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November 2019 


Wintery conditions






Central Park. The bastion of twisted plants whose aura was of confusion and acceptance. That pretty much summed up a whole lot of beings. Lian was not too much one but was still working on the other. Nine years of traveling and watching change that was both abrupt and yet almost fated. Her kind understood the fates, the wheel turns and does not merit a plan in its path. A way better way of saying 'yea we are fucked so lets just work with it guys' But...she could still recall older memories and that is why what she 'accepted' was done in a oddly wary manner.




 She had not seen the city since the before. Before when she had ended up sailing off a rooftop to strike a stairwell and turn aiming the one last pistol with the one last bullet upwards towards a very pissed off were creature with an attitude problem. That seemed to be eons ago and yet it was not even a decade ago. Time moved swiftly once the changes had come. It had left so much almost scarred beyond repair. But in Lian's world, scars held a measure of character. They were the marks of survival at great cost. Their presence was an assurance that life went on.




She had chosen Central Park rather than a hotel or motel in the area, those places much like in other cities were not exactly going to guarantee a good nights rest. What had taken to staying within them usually was looking to strike up a tussle. Lian never minded a good tussle but there is merit in sleep as well. She had shifted and found succor in the broken and bracken roots of an old tree. Wolves are good like that really!




When the moon rose and swung in the weird sky above, she had stretched out and changed once more into the fluid petite creature adorned in faded denim and a warm jacket. A duffel was slung across her shoulder and a mop of pale hair dusted the gamin features with whispy strands from a breeze that carried a myriad of scents to her nose. What once would have been indicative of known things had also changed. The fabric of reality had been changed and that too changed those things one depended on. Everything in a sense was new. 




Well, she had arrived, slept and perhaps - not denying the wolf had found a  measure of meat now-eaten. Two things that are sorta important to sanity usually. Now she needed to see what this dark world offered. Her exit from Pennsylvania had been a great idea. The lesson you learn from working for two opposing factions was that in the end, they would always turn on you. Lian should have just killed them both however, the response would have been a target on her tail which she really did not need at this time.




She turned to the different directions as if choosing by those odd scents her planned path. There was nothing wrong with staying among the wood, but she needed to do some thing. Lian was a strangling in a stranger city. All the familiar was no longer what it once was, and that meant finding these things out a step at a time. It also meant achieving work and maybe connections. Wryly she also knew it meant finding a place to be- an apartment or base of a sorts. She had one had a very neat flat but it had been destroyed by a very unusual attack. She should have known that staying where a known rebellion housed itself was gonna be trouble. It had been a good place for a few weeks at least?



Ah, to the right, because the smells were a bit more familiar. And with that she pivoted on the heel of her boot and took up her pace towards a less thicket like area. There was bound to be a coffee shop somewhere right? Coffee survived everything.

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Head cocked to one side, then the other, a banker looking as if he was stretching after a long day at the office… gray suit sans jacket that was tossed in the crook of his elbow with a hint of lavender in his button up. Tie was kick ass, such a snark little way to have secrets in the face of big wig stuffs that looked over their glasses at him when he rifled their books. Little platinum tie tack had “fuck you” in script on the back of it. Couldn’t resist. Compliments on the diamond cut all the time, fingers stroking the thing as he accepted the compliment and smiled a shit-grin back at them.




There were some clients he liked, most not.  Do nothings or pencil pushers now trying to climb the ranks and become somebody in the new world of potential nobodies.  He was a nobody that was content to be a somebody that was seen as a suit…. anyways… Ear leaned toward his other shoulder once more as he got one more person closer in a line of death.  He could charm his way into a snake pit, but coffee shops?  Fuck that.  People were raging cluster-bitches about their coffee. Whoops, I got too close to you thinking I was going to cut you in line??  …wasn’t worth losing an eye over, and these days it was entirely possible. People could friggin’ make you explode from the inside on the streets now… he loved this place’s café mocha but he wasn’t about to get exploded for it.  Maybe.  It was really pretty good…


The yoga pants made the wait worthwhile, visible on the woman in front of the guy in front of him every time he “stretched” his neck.  Thank god for yoga pants, and thongs.  Thongsssss…. At least that’s what he thought she was wearing.  She might have been wearing nothing, but he wasn’t sure how women did that.  He could barely deal with boxers, made him feel all aware of dangly bits and weird… the kind of weird you got from climbing the ropes in gym class.


