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    6'3” tall and of muscular build, Gabriele cannot hide from his Spanish heritage even cursed with his vampire pallor. While he had never known them, his mother had been a Spanish beauty and his father a Mexican farmer. Dark hair is lightly painted by his age and hard life, peppered at his temples, the length adjusting with his moods from shaved short to long curls, facial hair just as variant. Hard body is a map of scars that reflect the life he has led. Five gunshot wounds have marred the flesh of his left shoulder twice, right calf, right bicep, and left hip. Vicious stripes mark his back and chest where knives tried to steal the life he kept by brute force.

    His style of dress tends to err on the side of casual, varying as the situation dictates from jean or cargo pants and tee shirts to slacks with an open-collar dress shirt and jacket.
    Gabriele's raw background has made him a creature of duality. He can be a cold blooded killer, little thought to the life he rips from another, and yet he can also be the tender strength a companion needs. Gabriele can swing from reasonableness to extreme violence but never without reason. Lacking formal education, Gabriele is highly intelligent, a curious mind sharpened further by the effects of the virus. Reading now a guilty pleasure that he tends to keep hidden. In private, the gun runner also gravitates to softer things, music and quiet dinners have a way of taming the savage beast. And something he hides from all, he is drawn to cute things. A stray kitten will never go without food by his home.
    Gabriele is the owner of the Shadow in LA. One of the elite nightclubs in LA, his loft above is a veritable fortress. Here is where he leaves his Bugatti Veyron. Gabriele also owns a cottage in Scotland. He was uncomfortable from the very start staying in the Sheut castle when there on business and so instead got himself a small place about twenty minutes away where he leaves a Ducati motorcycle for getting around.

    He also has accumulated a small arsenal of melee weapons and firearms and is always in possession of at least one of each. The type, number and size are dictated by the known and unknown threats he perceives he will come across. He wears a ring at all times on his pinkie, a gift from his lover.


    Basic Vampiric Enhancements: Speed, strength, senses resistance to physical damage and regeneration.

    Chameleon: Gabriele’s has a kinetic energy that has the ability to refract light around his form, making him invisible against any surface. The main drawback to this ability is it shivers and betrays him the moment he moves. Left to concentrate, he can maintain this for nearly twenty minutes without giving away his position. If he has to deflect any attack on his position and remain in his chameleon form, he only has five to ten minutes.

    Charm: Gabriele's vampiric allure is enhanced, enticing victims to gloss over their own moral codes and embrace the carnal side of their nature. It does not allow Gabriele the ability to plant actual suggestions, or convince someone to do something blatantly against their will such as kill or harm themselves. It is useful, however, in convincing targets that a questionable action is not such a bad idea, or to leave a victim with an unexplained sense of dread. It is equally effective on male and female victims.

    Survival Initiative: Gabriele possesses a sort of sixth sense that warns him of immediate impending danger. The knowledge is too immediate and brief to be detailed, only indicating a threat and a direction. Enough time to perhaps wrap over someone he wishes to protect.
    Weapons: there isn’t a gun that the runner cant cycle, not a rifle he cannot disassemble and reassemble with his eyes closed. In addition it is rarely a good idea to challenge Gabriele to a knife fight. The switchblade he carries was a “gift” from Miguel, his first “brother” in the underbelly of the Mexican cartel, the blade a transcript of his fights, nicked metal betraying just how often it has struck through bone. His ability and aggression only magnified with the virus now infecting his blood.

    Hand to hand combat: An assassin at six he has been fighting all his life. This has made for a highly skilled fighter that now boosted with his vampire speed and strength make him formidable opponent.

    Streetwise: Gabriele has an uncanny knack of making contact with an area's underworld, able to blend in as a local and get answers no others can.

    Harmonica: an ability he does not share with anyone but the shadows at night.
    Small feet hit the top of the dented metal trash can to jackelope over the small grill where a woman was flash burning meat to sell on the street. The man behind was beginning to finally lose ground as the small loaf of bread was clutched tight in his fist like a mashed piece of playdoh. He normally did odd jobs for people to get his food but people were sharing less and less as the violence had spread. It had been two days since he had anything to eat so he had been desperate… and had stolen the bread.

