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Owner: @Boone (Paddy) Fitzpatrick

This is your hometown bar. The one you are comfortable coming to after work or after a day out on the lake fishing. Six pool tables line the exterior walls. Games are free so long as you're drinking. The walls are decorated with an assortment of hunting heads and old photographs of movie stars. Brick and beams gives it an old pub feel right in the middle of New York. Stools line all the pillars as well as the thirty foot long bar with twenty beers on tap at all times, at least six of which are Irish. 


This bar is being opened to help ALL players have an easy place to have single and group threads - don't need to wait for "permission" or an invite from the owner to use it.


This is an OPEN thread for anyone and everyone to join! Post order not required since multiple conversations, groupings can happen in the same thread here!


NPCs - Please do not abuse these NPCs as they will be further developed as staples by Boone to run the bar

Behind the Bar:  Hagan "Hawk" Monroe  

- Retired Boxer - Powers TBD


Don't fuck with the bartender.

Attempting to mess with his shit will get you bounced by him personally - possibly through a window rather than the door.


Behind the Bar / Waitress: "Blue"

- Powers TBD


Like something out of a retro diner she is a sleek painting in the moose head on the wall bar.

Like Hawk - messing with her will likely lead to pain... lots of it.



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Why me?


The growl whined half under her breath. His chuckle only irritating her more.


NPC: Because you will learn all there is to know about the place in one night while it would take months for the less.. observant.



Huff exhaled her lips, rogue strand of mahogany flipping away from her features only to fall back right where it had begun, escaped from the leather band at the nape of her neck that held the remaining delinquent locks back.


Gaspari was right. She hated when he was right. But he was right.


Hands crammed into her jean pockets as booted soles struck pavement louder than normal, letting her "see" the path without engaging abilities, sensitive ears registering every vibration against surfaces creating a map as it echo located. The vintage Doors tee hung threadbare over her lean frame. Once black background now fluttered over her black jeans as a dark gray, the three quarter sleeves hiding most of the parasitic tattoo, leaving just the lower part of her arm and back of her hand covered in the tribal looking ebony markings, a few swaths peeking above the frayed collar on the side of her neck on the same side.  


She hated when he was right.


She stopped in front of the door that smelled of liquor, the sound of music and pool balls striking beyond its hinges. This was it. Get in and get out. That would be the plan. Only problem was to know "everything" about the place as Gaspari wanted, she would need to hang and drink for a few hours.




Knee nudged the door open, the dark circle shades catching light of the interior but continuing to shield her secret from the world. Boone was family only in so far as, thus far he had proven he could clean up the Bakkhos books and not appear to steal from them.  Very few in the family knew what the shades hid and he was not one of those few.


The opening of this place had been "watched" to see if it was a challenge to the Bakkhos empire, but all signs pointed to the fact that it was not in the least. It was a casual hang out. The type of place Bakkhos didn’t tend to own.  She hadn't had many interactions with Boone but he didn’t strike her as the sort to get any kick out of challenging something like Bakkhos. She suspected this was exactly what it looked like… an everyday man's hang out.


Crack of a clean break turned her head slightly, the warm tingle starting at the back of her neck as she engaged her map, white ants beginning to crawl over the darkness in her mind to outline shapes. People spotted first, the furniture and walls soon followed. She watched a good game for a few shots before heading for the bar.


Straddling the stool that sat against the wall she placed a foot on the stool beside, a clear "fuck off" body language that was likely to be respected in a place like this. People came here to relax, not show off their latest conquest or how shiny their watch was.


NPC: Getcha?


Gruff voice of the bartender drew her attention, it was warm without being pushy.




He either was going to go "what" or go make it. The glass clinking on the glass meant he knew exactly what it was and wasn’t questioning it being ordered by a woman.


Vodka didn’t have a scent unless you had a nose that could detect what others couldn’t. It was a decent vodka that he added to the bold beer. The second clink betraying he was doubling the shot. So… they didn’t skimp on the liquor either.  Nice.


The tall glass slid to her, agile fingers easily catching it with a nod.




To be honest. The place was more her type than the club. A fact she wasn’t going to disclose to Gaspari in her report.

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"Well shit."


He stifled the shit grin on his face as boots hit the floor from their perch on his desk.  Eyes took great care peering closer to the monitor, the laugh to himself amused.  Fingers caught the mug off a pile of papers, leaning back in the swanky leather office chair to stare at the ceiling and spin in the chair lazily, finishing the pint.


He got up, the slight stagger not from the booze, but the twirl.


Stairs were quick, finger to the side of his nose when he emerged from the polished swinging door on the side of the bar.  Murmurs and cheers, many glasses finding their way into the air and a full mug immediately in his hand.  He took a long drink before climbing up onto the bar, looking out over the small sea of soon to be drunk and happy patrons… some of which came just to catch a glimpse of him and play a round of darts.


“Here's to all my friends and lovers. May all your ups and downs be under the covers!  But watch it my dears!  No matter how beautiful, smart, and full of class…  to somebody, somewhere, she’s a pain in the ass.”


His blown kiss seemed to be at nobody….  seemed to be.  The room lit up with laughter and silenced as the drinking commenced.  His boots hit the floor and he slammed his mug on the counter, the amusement again diving into a fun loving laughter, then back to the murmur of personal conversation.


He wove through the crowd, greeting, laughing, slapping the back of a few shoulders, until reaching the relatively silent end of the bar… up on a stool next to the offending foot and leaning backward on the counter with his elbows.  Attention surveyed his domain.


“Nice suit,” he said quietly, sarcasm of course.  He nodded toward Hagan, another beer was already sliding toward his hand.

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Steps being descended were heard a moment before the cheers came around her. Looked like Boone was making an early entrance tonight. His shape was easily recognized as he accepted a drink and climbed onto the bar. Enough business had been done between him and Gaspari with her in attendance that his form was "familiar" to her.


Brow quirked as he played "host" to his crowd on the altar of booze.  Ya… this was not a threat for Bakkhos.  This was a leprechaun's paradise.


Smirk lit her lips as she waited for the outlined bartender's form to "glance" her way, a nod as she slid the glass to him to indicate another.  Sensitive ears listened to the owner's banter with his guests. He was in his element it seemed.  She offered a nod to Hagan as another Yorsh was slid her way just as Boone took up a seat just beyond her boots.


"Nice suit."


Glass paused before her lips as she raised a brow at him.


Other one's at the cleaners…. else I would have dressed up for your grand opening…


His sarcasm was easily matched by her own as she glanced around the bar. She had to admit, it was a different kind of fun but the patrons seemed no less happy than at a Bakkhos venue.


Quite the little bar….. for a leprechaun….


Smirk played on her lips before the glass came up to them, tainted dark beer going down easily.

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