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August 18th, 2020

8:47 pm

New York Hospital


Brandon’s eyes burst open as he came back to consciousness. He could feel the gurney he was strapped to roll towards the ambulance door and the small wheels drop onto cracked pavement still not repaired after the cataclysmic events that had changed the city of New York and the world forever. The jolt as much as the two EMT’s tried was still jolting to the injured man and he gritted his teeth to keep fro yelling out. His eyes were that dark sodalite blue, the tell tail sign that he had used his abilities that separated him from the average human.


He had been walking out towards the harbor and got as close as he could look over  the harbor to take a look at the ships and feel the cool breeze coming off the deep waters. There were so many things on his mind as he walked down first street in Brooklyn. The sidewalk was still broken up and and though the road was still usable the paved surface that the occasional vehicle traveled on was in need of much repair with deep pot holes and uneven pavement. In the twilight the shadows were longer but that didn’t seen to bother him.


Having found a goldenrod yellow paper flyer hanging on a street corner hours earlier for a part time job on forty-third street to clear out a warehouse at eight o'clock the next day. It would be for ten hours a day for as long as it took. The pay wasn’t much, eight dollars an hour for hard sweaty labor but Brandon would be grateful for any occupation that kept him off the street, food in his belly and the occasional beer.


He had worked for about six hours that day helping remove debris from a lot not too far away but that was for only one day. He was still In his work clothes, a worn plaid shirt with red and blue stripes on a white field and a pair of faded jeans that were more than threads but not much better. 


Turning to his left he made his way across the street onto forty-third and glanced at the dress, “two blocs from the docks,” he said as he read out loud from the advertisement and began walking towards his destination. 


He hadn’t gotten far before he spotted it, small plumes of whitish grey smoke rising up from a warehouse a block away. Fire, he thought as he rand towards the structure. It was blue thought the paint was chipping and the windows boarded up. The narrow overhead door had been welded shut and replaced with a pair of hinged steel ones. Someone had place a large chain and a padlock on the outside though he could hear the yells for help from the inside and the battering on the door from the other side. The door itself seemed off color somehow and the lock was already a hue of red.


Brandon slipped off his backpack and sat it on the edge of the sidewalk near a light pole and ran over to the door looking for a way to unlock the thing. Their desperate cries for help grew louder and the hazel eyed man felt he had little choice. He took off his shirt and held onto it with both hand and grasped the lock just as he phased into his other dimension separating himself from the known world a bit and taking the hot metal lock with him. 


With a set of clinched jaws and lips pulled up as he grimaced in burning pain he started to move to the side so he could throw the object away safely. Coming back into form as he did hoping no one would notice but too soon as the metal doors flung open under the weight of a centers massive rear hooves. The door closed to him struck singing his right arm and the side of his face as it struck and he went flying loosing the lock in the process and coming to a stop against the side of the building. 


If the lock had not been as if it were from an oven, not enough to scorched right through the crumpled shirt to char the skin off the palms and fingers of his hands he could have remained in his own dimension as the hoards of trapped outworlders escaped the inferno they were in. Yet he hadn’t and by coming out too soon suffered even more injuries, more burns and lacerations. 


Numb with the adrenaline that coerced his veins Brandon staggered to his feet and dimension shifted again to walk back in hoping to save at least one more.  The smoke was thick and those that had made it out already coughed and choked on the oxygen robbing plumes and made his vision even worse then it normally would have been where he was in an altered state. The pain wanted to make him leave but he could hear what sounded like a child crying finally he saw movement and and the voice faded as the small horned figure slumped to the ground. She couldn’t have been much older then him if that and only about four feet in height. Her hooves feet and furry legs making her stand out even more from most humans. Coming out again he scooped the now unconscious woman up in his arms and then shifted once more to escape the smoke that burned his eyes and singed his throat.


Within a few steps he had made it out the doorway and to the sidewalk on the opposite side before he began to set her down by the wall behind the group that he escape that distance. Now visible for a moment he created quite a stir then came the explosion during which he went back into the dimension to cross the street and retrieve his pack before heading somewhere to address his wounds. He didn’t make it far only a block before he collapsed coming back into the three dimensions and forming a heap, shirtless, bruised and burned on the decaying sidewalk. His thoughts returned as the woman EMT that had found him spoke up.


