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Vivian Lee

Vivian Lee

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This is a very incomplete profile of my character. More will be added as I edit and stop being lazy. Feel free to comment and give criticism.


Ability Name - Asvattha


In the wake of the Resonance that washed over the Earth, Vivian was graciously gifted with the ability to encourage and manipulate plant growth. Even without consciously activating his ability, his very presence can cause any vegetation around him to noticeably perk up. Trees will direct their leaves towards him in an attempt to capitalize on his life giving aura. Flower buds will suddenly bloom open to greet him whenever he passes them by. Even plants on the verge of death will slowly be filled with vigor so long as he reminds close by. His ability makes him a beloved friend to all plant life.


What elevates this modest ability beyond making gardening more convenient is how exceptionally good he is at growing plants. It doesn't matter what type of plant it is or the harshness of its environment, he can bring any plant to full maturity within the blink of an eye. This level of mastery was something born from his harsh training and determination. How difficult it is to make any particular plant grow to full maturity depends on the natural growth speed and size of said plant. For example, Bamboo is far easier and less energy consuming to grow than White Ash due to its naturally fast growth speed.


Although he can encourage a fledgling bud into a mighty tree within seconds, Vivian is unable to fabricate plant-life from nothing. The presence of plant-life is an absolute necessity in order for him to properly utilize his ability. Without anything to influence, his ability is practically worthless. Even in the unlikely event his surroundings are plentiful of vegetation, his lack of direct control over plants make using them in battle an impossibility. His ability is not combat friendly and in order to get the best out of it, he needs to carry his own supply of seeds on his person at all times.


Vivian has no direct control over the plants he grows. He can, however, manipulate their growth to suite his needs. The most common and important use is getting the plant to produce seeds. This allows him to manufacturer his own supply of seeds for him to use or give away to those in need. Other uses include forcing flowers to bloom or creating trees with twisted shapes. How much he can manipulate is limited to what the plant itself has the potential to become. He cannot create anything new for the plant. For example, if a plant is susceptible to cold environments than making it frost resistant would be impossible. 


To live is to be fated to die. Vivian can inflict any plant-life with illness and cause them to decay into dust. His mastery over decomposing is just as amazing as his ability to promote life within plants. He has enough control over it that he can precisely chose where and how much to decay. Being able to decompose plants is a great way to create a nutrient rich soil for substantiating plants without using his ability. Outside of utility uses, this may not seem like a particularly helpful skill, but it is key to a couple of techniques he developed.


Techniques & Skills


Ruyi Jingu Bang


A self-made fighting style that exclusively focuses on the Tortoise Shell Bamboo as a weapon to bludgeon opponents. This technique was developed as an alternative means to defend himself without resorting to his more lethal attacks. When compared to other weapon-based martial arts, Ruyi Jiugu Bang seems laughable amateurish. Important fundamentals taught in every martial art, such as good footwork and balance, is missing from this style. Vivian has never been professional trained in the art of combat and anyone familiar with martial arts will be able to tell.


However, despite his lack of any formal training, Vivian is still able to challenge skilled adversaries due to the unique property of his self-made style. With the Tortoise Shell Bamboo in hand, he is able to lengthen and shorten his staff as much as he pleases with his ability. Lengthening is done by growing the Bamboo to allow him to smack opponents without having to get near them. Shortening is done by decaying part of the Bamboo in order to prevent opponents from taking advantage of his lacking balance during his swings. When used together, this transforms his woefully amateurish strikes to that of a coiled snake. To the untrained eye, his attacks almost seem invisible due to how quickly he extends and retracts his staff after each strike.   




Mother Nature cares nothing for the creations of Man. Without proper maintenance or care, nature can bring about the destructive of even the mightiest of walls. Typically, such ruin takes time to develop, but Vivian can quickly accelerate that process in the fraction of the time. While technically any of his plants are capable of accomplishing this technique, the Japanese Knot-Weed is the one best suited for preforming it thanks to its powerful root system and ability to grow new sprouts from its roots. All is needed is a tiny crack where the seed can be placed and the destruction can begin. The cracks soon become fissures as the plant continues to grow within the structure and soon the plant itself becomes the only thing holding it together. Once that happens, he decomposes the plant into dust and the structure quickly falls apart in the absence of the plant.


How long it takes to destroy something depends on its size and what materiel it's composed of. Concrete and brick is quite susceptible to this technique. More resilient materials, such as steel, take more time and energy to brake down. Given enough time, he can reduce even large structures like houses to rubble, but accomplishing such a feat is both impractical and pointless. An soundly built, two-story house would take about half a day to completely destroy. This is assuming he manages to not faint from sheer exhaustion and can ignore all his bodily functions. The biggest thing he can destroy within a realistic time-frame is anything the size of a small car.  





