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November 30th


Harbor Warehouse District


He sat on his Triumph, one foot on the ground, the other cocked up on its peg.  Drinking a beer. A beer!  Not like he would ever get arrested for it.  Maybe he would, maybe not.  That would suck.  With all the crap running amok through New York would they really?  They hadn't yet.  Worn brown leather jacket was pulled around him a bit more. Believe it or not, the chill from the water did bother him sometimes.  It was a helluva lot different than the water rolling off old school Lake St. Clare or the Detroit River. Windsor was on the other side, land, and even in the winter it stayed somewhat warm although windy as hell.  The Atlantic ocean was another beastie.  Salt.  Cold.


He pulled his mind away from the dark, scanning the snarls of chain link fences and dirty cracked driveways and access roads between the mass of warehouses that he knew were either empty or discretely full of all sorts of fun things.


Maybe she would show.  Maybe not.  The suit had been checked in for his rough and tumble, armed self.  If she didn't, ah well. Sleep, a long winter's nap, and visions of yoga butts dancing in his head.


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Lian reached to tug the wayward tendrils into a leather wrap, in her line of work hair no matter the length could be a liability sometimes. She had memorized the location and destroyed the card because she was never one to leave anything in her wake. The personable creature that most saw was merely a shard of the truth, she was more often than not less than social. However one must do what one must do to survive. Though the yoga struggle had been wholly amusing. Things that impressed her – amusement, honesty and well lets face it the sheer absurdity of yoga pants in the world gone mad. …



She had arrived earlier and sat within shadows against the warehouse external wall cross legged upon a dumpster. Large haze eyes had spotted the little sporty car with its occupant and merely waited for the proof of solitary arrival, Attired in dark wear, a old leather jacket her buffer against the sea’s icy breath, and at ease there amid the dirgish world of dark, she finally decided to slip off and make her way towards the automobile. The faint smell of hops told her the chosen libations and she grinned. Guys. Predictable. Also admirable that beer remained itself. Lian lifted a hand to offer a simple signal to identify her own approach, courtesy really. Well he was prompt. She however had arrived in her usual fashion, checking out the area. When you have ducked enough things aimed at you-you learn the wisdom of knowing the lay of the land.



A svelte shadow of smaller stature paused distinctly ten feet from Boone. Well she had given her word to appear. She never broke her word, not even when betrayed. A persons word was at the end of the days all they had as a mark of their character. You don’t get far in this business If you are a questionable make. Lian knew that anyone worth their salt never accepts face value- she herself was a fairly good judge of people and she pegged Boone as one of those. Her own racial traits were doggedly handy in small ways. Smells, sounds even the very movement of air gave small indications to her sensory receptors much keener then if she had been just a human. Human- that was such a multi layered word now that everything had changed. She recalled when her kind had hidden in shadows, how their existence was but a rumor. Now the world had far worse out there. Far more obvious and far more deadly at times. Husky tones broke the weighty air between them.



“Evening Boone”

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“Evening Boone”


He was just human after all, sort of.  His senses were good, keener than most, but sometimes just so damn lackadaisical it made him wonder why he was still alive.  Brute stupidity?  Naw. He really was a clever bugger.  This time, nah.  He’d seen her because he knew where to look.  He owned everything in the area even though it screamed forgotten and desolate mess.  He wanted it that way.


“Found a dead hooker in that dumpster a month or so ago,” he was a lot more alert than people pegged him for out of the monkey suit.


He tossed her the other bottle and stood up from his bike, other hand stuffed in his pocket as he

finished his and twirled the bottle in his palm before dropping it into a leather side saddle bag next to the seat.


“Had nothing to do with that by the way.”


Eyes watched the buildings a moment, an old over-the-door light squeaking quietly. He slicked around well in the corporate world, but this dress down suited him just as well, as did the grease still under his nails he hadn’t bothered to scrub off from an hour ago.


“I need somebody to house-sit.”


Getting’ right down to it.


“Someone that can shoot a bastard in the face for merely setting foot in the place, who I don’t have to worry about ending up dead.  Can get rid of a body.  No questions. No answers. Decorating potential.  Pay is negotiable.”


It was ludicrous sounding, but for a rare moment in his life he was absolutely serious.


“Still interested?  The last tenant was not the dead hooker, in case you were wondering....”

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Lian gave an almost absent shrug to the information about a dead hooker. Neither truly care either way whether he had or had not. When she had to be social awkward as it was she could be. When they met she had been social. Lian spent most of her time with people of few words and less drama usually so the blunt askance was appreciated. A small hand deftly caught the bottle and she studied him a moment as she continued to listen to this proposition.



Not having to deal with idiots other than to end them did not bother her much. It was after all part and parcel of how she lived. Someone always had to remove the trash, she got paid and the trash disappeared. That was usually how it always went. Very few times save perhaps twice had the removal had to be public and clean. Those had been anomalies and though worth it just for the sheer challenge, they were not the norm.  “Well, I am not a huge decorator, but the rest is pretty doable. Unless you feel the unusual urge to explain any of the aforementioned stuff, I really don’t need to know.”



The wolf was used to working on little information. The fact was, in her line of work the less you know the less to clean up should something go awry. Thankfully that also was a rarity. That probably came from only working with those she got a good sense about. Boone may have appeared a stiff suit but she had noticed the movements and caught what some poor human would have missed. That told her more than all the words and ties and coffee ever would.



“Color me interested. “

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Color her interested huh?  This was either the easiest hire in a fucking century or his ass was getting set up... probably both.  Could it be both?  Ya... it could be both.  


At that moment, his phone rang.  He was always working.  Suity suit suit, and whatever the hell this was.  Pharos good guy that did all the dirty work and got a little on the side.  They couldn't miss what they didn't know about.   He NEVER messed with anything he was supposed to get for them, well... he didn't interfere... wut.  No.  He GOT it where it needed to go in the Pharos vault.  He never promised he wouldn't play with it first.


Phone flipped open.  He liked flip phones.  Flat touch screen phones were dumb.  All they did was crack and accidentally video chat while you were taking a piss...


"Yah," greeting was brief, a stern look at his new employee while he listened to the bullshit on the other end.  "Alone and Ryde Park."


He cocked an eyebrow at her, then laughed sarcastically at the caller on the other end, "Your team of three and just me?  I'm not that stupid... last time you shot me in the ass..."


Fingers scratched the back of his neck as he kept listening, the simple expression turning to something a bit more intentional.


"Okay.  I can do that.  Be there in twenty."


Phone clicked shut.  See.  Cool.


"Can you shoot?"


He climbed on the powerful but battered Triumph and kicked it to a start.


"Cuz I need someone that can blow a hole through someone before they can shoot me... besides me."

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