Ahhhhh… that was it.  Benwa baby.  Nothing like a late night epiphany after a day of staring at numbers and wondering how people in expensive toupees actually thought nobody knew it was a toupee. He needed a fucking beer, but alas, homework. The kind that stimulated his brain, but kept him from crashing at his harbor pad.  Cash flicked up and out of a wallet as the guy in front of him ordered and moved over to stand next to miss yoga pants.


Twenty stuffed in the tip jar, he passed off a ten for the café mocha and told them to keep the change.  Three drinks came out in succession, his in hand as he sipped from his pretentious adult sippy cup and went to say hello.


Cock blocked.  Douche canoed.




Apparently the guy in front of him had the same idea.


Ah well, he had shit to get done.  All nighter. Probably.

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It was never too hard for her to locate a coffee shop. This was no different. Lian cut across the street carefully and with a quick pace adjusting the duffel bag as she went. She spotted the line as she entered but that was okay, it gave her time to try and see above the fellow in front of her - see its the whole smaller then everyone- to check out the menu board. The fellow in front seemed to be a banker or one of the button down types, had a smell about him that clashed with the idea of office work but then again she probably looked a street waif with good choice in denim? 




Lian would never have noticed the ass in yoga pants but the fact she could practically smell pheromones in the air under the lavendery smells and someone with way too much after shave on, she leaned to see what caused the rise in male testosterone....ah a chick in her yoga attire. Pants made for two things. Working on the downward dog and enticing the downward dog. A smile danced across her features as she watched the males move and draw close to the female of the species....yea sometimes life is better than cable right?




[storm] I will have just house blend with creme, no sweetener please"[/storm] husky tones offered as she leaned to the now counter area open. A side glance and she had spotted which of the males won. Frankly, the first guy was a kinda odd bird. He looked like he had muscle but he smelled of bad cologne and bad eating habits. Who knows, maybe yoga can teach him something? She clicked the tongue against her teeth for the second fellow. She would call him Lavender because this close the smell overwhelmed her a moment. Not strength but its presence. Keen senses are a blessing and a curse....try to hold your breath past a pig farm mkay?




She slid those hazels back to the barista and grinned while digging out some cash for the drink and the tip jar. It had been more than a few days since she had enjoyed a decent cup so this was about to make her week. There was common sense in having it before trying to locate a place to flop. It probably meant dealing with apartment rental management and hunting streets she was mildly familiar with. Work would never be a problem, after all, change or not, there was a wealth of idiots who paid well not to get their paws and hands and claws and whatever else they had dirty.

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Spidey sense. He had it. In spades.


In passing on his way to the door and back to his rat race, the dumb chivalry thing tickled at his gut- making eye contact with Miss Yoga as he left. What glanced back at him was not a look of indifference....




….it was the look of someone that was concerned others around would hear the conversation, or see her discomfort. An inappropriate conversation? He was king of ninja naughty in public. This was different. She knew the guy, old bf maybe...? Spidey sense said danger Will Robinson… he paused, fiddling with his adult sippy cup, making absolutely no attempt to hide the fact he was listening.


*npc* …I told you to leave me alone, I’m going to call the cops again…


…she was trying really hard not to draw attention. Oh well. Two words he hated above all else. Call the cops again. Wait, four words… Again. He hated AGAIN when calling the cops was involved. One word? Fuuuuuck he was an accountant. Good with numbers on paper at least. He'd already decided what he was going to do before he saw the guy attempt to escort her to a more private place by her elbow. This just meant… His arm went around the guy’s shoulders, football buddy shit or something.


[boone]Let me give you a lesson in how not to be a douchebro.[/boone]


The man’s eyes flicked to him, unsure of what to do for a moment. Cock-blocked for his behavior and being touched by someone as his buddy? The accountant of doom could see the confusion in his expression, then anger he knew was coming, prompting the quick slap on the back of the guy’s head.


[boone]See, that was bad. You don’t get to be pissed that you’re getting called out by another dude for being an asshole.[/boone]


Worst thing ever, the man tried to grab her arm and escort her out; side-eyes of death the entire time.


[boone]You don’t get to do that.[/boone] he physically separated his hand from the woman’s arm, taking a drink of his coffee.


*npc*…just let it go…leave it alone…


It was her this time.


[boone]Um, sorry but no.[/boone] attention moved back to the guy. [boone]She asked you to leave her alone. Now I’m telling you…[/boone]


…lean back was quick. All righty. Bring a coffee cup to a fist fight. He leaned back again to avoid another fist, a dribble of coffee on his tie from his own sippy cup. Fuuuuuuuck. Coffee was suddenly splashed in the guy's face by Miss Yoga, Boone blinking at her. Well then. That was just going to piss him off, but bravo to her for finding a pair. His face scrunched down at his new shirt, plinked now with some fru fru pumpkin spice latte or some shit. He inwardly groaned, collateral damage... how in the fuck did he always seem to get caught up with collateral damage??? Well, this was better than getting shot at least.