“There are those gorgeous eyes,” The words came from the dark haired woman who had first found him curled up in pain not far from the exploded warehouse on a usable but not well kept 43rd street. 


“What,” he heard the dark man pushing the gurney reply with a chuckle, “you don’t like mine?” He grinned and added a touch of humor, “dark chocolate babe, now that’s where it’s at.”  


Brandon didn’t respond to either, only checked to make sure his backpack was still there and the small round container was still in his pocket. His wallet was missing but that was understandable as they needed the ID . Then he noticed the bandages, heavy, thick bandages that turned his arms into clubs and wrapped his chest fairly tightly.


“That centaur said you saved their lives,” The male EMT said trying to keep the conversation going as he wheeled through the doorway into emergency and even more people in scrubs began to huddle around him. There were many others there who had arrived before him, a virtual who's who of the outworlders. At the moment their glaring eyes still filled with fright offered little in comfort. 


“But you sure got messed up in the processes hero,” the woman answered sounding as if she was chiding him a little.


“Yep and then went ninja like to rescue a girl,” the man with dark curly hair pushing the card replied with a hint to teasing, “just couldn’t leave well enough alone.”


He hadn’t got either of their names although he was sure they had said them. The  pain was intense and he knew they had given him some sot of injection, just what he wasn’t sure.


“Just relax big boy we’ll get you taken care of you Brandon,” he heard again before fading out of conscious again.

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Tonight she had had to pick up a shift on the ER because too many people had been out sick with the flu or some other reason which she couldn't really fathom or explain. On one hand she knew that people did get sick and that there were emergencies which needed to be taken care of, but these people were doctors. Their job was to serve the city and community, helping people, and keeping them from dying. Sometimes it felt like all those things fell onto her shoulders, but you have to do what you have to do. Luckily though tonight it hadn't been too busy, but she dared not say that out loud because usually once you do things get very crazy very quickly.


She had been sitting at the ER desk area, talking to another employee that usually worked the ER at this time, about nonchalant things. Then a call came in and the woman looked at her. Not even two minutes after they heard a faint sound of a siren which then lead to the loud blare of a siren. Altheia was up and off her seat within a few seconds and over at the door as the paramedics came in. About five more doctors came around the man that just came in and Altheia looked up hearing the paramedics explain what all had happened. How he saved numerous people from a burning building, not to mention a little girl.


"Sounds like quite the hero," she said as she began to look him over, seeing if anything was something that immediately needed to be repaired. She could tell that he probably needed healing, but she wouldn't do it right here in front of a ton of people. Once they got him into a room she would just ask everyone to do mundane tasks so that she could do her job. "Hello, sir.... If you can hear me can you open up your eyes for me.... I need you to look at me," she said in a normal tone of voice. Before they did anything she wanted to make sure he could even be aware or conscious of what was all going on first.


Hell she didn't even know if he had a concussion which would only add to the list of things that she would need to heal. Which was another reason she wanted to wait and get some x-rays done on him. The more knowledge she had of how extensive his injuries were. The more she would know just how exhausted she'd be, but that might lead to her needing an excuse to take a break and breaks were rare around here.

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Through the fog that was beginning to gather in his mind Brandon heard Altheia’s feminine voice as she made her request. His eyes opened slowly to look at the blonde physician, turning his head towards her face and those beautiful eyes. His were still the unusual shade of blue though the affect of his magic was beginning to subside allowing hits of the hazel that was his norm. He squinted trying to get things into focus and to cut out some of the light as one of his pupils was slightly larger than the other. 


The pain was growing more intense as the adrenaline levels began to drop and the complete realization of the extent of his injuries began to settle in on him. His head throbbed with every heart beat and the burns tingled in unison. He had slid down slightly in the bed and wanted to straighten out but when he tried to sit up the effort hurt too badly to complete the movement. 