Tactical Pouch Belt


Designed for police personal with the purpose of holding ammunition, the Tactical Pouch Belt makes for the perfect tool for housing his valuable seeds. As expected for something designed to outfit a police officer, it is quite durable and can take a good amount of punishment before sustaining damage. The belt has ten pockets; each one easy enough to access without trouble, but secure enough that none of his precious seeds could accidentally spill out. Seeds are organized by combat potential and how frequently it might be used in any given fight. In practice, this allows him to quickly pick out what he needs in the heat of battle without having to pause and check if he choose the right seed as anything that deviates his attention away from his foe is liable to leave him dead.


Front Pouches


Fraxinus Americana - “White Ash”


Strong, sturdy, and reliable. This hardwood tree is his main offense and defense in any given battle that requires him to respond with lethal force. Unlike the rest of his seeds, it has no unique features or quirks that make it shine when used in the right situation. In a sense, this makes it the most practical plant in his arsenal as it's simplicity makes it usable in countless situations.             


Phyllostachys edulis - “Tortoise Shell Bamboo”


A temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan. This tough member of the grass family is great for whacking foes into submission when binding them proves ineffectual.


Ulex Europaeus - “Common Gorse”


A evergreen shrub known for its extreme thorniness and bright, yellow flowers. In combat, its used to entangle aggressive opponents and discourage them from struggling. Although it's highly flammable, it is well adopted to fire and can easily regenerate from being burned. This makes it useful even against opponents who wield fire as their choice weapon.


Back Pouches


Fallopia japonica - “Japaneses Knot-weed”


Classified as an invasive species in several countries, this plant can damage structures such as concrete foundations, buildings, and roads with its powerful root system. While its usefulness in combat is mostly negligible, it's perfect for reducing man-made structures into rubble and breaking armor.


Rafflesia Arnoldii - “Corpse Flower”


Famous for being able to produce the largest flower in the world. Its nickname is derived from the putrid odor that emits from the flower. This plant is primarily used to intimidate opponents with its unusual appearance and horrific smell. It's also good at disorienting opponents with highly sensitive noses.


Hura Crepitans - “Sandbox Tree”


The deadliest and most destructive plant within his arsenal. Alternately known as the Dynamite Tree, this particular plant has been given this name due to the explosive noise it creates when launching its seeds. These seeds can travel at speeds reaching 240kph and are capable of piecing flesh with ease. When combined with his ability, it has the potential to cause some major damage.


Eucalyptus Globulus - “Blue Gum”


Capable of exploding when ignited, this tree is filled with highly flammable oils that can be set ablaze by the tiniest of sparks. He doesn't use it very often in combat due to how impractical and uncontrollable it is, but when used right it can bring down multiple opponents. Very useful against zombie hordes.


* * *


Fairy Slingshot (Single/ Spread Shot)


The iconic tool of juvenile delinquents; the Fairy Slingshot is the ideal weapon for engaging opponents from a distance. Although tossing seeds by hand works perfectly well in close-ranged situations, it quickly loses its efficiency once his opponent has distanced themselves. The increased distance is not the only advantage this simplistic weapon has to offer. It also greatly improves the power and speed of each seed.


There are two different slingshots on his person and both have been crafted by him personally. One is designed for shooting a single seed at a target. Appearance wise, it doesn't deviate much from how most slingshots look. It has a Y-shaped frame made from White Ash with two strings of latex surgical tubing attached to the uprights. The tubing is connected to a small, leather pouch designed to hold and launch one seed of his choice. This slingshot is amazing for both one-on-one and fights against multiple opponents.


The other slingshot in his arsenal is capable of launching many seeds at once. It sacrifices precision and speed for multiple projectiles and a wide spread attack. Instead of having a leather pouch to hold its ammunition, it uses the neck of a plastic bottle. Under normal circumstances, the way the seeds spread would be undesirable. The loose spread makes hitting anything impossible. However, when combined with his ability to rapidly grow plants, it becomes quite deadly. Typically, the Spread Shot is used to send seeds upward and bombard opponents with a downpour of trees. As powerful as the Spread Shot is, its uses are far more limited and impractical than its Single Shot counterpart. This is due to the increased resources needed to properly use it and the large amount of space needed to make it efficient. 

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Looking like a good start :)

The one thing I would mention is to be sure you work on the limits as well so that its all balanced.


Don't forget to put it in your profile - you can save it as you go and that way you don't have to fill it out twice :)

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