Coffee cup was dropped, caught underneath with his other hand as he reached up suddenly, the smack of the guy’s fist into his hand bringing a wince across the onlookers. Douchebro had punched straight into a banker's metal palm. Until he wanted him to, the man wasn’t getting his hand back… couldn’t really let him go even if he wanted because his powers didn’t work like that. Colossus could move and shit, he wasn’t that lucky, but it did have its perks.


Miss Yoga tried to warn the knight that made his own shining armor…. the scalding coffee from the pot grabbed off the counter by Mr. Douchbro with his free hand now worn down the front of the accountant’s new tie, and shirt, and face.... Face scrunched down at the new tie, then the guy and his empty coffee pot, expression annoyed instead of screaming from scalding burns. He didn’t get burned.


…like those kind of perks.


[boone]Normally…[/boone] ….he started, aw fuck it. [boone]Irish[/boone]


It was said simply, fist back to flesh immediately as he popped the man’s face backward in a quick jab. No need to cheat. He heard him hit the floor, scuffling through a few chairs and tables as he did, coffee pot shattered on the floor, the accountant grabbing a stack of napkins from the counter to attempt to wipe off his tie. HIS. TIE. Pointless, sigh was heavy, wiping his face and taking a drink of the coffee that was still in his other hand, tossing the napkins in the trash and flicking a silver card case from his back pocket. All in one motion the top popped open, and a card was between his fingers, the case back to his pocket.


[boone]You see this?[/boone] he held it up so the guy on the floor could see, [boone]This is my number. You give her any more shit, and she can call me, and I will come give you shit. Why? Because I hate assholes like you, I’m not afraid of you, and the word AGAIN doesn't exist in my vocabulary. There are no agains here. You will not talk to her again, you will not think about her again, you will not come here again, and I will not have to kick your ass again.[/boone]


The woman snatched it from his fingers and took off without a word.


Seriously….? No "thank you"?


He grabbed the guy by the collar and pulled him up, dusted him off and pushed him toward the door. He was now gone too. But, the place was a mess, in evening study rush. Tossing his jacket on the counter, he finished his coffee and trashed the cup, motioning the barista to go get him an apron and a mop. They obviously knew him, the once perceived banker now righting chairs and tables, and pulling an apron over his head to keep from having to pay extra for coffee stains on his pants too. Glass was picked up first.


[boone]Hope I didn’t scare ya’ll too much. Anything anyone wants on the house for your trouble. I’ll be here all week,[/boone] he smirked to the room with a small two finger salute, [boone]Entertainment for all…[/boone] his last comment was mostly to himself.


Lost to the mopping, the room began to chatter back to normal. Room right as rain, he undid the knot in the back and handed it back to the busboy, helping him take care of the mop bucket. Now, his shirt and tie. Tie was pulled loose to get the sticky off his neck, he went to pick up his coat.


[boone]You… were paying entirely too much attention to the fact I was checking her out in line.[/boone]


He found the petite brunette’s proximity before shrugging on his suitcoat and determining it looked more pitiful than off. Covered in coffee, nothing would look normal anymore, neither would the fact that a banker type was so inherently keen on his entire surroundings.


[boone]But, try to be a nice guy… annnd… boom. Every. Damn. Time.[/boone]


Wink at Lian was quick as he accepted another coffee from the busboy in thanks, his ever kinetic life finally quiet a moment as he enjoyed it before an impromptu shopping trip.


[boone]You following me?[/boone] he asked with a quirked brow and absolutely no shame. He noticed people that noticed. [boone]If so, we need to chat. If not, that's cool too.[/boone]

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Nimble digits curled about her cup as the excitement stirred. It did not take keen ears to see, as she turned and moved enough to clear the area for the next caffeine addicted person to be granted succor to the next twitching needy coffee addict. The eyes in fact noted body language, and the first thing she thought : The downward dog lady has a penchant for victim. When you are a predator ( okay in her other form enough about being short) you recognize those things. The fellow who was not so well smelly was grabby. This of course brought an instant reaction from Mister Lavender. Now this was way better than pay per view for damned sure.




