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Found 7 results

  1. Gavin de Luc

    Blasphemy and Sacrilege

    November 8th, 2020. Upper West Side, New York City. 1330hrs. Fucking hell. This was suicidal and stupid, even he knew that. But he did it anyway, because he had become weak. His stockpile of alcohol at the house did not last for nearly as long as he thought it would, which forced him outside in the frigid cold to get more. Smashing the window of the liquor store was probably not the best decision the man had ever made, but what the hell else was he supposed to do? The beer was frozen and had destroyed their containers, and the liquor was already looted before from the other end of the store. He did eventually manage to find some rum stashed away behind the counter that was untouched, but it wasted valuable time that could end up damning him. The soldier had many layers of clothing on, but that only got him so far. A thick parka was his outer layer, which his heavily gloved hands tried desperately to find some small bit of warmth inside. A layer or two in he had a snub nosed revolver and his karambit knives, but they weren’t exactly accessible in his current state. The gloves that covered his hands were too thick for any real dexterity, even if they weren’t completely numb from the cold. He had never bothered to get any of his extremely thick winter coats enchanted, because he never had the occasion to really use them since he had joined ARMA. He always stubbornly wore his leather jacket or something lighter and just wore layers, but very little of his silver thread clothing was actually very warm by itself. It wasn’t like his chances of being shot at today were very high, and if anyone wanted to try and stab him through this many layers of clothing they were welcome to try. The far more immediate threat, of course, was the damned cold. He had assumed it was too far back to his house before some severe frostbite kicked in, and the bike that he tried to steal to expedite the process was frozen to the point of the pedals breaking off when he tried to get moving on the damn thing. That wouldn’t work, so he needed to find something else. He needed to force a way inside of a building, but if he guessed wrong and there was no heating he may just be fucked. He needed something with lights, because if they still had power it meant that they probably had heat. Maybe a store or something, because there might still be blankets left and if he was really lucky maybe a heating unit. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any stores outside of a bike store and a bunch of restaurants nearby… and none of the restaurants seemed to exactly be open. There was another option, the churches, and Gavin would not try that particular option unless he was desperate… and he was just desperate enough to do it. The nearest one was a Jewish synagogue, with big wooden doors and lights that were still on. No doubt there were people inside, and even if there wasn’t they had power and likely some material inside that the soldier could use to get warm again. The single bottle of rum that he downed earlier would hold him over, at least for now, so at least he wasn’t shaking at the present. Boots stomped against the snow coating the ground on the way, and hands desperately trying not to shake from the cold tried the door. Locked, predictably. The windows on the doors were opaque, and had the Cross of David prominently displayed on them. Gavin couldn’t see whether there was light inside of the door, which meant he had an interesting choice. He could break down the door with his powers, but if the heating was not on or able to turned on inside he would just freeze to death slightly slower due to letting all the cold air in. He could also try teleporting inside, but if there was not a connecting shadow that ran underneath that door… He wasn’t exactly sure what would happen, because he had never wanted to change materializing inside of solid material like a door before. The likely result would be instant death, but when the alternative was slow and withering death for the crime of wanting a damned drink it didn’t sound so bad. Since the light outside was still on, this was his best shot at not freezing to death. Steel gray eyes locked on to the door, and the man breathed deeply before letting the shadow over the door take him. If he was going to die, he wouldn’t close his eyes for it. A second later, he was just past the door no worse for wear. It was noticeably warmer inside, and the soldier immediately threw off his thick gloves and started rubbing them together furiously to try and get some feeling back in them. Upper West side was an affluent part of town, of course its infrastructure still worked. Thank God for the small victories. A cold, calculating gaze surveyed the entrance area… but it didn’t seem like anyone was home. After a few minutes, the man lost the parka to have easier access to the revolver in the jacket underneath it. If there was anyone in here, he doubted it was the actual men and women who came to this holy place. In an area like this, all the locals were safely in their homes and away from the danger of the outside. Unless they were goddamn alcoholics with no self-control, that is. Fucking hell. He hoped it didn’t come to that, killing people in a goddamned church. If he had to do it, he would… but despite the awful things he had done to survive in the past, something about even the thought of killing someone in the house of God revolted him. With any luck, he would just be alone with his paranoia and nobody else would show up. What were the chances, anyway? Looking around, with the scattered lights still on… he determined the chances were too damned high and activated both cloak and noise dampening. Pulling out his revolver from the pocket of his second jacket, he held out the firearm in front of him and started moving to search the building, starting with whatever room was directly in front of him. He would not be taken by surprise and killed like this, feeling naked without the protection of his silver thread armor. Trespassing on a church, lightly armed with the stench of alcohol over his body from the residue from the liquor store... no, not like this. Not here. If there was anyone inside of this place, he would know before they ever caught a whiff of him. No regular human, or even most altered, could detect him like this. If they did somehow manage to gain awareness of him, he knew damn well they weren’t human and could react accordingly. He would get them first, before they got him. Killing a monster in the house of God wasn’t sacrilege, was it?
  2. Moses Black