He continued to look at her and attempted to smile feeling the tightness of dried blood on his face and up again at the woman and felt the to of drying blood on the side of his face.


“I, “I can’t afford to pay,” he admitted letting his gaze drop down and he moved uncomfortable, “you probably should take care of the others first.” 

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As soon as she saw his eyes open an inner sign of relief happened. Him opening his eyes was a very good thing. Good indication that he was conscious enough to be aware what was going on and that meant that there wasn't anything extremely serious with his head.


"Ah. There you are..." She smiled softly and placed her hand in his, then looked over at the other doctors. "Let's take him to trauma one," she said and the next instant they were moving to the room closest to them. They entered the room and people rushed around doing this and that to check on vitals. Her head lifted and she looked around. "Alright. I need you all to leave the room please," she said calmly.


Everyone looked at her and left the room. It wasn't too unusual that sometimes she would ask this of the doctors and by now they somewhat knew what was going on, but she was beyond thankful that none of them really ever confronted her about it or constantly asked her to heal people for them. Then again she was pretty sure that if someone happened to come in in pretty bad shape she'd probably get a page.


“I, “I can’t afford to pay."


Her eyes squinted and she looked down at him. "Don't worry about that.... Just relax and let me take care of you," she paused for a moment as he spoke more. "The other doctors are more than capable to take care of the others. My main concern right now is you. You're in pretty bad shape." She placed one hand on his cheek lightly and kept her eyes on him.


After completely assessing his injuries she was completely aware that he should probably feel beyond lucky to even be able to be aware of anything going on around him. It would take 15 or more minutes to heal him. Lots of injuries meant lots of things for her to focus on. Lucky for me the doctors know not to disturb me until I leave the room, she thought.


"What's your name?"

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Brandon did is best to keep his eyes open though they wanted to close so badly as if they wanted to hide from the world. He knew that right now sleep was not a an activity that would be good for him and he didn’t have a death wish, just a streak of melancholy, 


He knew things were serious when they brought him into a separate room, privacy always came with a price and hospitals were already expensive, or sho he had heard. Telling him not to worry about it only made things seem worse as now he was a charity case, someone who couldn’t take care of themselves and it wasn’t a good feeling.



The room was well lit and by electricity, a scarcity in and of itself. It was a sign of recovery that there were services available but not everywhere shared that luxury. He glanced around the room finally realizing he was alone with the pale blue eyed doctor and chose to focus on her beauty to stay awake.


He hesitated when she asked his name though he gave it up knowing it was easy enough to find. “Brandon Valosa,” the man said then let his gaze drop, “I have a wallet…, I think they put it in a bag attached to the cart. It has my ID in it.”

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As she noticed that he was keeping his eyes open, but that he was having sort of an inner fight with himself. He probably wants to close his eyes and fall asleep, she thought, and that is just not a good idea at all. Her hand stayed on his cheek for a second before she started moving quickly. The blinds to the room were closed and she made sure no one could look inside. "I swear I'm not going to be a perv, but I need some privacy for what I'm about to do."


“I have a wallet…, I think they put it in a bag attached to the cart. It has my ID in it.”


At the mention of his name she stopped for a moment and looked over to a rolling table that had also been brought in by the doctors. On it she saw that there was a bag and it looked like there was a wallet in it. Her head turned back toward him and motioned over to the bag. "Yeah. They brought in your wallet. It's probably over there waiting on you after you get all healed up." She moved her left hand onto his right cheek and then put her right hand on his chest lightly. "Okay. So I need you to not freak out and just relax, but do not close your eyes please."


After the last of her words were spoken she focused on his injuries and felt her healing energy start to move through her hands and into his body. After about a minute it was noticeably clear that her healing was working. Well, she thought, hopefully this won't take too much time. Then again she bypassed the idea of getting him into an x-ray or an MRI. She figured that both of those would take way more time than just using her abilities right here and now. Problem was that she didn't know how much energy she would lose.