Lian was not a stranger to scraps. It was fun, it was exhilarating and if just, damn near orgazmic on a physical level. There was always that chance that you can lose. But even then its worth the tussle. This was to the first glance - impressive control on the part of Mister Lavender indeed- a single rescue of a lady in distress. But she knew the intricacies of female species behavior. Downward dog truly accepted the role of the prey. Otherwise she would have moved politely away from Grabby hands. 




Its a primal pecking order. Prey and predator. And in the blink of an eye it could shift and one could be on the other side of the coin. That was pretty much what happened...( maneuvers from splashing coffee ) Grabby became grabbed. Now this was interesting. Downward Dog was not very helpful. Yea she was not protesting Mister Lavender's welcome attention to rescue, but she was not aiding it either. Tsk...this is how one ends up being the sub darling.




Lian watched as the episode progressed, some of it entertaining and other bits giving some knowledge of each of the players. That was her thing- watching it all-seeing everything. The stretch of muscles, the budding fear in Grabby's eyes, the complacence of Downward Dog...and the deft amusement of the Lavender man. Because to show anger only deflects the point. She sipped the beverage and watched now leaning against the smooth counter. Behind her others mumbled and seemed to be upset. People...ya all are sheep really.




The sheep of course watched and jumped on the 'free coffee' because lets face it, at the end of it- they just wanted their stuff. The Lavender man straightening up as he had of course, made a mess, become a mess and entertained the masses with the dance of ego and strength. And Downward Dog like the pup she was left. Such a show for her first day out on the street! Maybe she should offer to buy him coffee!  Street players get coins right?




[storm] Nice guys are never the first finisher. Didn't your mother tell you that?" [/storm] She had accepted another refill and turned as Mister Lavender now was looking at her, so she looked back unabashed with a gamin grin. Lian was never gonna be accused of being shy. Tilting her head she studied him a moment as he mentioned her following him. Well and her notice of his attention. It was not like she could say *hey I smelled it babe* so she shrugged and glanced to the somewhat cleaned up area before swinging her gaze back to him. Throaty tones filled with amusement offered the only reply Lian Storm could give. [storm] Should I be..I mean following you? And frankly, it was kinda clear you were not leaning to check out the menu. I mean it was a girl and you are I presume male ?"[/storm] 




With another sip of her beverage which by the way was pretty damn good, [storm] Well I am never adverse to chatting"[/storm] Hey maybe she was lucky and he was a realtor and not some banker or businessman with a good right hook?

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What to do… pad was a mile or so out if he wanted to change at home, he didn’t feel like catching a cab and freezing his ass off with a coffee covered shirt.  Normally, he was covered in such a concoction of everything bloody, disgusting, dirty and sometimes slightly sexy and he didn’t give a flying flip. But, he was also in the middle of BFE while it was happening or in the sanctuary of his warehouse.  In public?  While in a suit?  During his day job??  It was annoying as hell.  Fingers plucked the still coffee wet cotton from his chest, a few napkins trying to dab the rest of it off in the self sequestered corner of the world he’d put himself in.  Partially to let the rest of the shop go back to normal, partially to decide what to do.


Place around the corner had his sizes on file. Sure, he wore whatever… but… day job.  Day job required perfection.  Day job also required constantly keeping one step ahead of everyone else. Night job… night job was the one that needed complete control. Night job got him killed, therefore he had to… 


" Nice guys are never the first finisher. Didn't your mother tell you that?" "


Lips curled into the slight smirk that always left the world wondering what chick he’d just shagged… or who he’d just fucked over.


[boone]My ma always told me if I didn’t like where I finished, drink a beer.[/boone]


Hey, it wasn’t a lie. Tie clip was slid off and slipped into his back pocket, tie whisked with a gentle snap from around his neck.


" Should I be..I mean following you? And frankly, it was kinda clear you were not leaning to check out the menu. I mean it was a girl and you are I presume male ?""


[boone]Hell, I’d be following me… I’m one sexy coffee coated biotch.  Last time I checked I had all the factory guaranteed parts too and all the fun perks.[/boone]


The perpetual lack of ability to take anything seriously lingered even after what had just transpired, in reality it continued to be a very serious game. It was always serious, despite him being very, very good at keeping it otherwise.  He was vetting her... unfortunately that usually ended in something that involved weapons or fists when his electric invisible fence was tripped.  It could also be nothing... not usually though.


"☪ Well I am never adverse to chatting""


Well then, that didn’t answer shit.


[boone]Well then, that didn’t answer shit.[/boone]  echoed from his thoughts.


Again the impish grin as he pulled a chair and sat, arm draped over the chair next to him.  Ankles crossed as he plucked the first two buttons of his dress shirt open and picked up his coffee again, he was all ears.  The smuggler could bear a few more moments of sticky discomfort in order to decide whether or not he would have to kill someone today.


