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Hi there


Just found this sight a few days ago and have decided I would like to create a character here. Actually I nave been RPing for several years and have characters on a number if Star Trek sites but wanted to try something different. 


Reading though things I saw that I should request a face claim. I would like to request Alex Pettyfer. My idea is for a character that will be around 21 years old, not sure exactly yet as things often change as I start fleshing out that idea into words. 


Three was also a few other questions I had before I begin and hopefully you won't think me rather foolish for asking them.


  1. Elves and others could be either humans that were changed into elves or elves or other race from another world. What about beings that look human? That is came to earth through the Nevus either at the event or after and look remarkable human but are actually from another world?  I hope that makes sense.
  2.  Magic is either learned or inherent as in altered humans. I was curious if an altered human could learn magic or because they are an altered human if they were unable to learn magic in a more formal way?
  3. Can a relic come for another world? I have an idea that might be of interest to the staff as an event or at least a storyline to follow.


I'm just asking questions because I have a lot of ideas and I certainly would rather ask than just make an assumption that really causes ruffles. If you are interested in my ideas I can elaborate but there may be no need for that if it is deemed inappropriate. 

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Hi there and welcome to our corner of chaos!

Saw you made a profile and put a help ticket up - I went ahead and held your face claim and answered your question there but happy to do so here as well!


  1. Yes human-looking races of other worlds are welcome - they are usually considered veil-crossers - when the barriers between worlds broke during the nevus they got stranded on earth so it fits perfectly. We have a few already on the site.
  2. if they are altered with already a strong set of powers those are dominant and the chances of learning any strong magic are slim. If they don't have strong powers (so their mana is not already focused elsewhere) then yes they can learn magic but really will need some teacher - usually a magus who is more naturally attuned to magic.
  3. Yes relics can come in from other worlds and even can have powers but of course any power would need to be balanced for the character and not tip the balance of our world :)


Also - we LOVE ideas! You will find people that write here like things that last, with rich stories that evolve over time so lots of opportunities for characters to affect the world. Happy to work with you on your ideas!

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Thanks so much for your help and clarification.


I am putting this here so you can review it and tell me what you think. This is in the belongings section of the  character information sheet. 



Brooch: In his possession is a singular piece of jewelry. It has a beautiful sodalite stone in the center with clear white lines resembling electrical arcs such as lightening.  The stone is one and a have inches and perfectly round and so perfect it has been thought to be cultured rather than natural. Around the edge is a delicate, finely scrolled border of silver. The design is similar to Celtic knots but the meaning is unknown. This boarder is a half an inch bringing the overall size to two inches.


Folded Paper: The brooch was found within this folded piece of 14”x 18”. parchment white, paper. It’s powers are only noticeable when used in conjunction with the brooch.


Powers: Of itself it is rather benign but with the piece of folded paper that it becomes a magical item intended to give information to Brandon about his past and who he really is. It also contains a map to his actual homeward that can be reached through the Nevis but is given in an in cryptic manor. The brooch is placed in the center of the rectangular paper but must be done by Brandon if is to work. When this happens the handwritten letter appears telling Brandon some information about his past, the planet he is from and why he does not remember this. When the broach is rotated to the right the words vanish and spherical magical markings appear intended to lead Brandon home. This information changes as the broach is continued to be turned revealing more marks and more information.


When Brandon uses this his eyes become the same color as the brooch and he understands instantly the works written by his parents though he cannot understand the rest of the messages. 


Note: Brandon has no idea it has any potential. He only knows that it was found in a grimy of his tattered pants when he was found during the Resonance which is the earliest memories he has. It should also be noted that this is the only powers that the items have.




These are the magical artifacts I had in mind and yes they have a power but I think rather low to some extent. They do not make him stronger, faster, more agile or anything else but I though it might make for an interesting game piece for those interested in a sub plot of something. Info of another inhabited world beyond earth might be at least fun to explore. Of course I am open to any and all advice or ideas regarding this and my character. 





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This is his Ability. It is the only magic he possess. I would like your assistance with it because I don't want to overpower him and would like him to be able to learn some magic as well.



Dimensional shift: Brandon can shift into a dimension that offers him intangibility. That is because he is not within the same dimension as the three we commonly think of he can move through solid objects such as walls and other barriers. This also offers him intangibility as in not being able to be seen while within this parallel dimension. It also means he is impervious to attacks that are outside of this 4th dimension. He can hear and see to some extent while using this power. Words spoken seem as though they are distant and in a tunnel while his vision is like looking though a less then completely transparent glass, slightly distorted and a little unclear. While in this dimension he cannot talk to others or communicate with them. He can however take up to a single person with him when he shifts though it doubles the drain on his system. If he comes out of this state too soon he can become trapped in whatever he may be passing though which could if not would be fatal. This is an all or nothing thing. He cannot just make part of his body slip into the dimension, all of him must enter or not at all.


Using this ability for short times, less then two minutes has no real effect on him except his eyes will change to a deep blue for about five to ten minutes and man feel slightly drained.


The longer he uses this ability the more draining it becomes and debilitating it can become. If he has to stay in this state for five minutes he can expect to have a mild headache and feel like he needs a short rest. At fifteen minutes his headache becomes a migraine and rest will be required. Brandon can use this ability no longer than 25 minutes at which time the resulting affect if not mitigated in some form would be fatal.  It should be noted that the longer he uses the power the longer his eyes will remain the tell tail blue color.


This can however be a form of attack in that he could grasp ahold of someone, take them into this dimension and pull them into a solid structure. If he were to let go the result could cause serious harm, loss of limbs and even death.  Doing this would really both Brandon and he has never done so. He has only used this power either to help others or protect himself.


Movement while in this state is no faster than would be typical for a human though jumping would result in him moving upwards while he could move downwards such as in passing through floors and ceilings to get to different levels.


While within this dimension he can still become hungry and thirsty but cannot satisfy those need while there unsell he has brought those items with him. 


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Some neat ideas.


The brooch and paper as they are written are fine with the caveat that even if he finds the map to his homeland he would never be able to go back - otherwise it destabilizes the premise of the game which is that people of other worlds are permanently stranded on earth and those of earth who vanished during the nevus are never coming back. It could make for real great drama for the character since he could start quests trying to go home only to fail each time.


The dimensional stepping was fine up until it became a weapon he could force someone into. The problem with it is the potential for "instant kill" on an opponent. Something we don't allow. Also you have nice limits for the amount of time in the space but there should be limits also on how often he can do short uses over and over again otherwise he can just evade forever :)


Nice concepts, just need a little tweaking.

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