    Day in the Park

    Friday, April 6, 2021 Time : Noon "Man what a day", spoke Moses to himself as he stretched his body out. His long slender arms extended out toward the heavens as his chest shot up toward the sky. The rest of his body leaned back to give him some balance and support his weight. With his head now twelve feet off the ground Moses had a good view of the park. It was calm, peaceful, and filled with warming sun light. Ever since his transformation into a Lamia Moses has always enjoyed the sun light. He was not cold blooded like many snakes, but the warm feeling of the sun on his scales gave him a sense of joy he lacked when he was still a normal man. So many things had changed since he transformed. There were so many things he had lost. "Enough of that', spoke Moses aloud as he cleared the thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about that. He did that enough all the time. Now as the time to enjoy the park, take in the sun, and feel alive once more. The city was completely different from the south. In his old hometown there were trees everywhere. Compared to New York it was practically a forest. Here in the big apple though, well it was a bleak landscape of concert and yellow taxi cabs, except here. In this one little area the world was renewed. Grass spread all around and tress bloomed like spring. It was Moses one place of sanctity in this city. The one place that felt close to home. Central park, the big green of New York. "Alright lets get some exercise in", he spoke to himself as his body returned to its normal standings position. He then began to slither across the ground at elevated speeds. Viewing the world form this angle was frustrating and weird when he first started, but now, well now it was just another thing. He wondered if it was the same for the other meta-humans who lived in the city. Maybe not the same exact experience. A centaur did not have to look at the world from the ground, or slide on its belly, but the normalcy they had experience had also been shattered. As Moses glided across the grass his mind was filled with various sensations. However the Lamia was simply ignoring them. He did not care that a dog was urinating under a tree, or that the women staring at him from a nearby bench was deadly afraid. He did not care that the businessman walking by was three degrees lower than everyone else, nor did he care that the women in the bathroom was burning up from disease. Today was not they day his sensations would get the better of him, but the day he let the world simply bleed into a uniform grey. it was his day at the park, and the sun was radiating a glorious hue. "I wonder if I can buy a waffle come", spoke Moses to himself as his nose picked up on the smell. His tong flicked out his mouth and confirmed the sensation.
  3. Kai Alexander Morgan