Always a joy.

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Lian shook her head to allow the first instinctual thoughts to wander off. All the working parts! Really...ego much? But then again they do say honesty is the best policy and its more amusing to have an ego then to just tell some poor woman that its truly underated so that she knows its only going to last about thirty seconds. Looking back ya gotta admire honesty right?



[storm] Listen, I am pretty sure you have your bits in all the right places but...."[/storm] okay she looked..c'mon how do you not look? Its almost a given. Those hazel eyes swept up to where he was unabashedly grinning before he dropped into a chair and without much ado- Lian dropped down into the other balancing her coffee expertly before turning to look at this coffee coated biotch.



The fact was, whether it was the outfit or his obvious lack of human touch - well it was obvious to her-he might just know of the area and damned if that did not offer an opportunity to make a new friend- or an enemy- or even a referral to where a girl like her might find a place to flop. It was not her best skill hunting city flats. Give her the forest or some camp and she was damned on it. Give her skyscrapers and steel buildings and things got tricky. Who wants neighbors who are gonna bitch about sound or things that might make more noise than just some up turned music?



[storm] Aight, I promise I am not tailin ya, and yea you have a certain charm all covered in java and sugar...but I was noticin your clothes and the way you fit here ...thought maybe you might help a girl out"[/storm]



Those hazels caught his own and it was pretty clear she was not lying. Really, if she was tailing him the last thing she would do was chat him up. Her methods were different sometimes, and every job was usually taken after checking out the targets. She was not presently under contract to do anything but arrive. The fact that the mysterious letter had not given her much to go on- and definitely not given her any idea of where might be a decent spot to flop was a disappointment. Of course the letter had been a prior to the sky ripping itself open. That in itself made it almost a funny sort of trail to follow.



But..she had not found it till after. Till she had righteously pissed off half of Philly, and curiousity was her downfall most of the time. Realizing her manners lacked...she offered a rueful shrug before also offering her hand [storm] Lian. Nice to make your aquaintence ...uhmm Mister Coffee?"[/storm]

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" Listen, I am pretty sure you have your bits in all the right places but....""


Smirk was smug at himself as her eyes flicked, resisting the urge to be a complete ass. He wasn’t a complete ass… most of the time.  He was always smug, unless…  well a zombie whacked the smug right off his face.  Then he just got pissy and violent.  That was happening a lot lately, smug, pissy and violent? Violent.. smug and pissy?  Hm.. he would have to check that, maybe he needed a vacation.


" Aight, I promise I am not tailin ya, and yea you have a certain charm all covered in java and sugar...but I was noticin your clothes and the way you fit here ...thought maybe you might help a girl out""


It was a laugh, a true laugh as he fiddled with the sacrificed tie.  Agendas.  Everyone had agendas. Beating up on ex-girlfriends, ignoring his advice and most likely jumping right back in bed with an asshole before the bruises were even healed. Noticing his clothes and not his ass… being brash enough to ask a total stranger crazy ass shit.  Fingers tapped on the coffee cup as he settled back and watched her a moment, one ankle sliding over his other knee.


[boone]Armani. I had to get it tailored because apparently men before the Reso didn’t have the guns I have.  Surprised I could even find a tailor anymore.  Or, are we talking about the assumptions that flail around someone wearing Armani. If that’s the case you’re absolutely correct. I’m rich as hell. Is that the help we’re talking about?[/boone]


He took a drink of his coffee, truly intrigued at ballsy.  Truly not filtered to be just as ballsy.  It wasn't arrogant if it was true.Okay... maybe a bit.


" Lian. Nice to make your aquaintence ...uhmm Mister Coffee?""


He didn’t hesitate, hand out to shake hers.


[boone]Filling things up like a machine?  Wow, never been so.... correctly pegged.  Paddy, or Boone.[/boone]


The brow cocked as he settled back in, the universal language of his amusement.  She amused him where so few people did. Usually they were just idiot assholes that he rolled his eyes at behind their backs. Stuffy. Repressed. Rich. Assholes that thought they were bringing the world back together.


[boone]From Detroit. Thought I would come to New York for some adventure.[/boone]


Lick of sarcasm, lick of truth. Detroit no longer existed as far as he knew.


