Durion Caranthir

The End is Near....

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Nov. 27, 2019


Ears burned a blistering crimson as he strode into the old Fiocruz Moorish Pavilion. The Fanya Niasa council had taken over the structure and made it their headquarters long ago. The elegant plum pointed leather oxfords fell silently on the stone floors as the steel tips caught the sunlight that streamed through open windows of the overly carved palace. Tightly wound in his hand was the rolled up paper that had come from New York. Livid was not nearly strong enough a word to describe the elf's mood.


In order to keep in touch with the world beyond his borders, he had the news delivered into Meglidur from all the major civilization outposts once a week. It was usually delayed about a month but he kept tabs on the factions and looked for the slivers of evidence of shifting powers this way. He often saw the pattern long before the media reported it. For all others might mistake the dressed up elf for frivolous, he was in fact dangerously intelligent and a connoisseur of knowledge.


But while most stories had him mildly intrigued or arrogantly disdainful, this one had touched a nerve that had sent the elf into a diatribe of language unlike any the earth born folk had ever heard and headed straight for the former Rio de Janiero.


Door to the back council chamber was shoved open, elf walking in as though he owned the pavilion himself. Paper was slammed down onto the elaborately carved wood table behind which two of the four council sat. Alatariel and Huor. As usual, they had not invited their fae counterparts to their little meeting.


[durion]Have you seen this?[/durion]


Of course they had not. They were elitist imbeciles who only played at protecting the out-worlders. They merely wanted to hold positions of power but never bothered to really learn about the world they now held that power within. His time would come. The out-worlders didn’t come to these buffoons for protection, they came to NARWA… they came to him. He offered them sanctuary and a place to work, not the stuffed up council. The only one that seemed to truly care about the alliance and what it should stand for was Nidhogg and unfortunately the lesser fae was not of a backbone to go against Huor, nor was he invited to most council decisions. Durion had no such reservations. The time would come. Soon enough he would sit at this council, he was sure of it.


[npc]You are too loud Durion Caranthir.[/npc]


[durion]And you are too ignorant Alatariel.[/durion]


He snapped back, his elvish heritage lilting through the words. Despite what the boorish earthborn believed, elves and fae from different worlds did NOT speak the same language. They were forced to harmonize on one of the earth-tongues. He was fortunate in some ways that the council recognized too many of their own sided with this elf or he would have long ago called down their wrath and against them all, his powers would not be enough.


Long finger hit the top of the story on the first page with enough force to echo the sound through the chamber.


[durion]….one of the governments has passed a law forcing those not natural born of this world to register their existence…[/durion]


[npc]…and this should concern us why?[/npc]


Cerulean orbs glared at Huor. Arrogant bastard.


[durion]…because the lands to the north are reporting their government is in support of this effort. How long do you think before they level an eye on us?[/durion]


Elongated ears tipped downwards somehow managing to turn an even deeper shade of crimson.

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They were certainly an odd pair. Durion clad in shades of blues and purples, the Iron Elf in his typical blazing red suit.


Durion was up in arms...that was the phrase the humans would use, of course. A phrase he was given to understand stemmed from the practice of abbreviation. Armaments became arms. Still, Kashmir knew better than to get in his boss's way when he was so incensed.


Durion had stormed off to come here and yell at the council, his blatant disregard for elvin tradition and the governing bodies which came with it potentially a liability for the company itself.


There were also those among the neworld denizens of South America who resented the very concept of elves doing business with humans, and were therefore less than pleased with Durion.


Kash had taken on a role similar to that of a bodyguard for Durion when he could afford to leave the mines unattended. Before the flamboyant Elf could enter the doors, Kashmir thought to caution him on the virtues of remaining courteous towards the council, but Durion would do what he wished, as it always was.


By the time Kash realized he'd been ignored, Durion was already inside, yelling at the councilors for their intractable nature and oblivious state regarding the rest of the world.


Kash tended to side with the council on most things, but here, he was concerned with the effect on business if legislation were passed to vilify "outworlders."


[Kashmir]If I may.[/kashmir] Red fabric crinkled slightly as the elf stepped forward.


[Kashmir]Even if you do not care about the demonization of we who are not of this world, at least respect the effect this will have on our cash flow. Not just for NARWA, but for every single business owned and operated by an off worlder. Any enterprise that does business with the humans will immediately be branded with the term "off-worlder," as though we who have given years to the betterment of this world are not entitled to be part of it.[/Kashmir]


A silence echoed his words as the Iron Elf bowed his head respectfully, straightening up after a few seconds.

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This damn council had been nothing more than an attempt by a few to establish an elitist elven upper class on this new world. But they had found out early there was not enough willing to bow down to an upper class anymore. On the contrary. That had been when they shifted their "story" to be the council over the out-worlders to "help keep them cohesive and safe".


What was it the humans said…..?......Bullshit?


Yes…. It was all Bullshit.


A fact very apparent as they clearly saw this news as no threat to them or those that had sought sanctuary in South America. He was vaguely aware of the Iron elf at his side trying to slow down the fire that had built in the head of Narwa. There were times the head of the Iron division could diffuse the volcano…this was not one of those times as he barged in and for all intensive purposes called the council idiots.


[kashmir]If I may.[/kashmir]


Cerulean snapped to him, dark brows dipped deep as if daring him to challenge his words.