    January 22, 2021 Sidewalk Outside Satyr Stadium, 9:30pm. And there it was. The most stupid fucking thing that could ever exist. Wind whipped its sharp breath once through the street, almost as if it had been reading his mind, rifling the edge of his dark hoodie enough to slip the hood from around his features. Gloves were pulled off, then the Navy beanie as the normally clear kelly green slid from the massive goliath he was looking up at. It was brazen, and arrogant, and apparently unstoppable. Bare fingers rifled through his hair a moment before pulling the skullcap back on and over his ears. He’d barely broken a sweat in the last five miles, cold gelling what little there was almost immediately on the back of his neck. Hood pulled back up, gloves back on, fingers interlocked to reach high above his head in a languid stretch before thoughts returned to continuing his run. Even the layers under his zip-up had done nothing to elicit more of a sweat. He didn’t know why he came… strike that. He knew exactly why. Hiding for so long. Forced to hide for so long. Hunted. His presence a death sentence for the woman he loved that was now out of his reach again if she ever mentioned what he was to those around her. Now, what the world hated and feared was on display for all to see. The blood, the infection… splattered all over the ring like it was a fucking joke. Money passing between hands to see who had the bigger fangs, and cheered in bars like a goddamn super bowl. Lips pursed, tongue running across a canine. Apparently it was okay now to pretend to be powerful and also be infected. He’d needed to put his eyes directly on the pompous monstrosity for it to be real. It blew the door wide open for every single fear the population had about the infected. For the Vanguard to have all the fodder they needed to continue its rabid hatred, for the those that came to him terrified and hunted to have more demons to run from. More suspicions and fear for some, less threat for others to think the whole Were infected community were fluffy toys to be bought and sold in swag stores. The question was, what would he do about it. Kneeling, he adjusted the laces on his right shoe, retying it before dusting off the knee of his black Adidas running pants. This was a fucking nightmare. Few, if any had the eyes he did… every weakness, strength and point of entry locked into his brain before turning them back to the sidewalk to decide which direction he wanted to go. A Colosseum worthy of an empire, a modern day Caesar. Two thousand years ago it took sixty men and twenty three stab wounds to take down a god. He only needed one well-placed bullet.
  4. Raeden (Rae) Seiko

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks....

    December 15, 2020 2pm - still under the ice age of fae fury event White curled from her lips in thick smoke rings as blue lips pursed staring at the crimson spattered snow. Omenwich was known as a haven for Outworlders and it seems the Outworlder violence had found its way here. Thick boots carefully picked over the snow as eyes magnified the ground to ensure she stayed out of the actual crime scene. Satisfied she wasn't intruding on evidence she released the magnification in time to hear the faint scratch at a window. Hazel lifted in time to see the eyes before the curtain fell away in the window. Residents were skittish. Likely as much by her presence as the crime scene she was investigating. Cops were usually the last any magus helped, so like her precinct family, she didn't have the "fortune" of wearing enhanced clothing against the cold. Instead she had done it the old fashioned way, merino wool long underwear wicked the moisture away from her skin and gave her a warm base layer. On top she had loose moleskin pants to trap the heat inside and a wool sweater on top to do the same. Last layer was a military polar parka that came well down on her thighs, fur lined hood snapped up and tied under her chin which was nestled inside a fleece balaclava that went over her head. She was dressed for the arctic. Yet all that didn't stop the crystals of ice from forming on her lashes as she focused on the crime scene. Fingers flexed in the double layer of gloves as she listened to her partners teeth chatter, they were the only crazies out in the weather. Fingers lifted to pull the balaclava back over her mouth and nose before speaking. Lance... back to your car before I have another body out here. NPC:... am fine.....rrrreally... The unconvincing reply came as she watched his lips flush deeper blue. uh huh...... get going. You need about another two layers before you can survive out here for more than fifteen minutes. Go. Her tone made it evident she wasn't playing. Four officers had died in the last month from exposure. New York couldn't afford to lose any more. As he finally gave up and headed back to the vehicle that struggled to keep running as it was, she went back to the crime scene and the blood spattering as high as fifteen feet on the alley walls. Two victims. She was sure of it. But she only had one body. Something told her there was an Outworlder crime first... but that anyone stupid enough to attack in Omenwich had found themselves on the receiving end of revenge. She suspected her first perpetrator was the body she had now.... not the victim. That body was the one that had been dragged away from the tracks in the snow... winged perhaps based on the drag marks? Again she was acutely aware of eyes on her. Seemed she was the center of attention here.
  5. Josef Carroll Boudreaux