[boone]Nothing more adventurous than wearing an overpriced monkey suit and getting covered in coffee.[/boone]  He watched her a moment, tone oddly serious.  He never fucked around when people asked him for help.  It was ignoring a plead for help that... erm. Nevermind.  [boone]What you need help with Lian.[/boone]


He was a straight shooter.  Hell, this could possibly be a deal. Or a Pharos sting. Deals usually didn’t contact him public, and Pharos would bring him in to berate and demote his ass. This might actually be the real thing, someone that actually just wanted honest to god help. How weird was that?

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[storm] Boone it is, Paddy sounds like a hamburger [/storm] She offered that waif-like smile as she turned in her chair. Lian never really considered strangers- strangers. Her gut told her the guy was not just a guy, but he did not read as the usual riff raff. She highly doubted he was gonna toss her, or cause some sort of dire need for her to remove his body parts. Plus she just played hero for a set of tits and yoga pants. So that was a plus – he was not entirely insane. Considering how things had been since the rift above, she would bank on that particular thing.




Lian had pretty much sized him up (well he was striding about and kicking ass) while he had been playing the hero, that had helped her make up her mind about just asking. [storm] Help is an understatement. So I work well when there is work which kinda means I need a place. You look like you might know the area and might be able to point me in the right direction. Sleeping in the park is okay but sooner or later I am gonna end up with a dog catcher’s temper[/storm] That was true. Before all the craziness occurred, she had been shifted and sleeping quite happily under neath a bridge in NYC when said animal control appeared all happy. Let's just say you don’t ever want to deal with those assholes if you can avoid it. THEY MAKE YOU GET SHOTS.




Lian offered a candid hazel glance to her company and shrugged. [storm] I am a bit outa water fish or not and would really like some help. I mean if you don’t know anything about the rentals that is fine. I figure you offered me a great bit of entertainment and coffee-that pretty much puts you on the good side for me.[/storm]

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" Boone it is, Paddy sounds like a hamburger "


Brows rose a bit… he’d been called a lot of things, special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun was not one of them.


[boone]It’s an Irish thing I suppose.[/boone]


Lopsided smirk pursed at her, he would hear her out at least. She was honest and up front when so few people weren’t.  Honest…maybe not, after all he was the king of alter egos.  He did steal things from work occasionally… okay, steal was a harsh word. Non disclosed payment for services rendered?  They wouldn’t miss things he found that they never knew about in the first place.


" Help is an understatement. So I work well when there is work which kinda means I need a place. You look like you might know the area and might be able to point me in the right direction. Sleeping in the park is okay but sooner or later I am gonna end up with a dog catcher’s temper"


Brow quirked this time… well that was a mighty interesting thing to say.  Certain types of people slept in the park… it seemed to be a hotbed of the unusual, and whoah- he could hit up context clues.  He had after all been edumacated real goods at MIT.  It was the latter that caught his attention the most. Couriouser.


" I am a bit outa water fish or not and would really like some help. I mean if you dont know anything about the rentals that is fine. I figure you offered me a great bit of entertainment and coffee-that pretty much puts you on the good side for me."


He chuckled. Sometimes the world really amused him. Aw hell, most of the time the world amused him.  Moreso that he could pass himself off as a white collar gentleman… that liked to punch shit.  He was always flirting between every facet of his many worlds, none of which were exceptionally loyal to anyone but himself.  His other world seemed so much more fun sometimes, even Batman had an alter ego.


[boone]I’m here to entertain.[/boone]


The meta was quiet for a moment, watching the window before his attention settled back on her.


[boone]I may know a place.[/boone]


Understatement of the year.  UNDER.  STATEMENT.


[boone]But, that’s a pretty broad request.  Flat?  Flop?  Penthouse?  Apartment?[/boone]


It would give him a chance to fetch a new tie and shirt before he headed back to the quagmire of bureaucracy to finish his project.  Then he could retreat to the harbor, ditch the monkey suit and blow shit up, all warm and fuzzy that he'd done a good deed for the day.

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Well the fact was, she could smell like a mile away. This may look like a suit but the frame that she could spot during the coffee shower told her he was not some office prick. We all do things that might not be who we really are. Lian had been many things for the right reasons, work was an adventure she thrived on, but to do it often meant having a cover. Then again the cover never lasted too long because the end result usually meant someone was gonna bleed. They always underestimated her. Little thing with nothing scary about her---yea still pools run deep and have monsters. She could be that monster.