"I also need to warn you that after I'm done I might be extremely tired and or might even pass out. All depends on how much time and energy this is going to take," she paused for a moment. "Don't worry. Nothing bad comes from this. It just sometimes takes a lot out of me."

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Brandon nodded as the woman explained the situation. Although he wasn’t sure what her intentions were he knew that at the moment he possessed little choice in the matter. The amount of pain he was in from the injuries injuries sustained left  him without much of an ability to resist and as of yet he thought he had no need to. He was cautious, perhaps too cautious, and wouldn’t normally allow himself to be this vulnerable but he knew he needed help and without it his chances of survival were slim at best.


Medicine had changed as it always had over time and circumstances to meet the needs of the world’s inhabitants, now it seemed with the resonance the catastrophic metamorphosis of what would be deemed as normal, sound medical treatment had changed as well. 


Branden watched intently as the woman closed the two of them off from the rest of the ward. It was a means of staying conscious. He was fighting the urge to just close his eyes. Brandon wanted to live and he knew enough about injuries to know that sleep right at that moment was not an option. 


Feeling her hand on his cheek bare was comforting and gave him something to focus on. The sensation was nice, reassuring, as if he was accepted. His chest, one of the unaffected ares of his body, enveloped his lungs and breathing in what little fumes he did had already caused his lungs to burn slightly, a minor irritation compared to the burns and the throbbing in his head. Branden set his eyes on the woman as she spoke.



“Okay. So I need you to not freak out and just relax, but do not close your eyes please.”


The man nodded trying to give the woman a smile though it looked more like a grimace. He gazed intently at her pleasant features with eyes still as blue as the brooch safely hidden in his pocket, “I’ll try,” he managed horsely. He coughed once as if to clear his throat though nothing seemed to move and he winced from the experience. 


Brandon could feel something, a calming at first as the physicians magic began to work. Pain began to subside radiating from where her hand touched his chest. He breathed more easily and nodded at her words about her possibly passing out though didn’t protest knowing that if she did she would not go past a point where it would harm her though the man hoped it didn’t come to that.


“You, you are healing me,” he said with a much clearer voice and eyes wide open, “thank, thank you.”

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As she saw the man nod and smile at her she figured he'd probably be okay as long as she was able to stay focused enough and not pass out in the middle of healing him. She had already been up for about 10 hours, taking care of the in's and out's of the ER. It had been a slightly rough day and night. In fact she was pretty sure after Brandon was healed and on his way she would more than likely head to her apartment to pass out. Typically she had the fortunate opportunity to be able to take off a day or two when she needed to.


“I’ll try,”


"Thanks. It's just a lot easy to be able to keep myself from passing out if I'm able to keep an eye on a person and focus on them not passing out on me," she spoke her words as she felt her healing energy still flow from her hands into his body. She could already see the healing of his injuries taking place. A small smile formed on her lips, relieved that it was working. She was half afraid that it wouldn't because of how tired she already was. Small favors, she thought, are something that I'm always willing to welcome into my life.


“You, you are healing me,”


A small nod from her to him to confirm what he said. "Yes, I am," she said. "But don't take this as an opportunity to run around saving people left and right even though it could come at a great cost to you. I'm not around 24/7 and that could potentially be very bad for someone who tends to get hurt a lot," she said softly in a teasing voice. Though mostly it was a true statement. She wasn't always at the hospital and sometimes she did have to make house calls.


"Should only be about 10 more minutes.... I think you've got a small concussion, which is going to take a little bit more time and energy to heal."

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“I’m not a hero,” the man protested hearing her empty he might try this again, just did what I could. He was starting to relax as the pain from his conditions began to vanish. It was a peculiar experience though not uncomfortable. He enjoyed looking at the woman though he wished it was under different circumstances. 


The skin on Branden’s hands was fresh and pink now, newly form from the woman’s efforts, where it had been charred and black from the heated metal chain and lock. His head still felt like a someone had gotten inside and was using a sledge hammer to break their way out. 


His eyes were becoming a little less blue as the effects dissipated leaving them more of the hazel tones. He knew as it happened it was going to become a issue pointing out his peculiarities from humans. His countenance fell as he listened to her explain his physical condition. 