    Don't Eat the Dead Ones

    January 2nd 5pm Hammer's Firearms Brow furled, tossing the shard of broken glass onto the floor with all the rest. Nobody could leave anything the hell alone anymore. ‘course, this could even be vindictiveness for disappearing on a dime from the mob, but he doubted it. Hands went to his hips as he surveyed his dusty shop, or what was left of it. He’d pulled all his inventory and left the empty shop with just cabinets and shelves, but even that had been smashed to hell. Who would feel the need to smash an old General Store style display cabinet? Bastards. Hiking boots crunched against glass and debris as his toe scuffed certain places, kneeling down and reaching through the grime, the pull rings still in place and undisturbed. They suddenly snapped up from the floor, the garage door opener type signal he blinked through his brain opening the lock on one. Pulling it upward, the floor storage with all his inventory was intact. Dropping the door back down, he locked it back up and kicked debris back over it. It would take him a couple days to clean, a couple days to stock, then reappear suddenly open like a phoenix. Damn he hoped there was no bad blood. Welcome “home”. Laissez and all that... Upstairs apartment was unscathed. Dusty, but unscathed. Hiker’s backpack tossed on the couch, he rubbed his scruff and started rummaging through the survival pack. Been gone a while, Nola still a giant lake with his angels barely peeking out. A few trinkets he was able to scavenge, but nothing in the grand scheme of things. Made for a melancholy return. Shower. Shave. Food. It’d occurred to him that the place was being watched. It’s not like he could hide the banged up 4x4 that was parked behind the shop by the loading dock. His real home was being house-sat by an adorable newlywed couple and he hadn’t been there yet so not likely a tip-off there. But… he’d been back in town long enough to hear Order bullshit. Same old, same old, with a bit more flair. Water creaked on, and he let it run in the stand alone clawfoot tub. Sputtering, somewhat iron orange for several moments, heating up eventually after he relit the water heater. Clothing was shed and he stepped in, yanking the curtain. Time to return to the land of the living.
  6. Thomas Gallo

