of white light they manifest as she draws back the string on her bow, the force and accuracy of their trajectory completely reliant on her own marksmanship with the bow. These arrows can pierce through magical barriers and slice through flesh like hot steel. They are connected to the bow in that if they strike anything built from Mana (including a target) they can steal back the Mana she has used in their manifestation, though not the Mana used to initiate the manifestation which is why they are not infinite. When impacting flesh they sear through leaving jagged and burned holes that are difficult to heal even with magic. These are the wounds that have baffled the Order as there is no evidence of a weapon once the Mana dissipates upon impact.

    Mana Whip – when forced to engage enemies at closer proximity Deya has the ability to manifest a 9ft whip from her mana. Like an assassins piano wire this thin glistening stream of cerulean hued light is deadly…slicing and burning flesh when cracked straight… wrapping around limbs when snapped to ensnare. As a direct link to her mana this weapon can also steal mana back to replenish what she is losing in the use of the draining weapon. If wrapped too long around the bare flesh it will not only sear the flesh excruciatingly, but it can rapidly drain an opponent’s mana, destroying their own ability to use magic. If the whip is stolen from her grip it will dissipate which instantly weakens her as it doesn’t allow the mana used in its creation to return to her. If she is not stealing any mana back through the whip she can only maintain it for fifteen minutes before it begins to shorten… extinguishing at 20 minutes if no mana is stolen in return.

    Air Surfing – With infinite patience she waits on rooftops for her targets to show that moment of exposure… once destroyed she escapes by not returning down the building where the charge is coming to capture her.. but by jumping off the building.. a surf board erupting under her feet , a Mana manifestation with which she can catch the slightest air currents and surf her way not only down… but considerable distances as well depending on the winds. While a simple manifestation for her to conjure, it is reliant on the fact that she has at least half her Mana reserve. Less than half will make the board unstable and may result in her falling from the sky when it vanishes.

    Light Orb – Simple baubles of light meant for nothing more than illuminating her path or temporarily blinding an unprepared enemy.

    Mid Level Spells:
    Mana Blades – in close engagement with the enemy she is as deadly as when she targets from rooftops, able to manifest mana blades from two inches to nearly a foot long. Often used in tandem with her whip as she ensnares her victim and yanks them right into her apparently empty hand only to impale them on her blade. These manifestations can also be thrown when drawing back her bow is not an option but unlike her arrows they do not return mana to her unless they are in her hand. When thrown she is “bleeding” mana that will rapidly reduce her ability to call on her magic – just ten tossed blades will leave her in need of recharging her mana. Like diamond sharpened steel, the blades will slice flesh like butter and can erupt from her palm even if it is already pressed against flesh, instantly detonating inside the body of the victim, leaving mysterious burned gaping holes with nothing inside as evidence of the weapon.

    Mana Arrow Scatter – the advanced spell to her Mana Arrows. Created the same way, this arrow will, at her command, splinter into a hail of 40 arrows in mid flight expanding to rain down on a forty square foot area, each with its own trajectory already mapped based on how the original arrow had been released. Each arrow can steal mana and return it to her through the bow… the real danger is in the tight dispersion of the projectiles as a person has little chance of escaping completely unscathed if they were within that 40 square foot radius of the original arrow and most do not realize the radius of danger as she waits till the last possible moment to trigger the scatter. If none of the arrows steal mana back she can only do this 5 times.. if two or more swipe back what she has released she can double that. This is also a way for her to get a significant mana boost if she rains a hail of arrows down on a magical barrier.. each one stealing from the barrier to weaken and penetrate it and feeding what it steals back to her.

    Liquid Armor - With more training and understanding this spell may become far more than it currently is. Right now it allows her to meld her Mana with the large tungsten carbide insignia ring she wears on her left ring finger.. liquefying the metal into a thin mana enhanced armor. It coats her hand and forearm up to her elbow. Nearly impenetrable, it acts as a shield in close combat deflecting both physical and magical attacks. Normally this is used and turned off again because to maintain the armor for long periods of time is a heavy draw on her Mana which is usually being put to better use offensively.