    The tiny form zig-zagged through moving traffic as he dashed for the seedier side of Villa Ahumada, the screams of insults growing fainter with each step. Grin finally managed to breach his lips as he dashed between bodies on the sidewalk and then plunged down a dirty alleyway to pop out the other side on a far less travelled road. His pace slowing as he headed down a filthy byway only to be plowed over by some gringo that looked like his face had been used as a dance floor. The impact sent him tumbling back, tight grip on his bread lost as it bounced in the wretched waters of the broken asphalt.

    ===You gonna let him get away with that, Chico?===

    Rich chocolate lifted to stare at the teen that had spoke. A gang Big Boy. The vicious looking pack with him seemed to be the “boots” that had trampled the victim who was now scrambling back against the brick wall, pleas for mercy and to let him go tumbling from the bloody lips as the young eyes simply stared.

    ===.. dog made you drop your lunch Chico…. whatcha gonna do ‘bout it?===

    He didn’t know the teen, nor the victim, but he did know his bread was now spoiled in the oily waters.

    ===…be a man… take care of it…===

    The glisten of metal was held out to him, dark chocolate orbs starring at the shape in silence where he stood.

    ===What…. You a cobarde?===

    Lips pursed tightly together in abject defiance as the heavy brows dropped to scowl at the teen, he was no coward!
    Hand that had been stripped of its hard fought for prize slapped out to grab the piece from the teen which elicited an eruption of laughter and catcalls from the pack of hyenas.

    ===(pack)… he dun have the cojones Miguel…===

    Gun leveled and despite the spewing laughter from the gang, it didn’t so much as tremble in the tiny grasp.

    ===Please no… no… please…===

    The explosion was deafening, crimson speckling his features…he was no coward.

    ===Holy fuck he did it??!===

    The teen that had handed him his first gun wasn’t shocked… he merely grinned like a cheshire cat as the weapon was held back up to him by six year old hands.

    ===Nah… its yours now… you earned it…hombrecito.===


    That had been his first family.

    His second kill was only two months later and by age 10 he was deep within the drug and gun cartels of Mexico. The boy became a teen and soon had established a name for himself as the go to guy for ensuring the job got done. Bigger and bigger bosses took to hiring him until his list of allies was as long as his list of enemies and he had upgraded from cartel hitman to arms dealing.

    Somewhere along the way he had discovered an affection that was far from the image of any cartel. A night of particularly potent inebriation had led to his first encounter with another male teen. It had been so natural, so intoxicating, his arousal a thousand times more potent than it had ever been with any female. But the mornings light had woken a sore and less than happy partner who started screaming that he was going to expose the gun runner for the weak perversion he was. A bullet had kept his secret. He could never let it happen again. He hardened his image and buried his “deviant” feelings, pile-driving a few women along the way to be sure no one ever questioned his focus.

    By the time of the Nevus event he was an “old man”. In his late thirties he had long past the life expectancy of others in his area of expertise. He was in Spain when it happened, flown there by his latest "client" to be sure a shipment of guns made it to an old family in North Spain.

    He didn’t make it back to Mexico.

    Gabriele was one of the unlucky few that found themselves drastically altered. Touched not only by the Nevus event but by the virus it had released. He killed. Unable to quench the hunger, he killed again and again. It took some time to understand what had happened to him.

    When he had finally lost hope and sought to isolate himself in one of the desolate towns of Spain, he was found by Ausar. Where he saw no salvation, Ausar gave him new purpose, perhaps it was the man's charm, perhaps Gabriele who denied himself everything, did not deny himself the attraction for the Egyptian. Whatever the source of the loyalty, it gave the loner purpose. Gabriele was one of the first to devote himself to the Sheut Nation.

    In 2013, Ausar asked the Spaniard to leave, to go to the North American continent and watch over a growing population in the West that were tasked with trying to infiltrate the growing factions in the region. Originally offered the Minister position, Gabriele declined, he didn’t have the temperament and he knew it, perhaps the offer had been a test by Ausar as he was instead made the Sheut Executioner, a role he has fallen easily into.

    Still lacking a Viceroy in the area, Ausar has asked him recently to step out of his comfort zone and be the acting Viceroy…. He has agreed, for now.



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