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Hello all!


I have a character that I'd definitely like to get into threads that can fill a variety of roles depending on time period. Going to go more recent with the suggestions here for the sake of space and time, but I am also definitely up for threads farther in the past as well. Was a Silver Wing for a year before they merged and in Ireland for years before that.


ARMA, Government, and other members of factions that worked with Shield or were simply familiar with the Dragon War in Ireland would have known that Gavin and his wife worked as an elite team for years and years... but Gavin was forever and always playing second fiddle. In late November 2018 his partner disappeared, and it has been no secret since then that Gavin has floundered more often than not without her and those particularly mean would say with 100% certainty that the wrong person was taken out that cold November night.


2017-Late November 2018: Want to thread with one of those bleeding heart ARMA guys? I got you. Gavin was part of a Shield outfit that was frequently called in whole or in part to support Knight operations within the city.


I imagine he'd have a lot of contact with ARMA/Police affiliated people in the city during this time period. At this point he would be a lot more accepting than most when it came to different races/species and lacked at least an overt sort of arrogance. He was the type of guy who considered it his moral duty to innocents in need regardless of when or where, and left anything else out of it. The type of person who would take in random people off the street to prevent them from sleeping in a gutter without a second thought and is kept around Knight Division a good bit because he's great at helping to create situations where nobody has to die using that good old diplomacy.


He wouldn't be a fan of open Order of the First Light, Outlaws, or Vanguard members but not to the point where he couldn't have a thread with them. He'd be pretty openly ARMA, but he also has zero experience as law enforcement and isn't the type to call the Crime Hotline every time someone dirty looking walks by or asks a question and certainly would not be hostile towards even someone he knew was from one of those factions unless they were causing trouble or he knew they had committed murder/other serious violent crime in the past and believed they were a clear and present danger.


December 2018 onward: If you want an ARMA antagonist for your character for nearly whatever reason, I can probably work it in. His hatred of his previously disliked factions has intensified, and pragmatism has taken over Gavin's previous humanity by a large margin. If you're not with him, you're a potential enemy and treated as such -- especially if you are not human.


To people he knew before he would have gotten very noticeably less sociable and compassionate, but to people he didn't know before it is suffice to say that unless you are from an allied faction or a Dragon War veteran Gavin would seem pretty hostile most of the time. He still does his job and protects the region and New York City in particular, but he lost the enthusiasm and idealism that used to come with it. But yeah, highly abrasive ARMA member for people to easily butt heads with for the present time.


Blood Moon Addendum: If there are still people looking for threads for the Blood Moon event, I'd be 100% down for it. The early part of the night I'd imagine he'd be part of a reinforcement of Knight Division without most of his squad because it wasn't assumed to be as massive. By around 1700-1730 I'd imagine he'd be completely separated from most other people in the chaos and can run into damn near anybody at that point. This would've been before he turned into a total jerk, so he'd probably just be pretty rattled and looking for ways to jump back into the fray to save people from that whole apocalyptic scenario.



The above isn't everything I'm down for, but I figured I'd at least provide some sort of launching point. I'll edit or post again with specific plots/ideas as they come up, but for now I'm just itching to get started and find my character's voice here.

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So glad to have you on board!!


For the Blood Moon - feel free to actually drop him into one of the top three threads on this page:


those are all open and were meant for "crowds" of peeps!


I am working on the software upgrade for the site for the next week or so but after that I will need to see what I have open to drag...errrr... entice you into :P

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I'm always open to new threads, read my profile, hit me up with any ideas! :)

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Alright, I’m gonna throw some stuff out there and if any of this catches your fancy or ignites any ideas that’s great.


Gavin is a lot of things, but an academic is not one of them. In fact, if anything, he’s been pretty resistant to learning. How he would respond to Mr. Ofeo’s personality quirks would very much depend on how and when they met. Generally speaking, Gavin likes directness. He likes when people are critical, but only about certain things. Physical things don’t really phase him and might actually make him like a person more, while emotional things would cause him to shut down and get defensive as a general rule nearer to the present.


If he studied the Dragon War at all, Gavin would actually be a really solid source. His wife is/was a gosh darn Irish national hero for all intents and purposes for her actions during said conflict, and if the timing was before November 2019 it is far more likely that he would have interacted with Gavin only to talk to her in regards to that. It’s likely that Mr. Ofeo would get along better with her, as well. She wouldn’t be as resistant to learning and knowledge, and instead was very much the opposite and would’ve loved to learn a bunch of new things.


I don’t know how common artifacts or otherwise magical items are or if Gavin would have ever encountered anything like that, but he sure as shit would not be holding onto any of it. I could absolutely see him completely abandoning one because he has this weird mindset of being very reluctant to enhance his power at all using means that he considers unethical or ‘cheating’. Artifacts and magic items that would enhance anyone’s power by any way he would perceive as a threat – or just an unknown magic would be seen as a danger to society more than anything and I could totally see him throwing stuff like that in the sea or exploding a nice mine shaft to bury it. Or, if his impression of Pharos was that they’d just lock it away somewhere so no idiot could dig it up and blow stuff up with it, give it to them. I don’t imagine his knowledge of Pharos would be extensive at all and he probably would’ve had no idea they even existed before he joined in with ARMA. By then, Pharos would have been written off as eggheads he would rarely if ever deal with and he would not have learned more unless ARMA forced him to. Death by powerpoint is an awful way to go.


I don’t know how often ARMA and Pharos works together, but especially in huge supernatural events like the Blood Moon and its aftermath I would imagine they would kind of have to. I can’t imagine law and order would have returned to the city afterwards very quickly, and research would need to be done before all the physical evidence was destroyed one way or another. Gavin’s a combat driver and vehicle mechanic, so those are skills that would make it believable for him to be assigned to maybe guard some researchers as they did their thing during that period.


I also see that Mr. Ofeo was picked up by ARMA at some point, seemingly off the street. Depending on when that was, Gavin and his wife could’ve definitely been involved in that bit. Their house in New York would’ve been used to house ARMA members rotating in and random people off the street more often than not. Guy would’ve had more traditional Irish food than he could eat shoved in his face before leaving, I tell you. If they were to meet at that point, Gavin would be a lot more open I feel like and they could’ve gotten along pretty well. Post-Pharos, though, and Gavin would associate Mr. Ofeo as ‘one of those uppity eggheads’ and be much more inclined to be standoffish I feel like. Gavin would definitely consider himself 'superior' to any scientist if met on work grounds, and the ego and feeling of superiority would definitely show in that sort of scenario. The effects of research aren't as immediately apparent, so it must be worth less than the more physical work Gavin does. Y'know, grunt stuff.

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Interesting. I have a few ideas, I've PM'd you.

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