    Dancing Puppet – She can create her exact likeness… a doppelganger… a puppet. But this mirror image is more for diversion than attack. It has physical form but the form is weak. It can however be used for infiltrating and reconnaissance as she is able to see, hear and speak through it. Normally she recalls it and reabsorbs the Mana it took to create the puppet but if it is attacked and destroyed (a relatively easy feat) she will be weakened considerably by the large loss of Mana.

    High Level Spells:
    Magic Containment – The spell puts up a dome barrier to prevent any magic from escaping. She can only do this from 30 yards away and the dome is only forty foot in diameter, but it is how she is able to succeed in some of her more unbalanced battles with Magi.. the trapped magi within sends magic against the containment which only strengthens it… giving her time to regroup… she can then steal the Mana they expelled by laying her hand on the barrier and reabsorbing it. This leaves the captive free but gives her an intense boost whereas her enemy had been draining themselves. This comes at a price however. The boost is temporary and hides her own Mana drain until the boost expires (ten minutes) and she is left with her own Mana dangerously low if not drained completely. But she can do a lot with ten minutes.

    Reality Warping – She is able to affect anyone within a thirty foot radius of her own position, sucking them into an altered reality of her own making. The Escheresque world is tangible… where up and down can switch at any time… where steps can lead to nowhere and suddenly cantilever upsidedown. The effects are not only disorienting but dangerous as one wrong step can drop a person from a skyscraper that wasn’t there a moment before. The reality is controlled by her but does not affect others use of magic.. making it a dangerous battlefield for both herself.. and her enemy. While it will feel to those trapped within it that they have been captured for nearly an hour, she can only maintain the warped reality for fifteen minutes if she has her full Mana strength (or three times for only 5 minutes)… the time drops exponentially if her Mana is already drained and will also decrease as she uses magic within the warping.

    Mana Storm – A last resort spell that she has only used once… wiping out three Magi at once when she was cornered in Germany. The spell releases from her as a cyclone in which she is the center… the ring expanding in diameter and reaching to the sky.. the gale force winds carrying with it millions of shards of her Mana that pierce through magical barriers, flesh and steel to shred everything in its path apart. She cannot recall the spell, it will run its full course, reaching to the clouds in the sky and more than a hundred yards all around her.. leaving only a giant crop circle of shredded dirt with an unconscious Magus at its center. It takes two days to regenerate enough Mana just to wake from the coma-like state. It is because of this vulnerability in the aftermath that she consciously chooses not to use this spell unless she believes she cannot survive any other way.
    Marksmanship – she has a frightening accuracy with a bow and arrow even when not enhanced with magic. The custom bow she has adds to her incredible skill by firing her arrows with the speed of a mechanical crossbow.
    Highly trained in hand to hand combat – while far more aggressive in her “flipped” mental state, she is still very skilled in her normal state of mind due to the body's heavily conditioned training.
    Lip reading – a skill developed over hours of patiently waiting on a target to give her an opening.
    Before 2010… there is nothing.

    No memories… no records…. no life….

    Her first memories are of being held under water.. a voice in her head repeating words she didn’t understand. Day after day….dragged from a small cell to be dunked..half drowned…then tortured beyond reason. That voice repeating incantation after incantation… setting layer after layer of prison doors within a mind that had already been broken through the agony of experimentations. How long this went on she couldn’t really piece together anymore…. months…?...a year?... Unsure even if her name was her name…. the memories fading in the fragmented depths of a mind heavily tampered with.

    Once released from her cell, she graduated to a seven by eleven stone room embedded deep in the Cardamom mountains of Cambodia… her days and nights filled with intense training by a voice that she could feel was near but the man behind it never emerged… only his silent minions kept her company… they kept the mountain secure… her plate full… and her targets endless.

    She had an affinity for magic that was being harnessed… manipulated… by someone that knew what it was to wield power…. cracking open her mind to intensify the training…ripping her body apart to carve sigils within her bone…. advancing her faster than was recommended for any awakening to their Magus nature…. a man she caught a glimpse of only once.. black hair glistening against a tattered gray cloak with an emblem upon the shoulder she sees now in her dreams… an emblem she seeks answers to.