[storm] Well…I need a sorta flat maybe. Fact is I work odd hours and I really do not want nosy neighbors who are gonna get all freaked about things[/storm] Or get too jumpy when sounds indicated things they could only imagine. Lian rarely brought work home but sometimes, you don’t have a choice. [storm] I mean lets face it, you are kind of easy to look at, you smell good and you have a good sense of humor. That makes you clearly the most intelligent creature in the place Boone[/storm]




Lian never was big on facades. Working and covering the truths was a paying method of excitement, but meeting people, you should just be you. In this world, there was really no need to pretend that creatures and humans could not spot one another, the once secrets that divided the supernatural from the norm had been dumped in the dink and now it was a methodology of different secrets. It was not always about hiding what you were, now it was different. Power shifts were heavier, end games far more fatal. Now it was about hiding what you were after. Frankly if asked she usually told, because whether someone knew she was coming or not-they never really expected what they got.




[storm] And money is not an issue, I save well and make a decent way all by my lonesome[/storm] she was a saver in fact. The thing was she never spent much on things that were superfluous. There were needs and then sometimes impulses. The biggest impulse was usually weapons or boots. Other than that, her money was safe. Unlike some females, shopping was never her addiction. Trouble however…..well….yea that was one.

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" Well…I need a sorta flat maybe. Fact is I work odd hours and I really do not want nosy neighbors who are gonna get all freaked about things"


Hm. That could mean a lottttttt of things in this day and age.


" I mean lets face it, you are kind of easy to look at, you smell good and you have a good sense of humor. That makes you clearly the most intelligent creature in the place Boone"


He needed a haircut, was covered in coffee and was a sarcastic ass.  Either she was somebody he could see himself getting to know, or she really needed a place to be.  Of course she could also be feeding him a line in order to rob him blind later. If that was the case this was a really long set-up…. and the conclusion wouldn’t most likely be something she would enjoy.


Brow arched slightly as he took another drink and surveyed the room.  He was still listening.


" And money is not an issue, I save well and make a decent way all by my lonesome"


Money was always an issue, his issue that was.  He rarely did anything that didn’t turn a profit. Hell, he found a way to make a profit off of anything…. this didn’t feel like profit, this was definitely a butter up.  Question was, could she do anything for him in return?  He could make money any day, was there anything about her that he could benefit from?


Not sure.


[boone]So what’s in it for me?[/boone]  The curt Grinch-like smirk of his lip was wry, [boone]Money isn’t an issue either.  I won’t lose money, but I can get money anywhere.  What other talents do you have?[/boone]


He knew he was probably either going to get slapped- everybody always accused him of his mind going there, it’s why nobody took him seriously until they saw he could back up his smartassery…. OR he was going to a subject some didn’t like to discuss in public. People now were survivors.  She might be useful.


[boone]I can find you a flop with those specifications, if there are other benefits that’d be great.[/boone]

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Those hazels watched him as she lifted the cup to sip. She could smell the smoke moving along throughts and figured he was trying to decide whether to help or not. When he asked what his benefit was, she sat the cup down and leaned a lil closer lifting that same warmed hand to turn his head so she could whisper in his ear. Of cour, e it looked all sappy and shit but frankly Lian was not about to sky write her skills….damn that would take too much weird ass sky. Breath danced over the husky words as she offered them.




[storm]Mister Boone, I do many things. I find things, I lose things and sometimes…just sometimes …..I end them[/storm]




Lian leaned back and released his cheek ( which was kinda scratchy in that light five o clock shadowy thing that makes your fingers tingle) and primly placed her hand atop the other. [storm] So Boone, I think if you let me know what you need I might be able to fill it. If you were thinking along the lines of wrestling…well..[/storm] Okay so it’s entirely plausible some really nice coffee smelling guy wanted to toss the sheets, break some furniture scratch and claw their way through some passionate moments. Though she was in doubt that was his pickup line- one never knew.




Lian had no qualms with a barter if you will. If he knew where she could flop or at least call haven for a bit, it was worth it. Anyway watching him manuever the yoga pants situation already told her he was no more human than she was, that too played into this little scene. What indeed would he want for a little honest help. With a dark glimmer of humor she laughed before reaching for her coffee [storm] However, I do not nor ever will own yoga pants[/storm]

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If she hadn’t been a completely stranger he might have started another brawl, squelching the urge of his upper lip to sheer off teeth that were on edge.  Chin squared slightly.  Oddly enough, he didn’t like being touched.  He liked punching… and killing things, and fucking.  He did like that.  It was always in his court though, on his terms, initiated and followed through… this was out of his wheelhouse.  He didn’t like shit out of his wheelhouse.


" Mister Boone, I do many things. I find things, I lose things and sometimesjust sometimes ..I end them"


Lashes lowered slightly, looking down his nose at her a moment.  One of those. Interesting.


