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Lynching in Newark, NJ and Store Bombing in Queens, NY Linked


Police are now saying that the recent bombings of a Laundromat on Parsons St in Queens is related to last weeks lynching at Military Park in Newark, NJ.  Detective Seiko talked to the press briefly after returning from a follow up investigation in Newark. According to Seiko the Laundromat was owned by Kirin Laise, an outworlder elf that has been a quiet resident of Queens for nearly ten years. The detective went on to state that the victim in Newark had previously been unidentified but is now believed to be Airee Laise, wife of Kirin who was reported missing about the same time. When asked if this was related to the registration violence being seen in Ireland and if more violence could be expected, Detective Seiko stated this was being treated as an isolated incident of targeted violence.

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