“I, I’m sorry," the man said apologetically raising his gaze back up towards the blue eyed woman, “the mettle door hit me.”

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A soft smile touched her lips and she shook her head slightly. "You are a stubborn one, aren't you?" She asked her question, but in the back of her mind she already knew the answer. Anyone willing to run into a building that was on fire to save a bunch of civilians and strangers was by definition a hero. Those people owed him, but she really doubted that any of them would do anything for him. Sure people's lives get saved everyday. Hell. She saves lives every single day, but she hardly ever receives any kind of thanks. There are, of course those odd instances where people will send her cards and give her updates on how their life was going, but for the most part it was healing them and they poof.


"Just because you refuse to admit that you're a hero doesn't mean you aren't one," she paused for a second. "You don't have to say it out loud or think it for it to be true." After she spoke her eyes moved to his hands seeing that they were healing up quick quickly. Maybe my powers are becoming stronger, she thought, that would be nice. She sighed soft and really doubted that was the case. Then her eyes shifted back up to look at his face, taking notice of the shift in color his eyes did. Hm, she thought, it looks like he isn't just some ordinary human. "I take it you have some abilities of your own, yeah?"


Right after she asked the question she slightly wished she hadn't. It was probably somewhat rude and really none of her business. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked. I know for the most part I tend to try and keep my abilities on the down low," she said softly before he spoke. "It's fine, it will just take a bit more time to heal."

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“You are a stubborn one, aren't you?”


Brandon just looked at Altheia, listening to her words and gazing into her pale blue eyes. She was right and he knew it. He was a stubborn one. Being stubborn was how he survived. It was how he managed to stay in school and prepare for a career that was a far out of reach now as it was when he took his first class. But that same stubbornness might be the thing that actually earned him a position.


"Just because you refuse to admit that you're a hero doesn't mean you aren't one”


The man nodded knowingly still gazing steadily into her eyes. The color on his face becoming more ruddy as her words it their intended mark. He knew she was correct but he wasn’t one, was he? Had he done something others wouldn’t have done if they could?


Then she asked “the question” and his cheeks turned beet red with embarrassment.  He shook his head as she apologized and put his hand out to touch her, “it’s alright, I, I am, different.” He blushed even more and looked away, “I can go to another dimension, it’s how I got the lock and chain off the door, took it with me so it was no longer keeping them in.” Brandon sighed and looked back, “I don’t do it much but sometimes it, helps.”

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Everyone at some point, or even all the time, were stubborn. Altheia even had her moments of stubbornness and she was sure that there would certainly be more of them to come. It wasn't one of her most liked traits about herself, but it kept her morals in check and seemed to help keep a level head. Sure sometimes being extremely stubborn had it's downfalls and tended to land her in situations which she'd rather not be in, but those situations mostly tended to lead to friendships.


Her hands still stayed on him, feeling that she was almost done with healing him, but also feeling that slight hint of dizzyness start to hit her. Typically she could fight it off, but it had been a rather long day and she had been working for quite some time at the hospital that day. Healing this man would probably take a bit out of her and she wondered if she should call someone to take her home; Boone perhaps? Inwardly she shook her head and decided against that real quick.


“it’s alright, I, I am, different.”


She looked down at his hand as he touched her and then back to his eyes as he explained that he was indeed different and explained just what it was that he could do. It never ceased to amaze her just how many extraordinary people there were in the world now. Sure, there were still some bad apples that had been blessed with a power, but for the most part it was the kind hearted people that she tended to keep her eye on. It gave her a sense that there was indeed still good in the world. Something which at some times seemed like there wasn't any of.


"That is quite interesting," she said softly with a smile. "Obviously you aren't the only one in the room with an ability. I can heal, but I can also do damage to some one..... I just tend to hardly ever use the bad side of my powers. It makes me feel like someone who has no morals." She spoke to him softly and blinked her eyes a few times as another wave of dizziness washed over her. Her head shook slightly and she looked down at him, smiling slightly. Keeping a brave face was patient care 101.

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