[boone]I’m also a purveyor of ending things.[/boone]


Exceptionally quiet.  Cat out of the bag, stop the presses… the suit, was a brute said the Cat in the Hat, and a vicious one at that.  Dangerously vicious…  about to let her know when she leaned back.  Expression hadn’t changed, the completely smartass expression he always wore exchanged for something much more cold.


" So Boone, I think if you let me know what you need I might be able to fill it. If you were thinking along the lines of wrestlingwell.."


Expression barely changed, lips pursing again as he sucked on a tooth, fingertips tapping the table as he watched them.


" However, I do not nor ever will own yoga pants"


Eyes were still on his fingertips as they tapped, then reached into his inner coat pocket and pulled out a slim silver case, flipping it open with one hand and sliding out a card with his thumb.  A ridiculously corporate pen following suit before the case disappeared back into his suitcoat.


[boone]Shame… they separate the women from the… other women.[/boone]


Lip quirked.  Damn straight they did.  He’d leaned forward, writing quietly on the back of the dumb thing that every businessman was required to have, his pertinent information for his office on the front, and an address written on the back.


Pen disappeared, card offered to her between his pointer and middle finger like a cigarette.


[boone]Meet me there at midnight… just, ‘cause midnight sounds more badass than in the morning.  I have a job for you.  You pass, you get the place.[/boone]


Ball was in her court.

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Now there it was the beast beneath the suit. Lian did not look from his own eyes for that dollop of humor that swirled was the only surface. Lian was a beast, small and usually underestimated, but a beast nonetheless. What others shirked she thrived upon and courted as surely as any lover. Boone spoke about his own predilection for endings and a very female smile tugged those lips before an inclination of that head came. Beast understands the beast. Killers always know one another. She was well aware most would never consider her in that category because it was not rage that brought the violence, it was a strange love of the game, the adrenaline, the challenge. Nothing more.





The longest relationship that the shifter owned too even in business was Ollie. Boone was a bit like him in the looks department. Ollie had been dispatched to kill her, and she had been dispatched to kill him. They had alternately attempted to end one another as well as screw each other to death. It had been interesting till Ollie took a bullet that had her name on it from a whacked out agent with far too much alcohol in his head. Lian had skinned him…alive. [storm] Boone, I highly doubt you need yoga pants to separate anything[/storm] a hint of humor as she watched him withdraw the card. She had considered getting cards but she tossed phones constantly so that might have been a bad idea. And anyway yoga pants were just another body language translation for my baby needs a new step daddy.





Lian reached for the card and arched a brow. Midnight, the witching hour, that time when the division of the night truly had stark differences. What happened before was tepid compared to what occurred later. [storm] Midnight is one of my favorite times Boone, I will most assuredly meet you when the clock strikes twelve[/storm] The idea of anything mysterious and possibly a little dark had her feeling that tingle along her spine that was damn near foreplay for the petite creature. Definitely far better than growling in the park.

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Her head inclined at his very brazen, yet under his breath, quip. 


It bothered him… not sure why.


Through all the crazy, wild, fear to the wind bullshit he pulled… partially because he didn’t give two fucks one way or the other the outcome, there was a deep seated highway to hell. Self-destructive, “devil may care because I sure as hell won’t” aura that settled around him.  Hell, he didn’t give a shit whether anyone in this place had a roof over their heads, but he also wasn’t a dick about it. He may not have cared, but it didn’t mean he wouldn’t care enough to make sure they did.


People now were supposed to care more than he did.


His head didn’t incline back in response.   There was nothing about him to understand except, he didn’t care.  If  he blew his ass up tomorrow, he didn’t care.  Got in a wreck, didn’t care. One of his old clients got the drop on him? Well… that would piss him off a bit, he couldn’t deny that Altheia’s impeccable timing hadn’t made him smirk just a bit just a few months back.


" Boone, I highly doubt you need yoga pants to separate anything"


Brow quirked as the Cheshire Cat grin that came along with it held more secrets than a confessional.


 [boone]Does make it a lot more interesting..[/boone] he quipped with the snap of a card.


 " Midnight is one of my favorite times Boone, I will most assuredly meet you when the clock strikes twelve"


[boone]Great,[/boone] brows flicked up in a surly smirk as he got up and tossed his cup, smoothing his suitcoat.  He was not at all interested in going back to work at the moment, but he needed to at least go grab his crap and close up shop.


[boone]Don’t stand me up, I might take it personal.[/boone]


The wink was slight, a two finger salute at the crew behind the counter as he made his way off into the concrete jungle again.  Would just have to see… would just have to see….

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