    Poison in the Well

    December 12, 2020 Fae Ice Age, New York NPC: "Boss, we got another one." The staff of Thyrsus had grown during the Ice Age, largely due to limited mobility. Jimmy, or Steve, or whatever his name was, Tom didn't care. He was one of Strollo's boys who typically helped out with the security work of the 'downstairs operations'. Due to the prohibitive nature of the weather outside, shipments of any kind had slowed dramatically. This is what has largely contributed to his current problem. Tom had noticed orders had been down. This was expected due to the big freeze. However, they slowed down much more than they should have. Rumors began of counterfeits being peddled to Thyrsus's customers. When reaching out to clients, they said that shipments came earlier than expected. Someone had provided their orders to the bottle. The only problem was, it hadn't been Tom. This was a tremendous problem on multiple levels. Someone had access to his purchase orders and was using that to the expense of the family. When Tom explained to his clients that this so-called discount was indeed false...and that the product that they purchased was bootlegged and terrible...they were upset. When their clientele started dying, they became Tom. "How could you let this happen?!" "What are you going to do about it?!" "You owe us...big time." Tom was furious. Luckily for those around Tom, the timing couldn't have been better. It had been nearly 2 weeks since the last full moon, and this was the time that its influence over him was minimized. Otherwise, Steve or Jimmy or whatever his name was wouldn't have dared to speak to him with bad news. That was often Roderick's burden. People were dying and their deaths were being laid at Tom's feet because he had failed at controlling distribution. He thought he had that controlled, however it was apparent he did not. There was a gap somewhere, and he intended to sniff it out. Tom looked at Strollo's goon holding a phone. He was good enough at his job, but Tom wouldn't have used him for anything more complicated than breaking fingers or stacking boxes. He'd have to do. Same thing? Tom knew the answer. Of course it was. Swelling of the eyes and tongue until they asphyxiated or pressure on the brain caused them to have a stroke. Every. Single. Time. Jim-Steve nodded as he was becoming accustomed to reading Tom's moods and decided that further speech was likely unwise. Smart. Perhaps he could find a use for him after all. People were dying. Always after leaving a bar or club. Always after drinking something from Tom's 'early deliveries'. Always dying in the same gruesome fashion. The only thing connecting these murders is Tom's booze. Or...a facsimile of it. This would, undoubtedly, lead to a conversation with some sort of law enforcement. He had to find that lead. Every second that ticked by without squashing it quietly was another second given to police/ARMA to come poking around again. Tom opened the front door and stepped outside into the winter hellscape. The cold stabbing right into his bones helped to melt away the mind-fogging frustration and helped him to regain focus. It was about time to see this matter resolved.
  7. February, 1st 23:00 Faye stood behind her desk, the pulsing music from the club only a faint vibration in the floor. A hand slowly ran through her Raven black hair and a long sigh slipped through her lips as she slid papers around on her desk with her other hand. A hulk of a beast stood near the entrance to the office. He stood two heads above the door and his skin had a rock-like appearance. "Mr... Jackson is it?" "It's uh, James Ma'am." "James." Faye's voice took on an annoyed tone within his head. A chair slid behind the man and a force shoved him into it. Eyes burned into his own as she too slid into her own chair and leaned forward arms rested on the surface of the dark wooden desk. "From what Alexei here tells me, for the past several nights you have caused disturbances among the fae guests beneath my roof. As everyone that partakes in the ventures of my club knows, any kind of disturbance is forbidden. This is a haven for human and nonhuman alike. For all species to unwind, and enjoy themselves. Now tell me, Mr. James. What the actual fuck were you thinking disobeying my rules?" "I'm really sorry Mrs. Johnson, I don't know what came over me!" "He lies to you, Faye." Alexei's thick Russian accent broke the man's words as the giant stalked across the floor with heavy footsteps. "I heard from many patrons that this puny man had been talking all night about hurting one of them 'pretty fae bitches' and 'giving them something to remember.'" Faye's face was expressionless as she turned from Alexei to the man that now squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. She rubbed angrily at her temples lowered her hands to reveal a piercing glare at the wrongdoer. A flinch from him as he saw it and tried to jump from the chair but a stone like a hand forced him back down. "Your first mistake was lying to me. I would've found out the truth either way and I would've sent someone to hunt you down. Your second mistake..." Hands placed slowly against the desk and forced her body to rise yet again. "... was openly admitting to wishing to hurt one of my patrons, in my club." A hand rose in the man's direction and after a brief moment a ball of energy launched from her hand and into his chest. Alexei released his grip and allowed James to launch backward and into the glass wall separating him from the forty foot fall to the dance floor. He rolled around on the ground gasping for air while Faye adjusted her blouse and skirt. "Alexei, make sure this scum never steps foot in this club, or any other establishment again." A nod from the stone man and he grabbed the man by the neck and led him out onto the fire escape on the opposite side of the room. Faye opened the opposite door to her office causing the sound of music to drown out the man's screams as he fell. Alexei rejoined her as they made their way down into the club. Heavy techno music blasted the crowd as scantily clad waitresses went about delivering alcohol and illicit drugs to those on the dance floor. Most lights within the club were extinguished. Save for a lit platform on each corner of the dance floor that had a caged dancer atop it, only the glow sticks, bracelets, black-light, and strobe lights from the DJ lit up the interior. Watching the crowd from the stairs to the upper office was like watching the ocean as the patrons bounced and danced to the beat that rocked the club and bled out onto the street. "How are our VIP Alexei, I've had to deal with so many dicks tonight I really don't want to deal with those ones as well." "The VIP are enjoying themselves, I just had Mika check on them and take a bottle of our finest Vodka as well before bringing this last problem to you." "Not every issue can be fixed with Vodka Alexei." "Nonsense, Vodka fixes everything!" Both Faye and Alexei laughed at that and made their way to the bar where Gemma the best fawn bartender in the city sat. The tattooed half woman turned in time to see their approach and smiled. She swiftly poured a large glass of Vodka for Alexei and some fancy concoction of her own making for Fae. "What can I do for ya boss lady? Pretty busy tonight, I've already written down all of the alcohol and other things we'll need for the weekend." Gemma placed a clipboard on the bar and pushed it towards Faye who scooped it up. "Milo said some man's been sneaking around the building trying to find a way in, the mysterious type with his hood up and everything." "Thank you, Gemma, as always you're the best." Faye sipped at her favorite Gemma drink and looked over the clipboard before handing it over to Alexei who stuffed it under his arm. She gestured for the front door and the stone man nodded and moved through the crowd which parted around him. "Stay safe Gemma, you know where the gun is if you need it."