[kashmir] Even if you do not care about the demonization of we who are not of this world, at least respect the effect this will have on our cash flow. Not just for NARWA, but for every single business owned and operated by an off worlder. Any enterprise that does business with the humans will immediately be branded with the term "off-worlder," as though we who have given years to the betterment of this world are not entitled to be part of it. [/kashmir]


The diplomat.


Durion could be a dangerous diplomat. He just rarely seemed to use those great skills here with this council. There was a deep seeded loathing that had festered over decades of living under the thumb of the elven "elite". He would never bow down again.


Kashmir on the other hand.


It was probably for the best that the Iron elf tended to come with him when he stormed out to confront the council. It happened often and thus far, he still had not been squashed by the "elitists". He had Kashmir to thank in part for that. It also didn’t hurt that nearly 100% of Narwa's employees were outworlders and nearly all felt some loyalty to the head of the company that had given them a purpose in this world. The two elves of the council did not have nearly that sort of following…. at least….. the elf didn’t think they did.


[npc]Even more reason why we should seal our borders to the north and…. [/npc]


[durion]…and do what?! Hide here until our resources run out! Are you really so ignorant as to believe that medicine and particularly the anti-virals are made down here? It all comes from the north.[/durion]


His snap back at Huor held venom. All out-worlders agreed that none of their worlds held anything like the three big viruses found on this world and none of them had any knowledge to create anti-virals for it.


[durion]… you think when we succumb to these diseases that they will then come to our rescue? Or perhaps you are so arrogant as to think you are immune Huor?[/durion]


There was a dangerous flash in the silver eyes of the head of the council. Durion was pushing his luck….. and he didn’t care.

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Cooler heads had... uh, something.


Kash wasn't exactly sure what had happened in that moment. The council seemed cowed by Durion's onslaught of well founded criticism.


The red suited man stayed to the back as his boss berated the councilors.


Kashmir had to stifle a laugh as Huor...what was that human phrase? Yes, glaring daggers. An apt description for a dangerous sight. Nonetheless, NARWA controlled enough land and commanded enough economic and social capital that they were nigh untouchable by the council without serious backlash.


That was one advantage of the councilors' hubris and disdain for humanity. They ignored the concept of monopoly and had allowed Durion to grow his conglomerate beyond its natural limits.


One of the council chamber's guards had finally arrived. Kash broke away from the conversation to delay the man. [NPC]Oh. You again. Boss on another tear?[/npc]


Kash smiled and nodded, explaining the news from the north. [Kashmir]Apparently the humans are demanding an "off-world registry." It could heavily diminish our business, and in turn, collapse our economy. [/kashmir]


Kash turned his head to check if durion was still talking with the councilors. Well, talking at them.


[Kashmir]Looks like the council doesn't really care. Maybe they're dismissing it as the ramblings of an angry magnate.[/kashmir]


[Npc]Well it's not my place to contradict them, but if it's as bad as you make it sound, maybe I'll see what my boys and I can do to change their minds.[/npc]


Kash chuckled and shook the guard's hand. [Kashmir] It would be much appreciated. [/kashmir]

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He had felt Kashmir step away. Guards had likely finally caught up to their "attack" on the council. He didn’t care.


[durion]…you shut the humans out of these southern lands completely and you are asking for a war![/durion]


While the head of Meglidur had absolutely no love for the humans, would be happy to watch them perish in their own ignorant blood, he was not willing to have his empire and his "people" destroyed in the process.


Apparently he had touched a nerve as Huor slammed his hands on the table and stood.


[npc]Perhaps it is time a war came to put these creatures back in their place![/npc]


Alatariel lifted a brow now. While she was content to play politics on the Council, she herself had no desire to be a part of bloodshed. Command others to do it yes…. but she would likely find a reason to be out of the city if Huor had his war.


[npc]…they wish to pass their law… we will pass our own. Our lands….our laws. Harboring a human within our territory will become a crime and….[/npc]


[durion]You cannot be serious! They will come in torrential waves to obliterate us…[/durion]


[npc]Let them come…[/npc]


There was a dark and ominous tone in Huor's words. He was insane… but he was dead serious.


[npc]You forget your place as always Durion. These lands are the only remnants of our lost worlds and I will not have the filth of humans determine we are not entitled to them.[/npc]


This had taken an ill fated turn.


[npc]… they hunted us because they feared us, the magic we have brought with us. They only stopped when we dominated this domain, only then did they stop pressing down into our lands.[/npc]


[durion]…yes but humans still are scattered throughout all this continent Huor, this was their home before we ever arrived. You cannot just drive them out….[/durion]


[npc]…watch me…[/npc]


The snarl from the head of the council didn’t bode well. Rio was already predominantly elven and fae, but there were a straggling array of humans still within its walls. If Huor started down this path, Rio would be the first to have its streets run with blood.


[durion]... you cannot declare war on the humans without the other council's agreement....[/durion]


The smirk on the light elves lips clearly disagreed with the dark haired mogul.


[npc]... you are mistaken. TIRITH![/npc]


As Huor called for the guard the cerulean orbs fell to Alatariel, surely she would.... the glint of a grin on her lips and shrug told him she would not stand in Huor's way.


This would not end well.....

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