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Hello there!


I'm pretty new here, and haven't started rping yet. I'm looking for someone who is patient and not a grammar nazi to roleplay with!! Pretty much anyone would do, but I'll tell you a bit about my character (because the profile is huge) and how I want do develop her and something about me. Here it goes:


About Pandora:

She is an AH/EH, 25 y/o from Brazil. Pandora was born with some psychic ability, being able to feel others' energy, but she didn't knew how it worked, how to controlled it, or even what it was. She was diagnosed with Social Phobia, and forced to act "normal" around other people. It was her brother, Thor, that helped her to understand her abilities. 


By the time the first resonance came, she was living a happy life. Well, until the resonance. It amplified her abilities at the level she couldn't even stay in her house without feeling energies from all the neighbors. It was unbearable! So she was taken to a private island where she lived for the next few years, all by herself and the weekly visits from her mother.


And then, the second resonance came. Pandora woke up in Rio, with new abilities. And then, being able to feel emotions instead of raw energy, and in a much more controllable way, she was determined to learn how to use it. 

Very soon, she found out that right after she was sent to the island, her brother went to New York looking for a way to help her. 

Even though she doesn't know how to control her abilities very well, Pandora went to NYC to find her brother and learn how to use her abilities. 



About me:

I'm 25 y/o, and I started RPing more than 10 years ago. It was a strange eRP that I didn't knew it would end that way... It was... weird, to say the least.
But anyway, soon after that I joined a forum with proper plots and evolved from there. Oh, very important detail: I'm from Brazil, and English is not my first language. Here in Brazil there are only forums for teens, usually with two kinds of plots: anime related or medieval. And another thing: for every thread there is a Game Master, who will dictate the flow of the story.
So, even I started years ago, you can say I'm pretty new to this kind of RP, but I'm eager to learn!! 
And yes, I like to write a lot.
What I'm looking for:
Anything! Yeah, you read it right! I'm pretty much up to anything!
IC, Pandora wants to find her brother and find someone to teach her about the abilities. 
OCC, I just want to RP. I can even help making a nice plot!! If I could find someone to teach or to train Pandora's abilities, it would be fantastic!! 
I'm not expecting to find Thor anytime soon, but if there is someone willing to play him, I would be very happy!!
Anyway, that's pretty much it. Anyone wanting to RP with me, just rise your hand! Hahaha :)

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Welcome to our corner of chaos!

So glad to have you on board.


I am currently full on threads but I am sure there are others ready to start threads with you. Also there is currently the blood moon event which has a few open threads you are welcome to join in. Just click the blood moon banner at the top of the forum to read about it and see the open thread links.



Again, welcome to Resonance!

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This excites me so much!!!


My character's name is Dika, and he is so similar to you! Mage with the ability to perceive magic/energy/spirits. He is also from South America, Venezuela to be specific, but with a love and a passion for Rio! Came to New York on the whim of a group that helped him control his abilities and get set up for a good life post-event. I think the two have a TON in common and would be a great match for each other!


OOC I have been wanting to develop South America for the site a bit more and would love your help seeing as how you are a carioca in real life! PM me! :)

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Wow! That's great news!! Exactly what my character needs!


I'm sending you a PM so we can talk about it :D

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