    She had been selected…. a candidate… a prodigy… broken down to be built back up…. to be a weapon.

    Powerful magic has been used to bind the mind of the magus. Who she had been before is now lost behind the prison doors that have been meticulously set in an order that can only be removed one layer at a time… a deprogramming that might take a lifetime to undo if not left in the hands of someone that understands both the subtleties of brainwashing and the effects of magic on the mind.

    Now….. she is an assassin….a trained dog set to annihilate the reflection in the mirror… the magi…. only she doesn’t remember… the further she has gotten from her mountain prison… the less she remembers of what happened to her there….. or what she does in the shadows of the night….or the blood that now stains her hands.

    She was released September 2014... set loose on an unsuspecting world of magi… a pretty face with a lethal touch… a long distance puppet to a master that can ignite excruciating pain within her at will when she strays from the training that broke her… whenever memories try to break through… whenever doubt stays the assassin’s hand, unbearable agony eradicates the doubt to leave only the trained dog once more.

    She has worn a trail that blazed from Cambodia… across India…Turkey.. Germany… the States…

    Deyanira lives her life in search of who she is, trying to fill the voids in her mind… trying to escape the voice in her head. But that seemingly innocuous search is forever being interrupted by the awakening assassin that has been molded from heavily kneaded clay. Magic is the trigger… her magic sense… a gift that could have been a blessing had she been trained within a world such as the Order… is now her curse… the tingle of magic awakening a cold blooded killer who has the stain of almost two dozen magi deaths already on her hands. The aftermath leaving her with just more holes in her already fragmented mind as each episode results in yet more lost time.

    Though she is unaware of the danger, Deyanira has barely remained a step ahead of the Order which now hunts the mysterious assassin they struggle still to identify.. her identity kept hidden by the very thin veil her fractured mind provides her…. the memories of each kill lost in the mornings….a very plain and empty life lived between each hideous encounter as she wanders…seeking her identity…. seeking answers to the violent nightmares that plague her…. seeking a symbol on a worn gray cloak that haunts her with its fading memory.

    She has yet to spill blood in New York…. but it is only a matter of time before she crosses paths with the magi of the city….

    They will hunt her… but they really should ask themselves… if the puppet is something so great to fear… what must the master be…..?

    ::History She No Longer Remembers::
    Born Skye Jenson, her parents had been part of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra… she the pianist… he the first chair violin… they had fallen in love despite rules against dating within the orchestra. It had been a secret until she became pregnant and they could no longer hide it. Reprimanded but not removed from the orchestra they ended up only staying in New York until their little girl was five before deciding they had had enough of “civilized” living… so they began to travel.

    By the time she was six, they had settled into an idyllic life in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia where her parents ran a surf shop and she learned to become one with a board on the choicest waves in the world.

    She was one of those odd kids… where things just seemed to “happen” around her… things falling over when she was angry…. plants growing apparently too fast when she was in a good mood. She had odd tastes too… relishing the island reptiles as pets rather than cats or dogs. As a matter of fact a nasty encounter with a couple stray cats and a leftover tuna sandwich left her terrified of the four legged furballs.

    By eleven she was surfing competitively around the world but was out of commission between thirteen and fourteen when a massive tidal wave caught her off guard and crashed her into the surf break… the jagged rocks tearing through her skin from the back of her neck all the way down her back... a year and sixteen skin grafts later… she was back on the waters she loved.

    Home schooled in her early years her parents insisted she study abroad when she was ready for college… though they probably had something other than the University of Hawaii in mind. She lead the surf team to championships all four years, this is also where she picked up archery... it had been originally to get near a boy, but she found she really loved the sport and had an uncanny knack for it. It was in Hawaii that she met a young man that instantly became her best friend. The dynamic duo was nearly inseparable and dabbled in affairs deeper then friendship before he left the islands. After graduating she went back home wanting to take over her parents surfshop… get them to travel and enjoy the world themselves… but before they had a chance the 2010 Tsunami hit the Mentawai islands… her parents were killed in the flooding.

    She struggled the next two years to keep the shop afloat and then… the world went insane… and she vanished from the sandy shores without a trace that she…. her parents…. or the shop… had ever existed.

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