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18+ 3/3/3

May, 2010... Fantasy became reality. Worlds overlay for the briefest moment. Outworlders became stranded on earth as more than half the human populace vanished. Our World, our universe, was transformed.

Fiction is now reality. Humans and those now bound to this world will either learn to coexist, or battle for supremecy.

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Abby sat outside at one of the wrought-iron tables in front of Boheme's Coffee House. Proclaimed as Mid Town's best, Abby couldn't disagree. The service was top notch for college-age employees and they were particularly bubbly despite exams and such coming up. Fall had graced New York, and with that flood memories of the holidays. While mom had found love again, Abby and Margie missed their dad. He'd been a grade A toughass, but loving and protective of his girls. Didn't complain once about having girls, where most men like him would wish for boys. 


Ghost was stretched flat on his stomach, tail wagging with a plate placed before him by one of the employees. He'd licked his bowl clean of doggy treats and a doggy-frap. A new thing that Ghost had grown extremely fond of. Sated, the beautiful husky yawned and lowered his head on two fairly large paws by Abby's booted feet. The detective was off today, though a badge still hung from the lanyard around her neck since she'd popped by the precinct earlier to review some cold cases. She got booted for coming on when she shouldn't have. Abby working as usual, even on her day off. 


So, she decided on hanging out with Ghost since Margie was working. She'd gotten much better with handling her situation, and was much happier working her old job. Teaching children had always been a passion of Margie's, and Abby wanted nothing more than to support her. Though, Margie tried to convince Abby to leave the precinct and obtain a much safer job.... Of course, Abby refused the notion. She was too much like her dad. Always wanted to be in the force, and wouldn't change her passion regardless of the world having changed. 


Amazing, how time flew. Abby had adjusted to the changes, but the memories of normal days still haunted her. The holidays were just around the corner, and thoughts of her family and how whole they'd been drifted in the dark corner of her mind. Ghost lifted his head as if sensing her sadness, and nudged her shin gently with his snout. He wuffled, before resting against her, and she reached down with her free hand to scratch behind his ears. 


"I'm fine, Ghost." She said, and propped her elbow on the table. She had finished her sandwich, which left a slice of pickle and a few crumbs. Her coffee was half drunk - black this time. Usually, there'd be whip cream and loads of sugar until it was close enough to hot chocolate (why not order a hot chocolate, Abby?) "I'll be fine." She added in a soft murmur, and then looked about, observing the day. 


Fall had come, with winter fast approaching. She did love the snow. 


But it was always around this time that the crimes grew more violent. 

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It was coffee o'clock.  Thus Faye found herself wandering aimlessly through Mid Town.  Life had gone to shit since her own coffee machine had decided to die on her, and she'd been spending an unreasonable amount of money on coffee shops of late.  Even though she lived a life filled with staying up late she still found herself stirring in the wee hours of the morning to the thirst for a cup of warm nectar of the gods.  Luckily she'd found a particular shop, Boheme that never failed her.  She shrugged the leather jacket higher on her shoulders and tightened her scarf a little more to fight off the fall air of New York.  It was far from freezing yet, but Faye had no love for freezing weather, and once winter decided to rear it's ugly head she would spend most of her time in the club.  


As she slid into a seat outside Faye thought closely of what she'd been told by one of her bouncers.  She'd been making quite the name for herself in the underground.  Mostly because of the harsh way she treated anyone that started any sort of problem within her clubs walls and the quality of drugs that flowed through her establishment.  It left a nice warm feeling in her cold heart.  Finally she was climbing the ladder, maybe one day she could rival even the Bakkhos themselves.  She was far off from that reality, and she decided to remain focused on the coffee before her.  The waitress had set it a bit off and a customer watched with curiosity as the cup slid quickly over to Faye's side.  Telekinesis was the best thing that could've ever happened to her, it was useful on so many levels.


Her different colored eyes shifted slowly over to a husky placed upon the ground next to whom she was guessing was it's owner.  A shift in the pups appearance drew a quirked eyebrow from the Magus and her eyes narrowed to see if maybe, she had just been seeing things.  But sure enough it happened again and Faye grew even more curious.  A sip off her coffee and she licked lazily at the leftover on her lips.  Free hand shoved off the chair to cause her to rise, the jeans she wore squeezing a little tighter on her thighs in that moment.  An uncomfortable side effect to wearing pants slightly too small, she'd be sure to bitch at Marcus later for buying the wrong size.  Regardless she slid forward with that same curious gaze.


"What an interesting dog you have."  She reached out with her mind to place her voice into the dog and girls head.  A clear ringing sound as if spoken right into their ears.  "Does it always fade in and out like that?  Or am I just losing my mind?"  


No one else at the cafe could hear Faye's voice.  She made sure of it.  No one needed to know what she was saying nor would she let them.  The other girl on the other hand would most likely look insane if she answered.  That was neither Faye's concern, nor care.  That dog was an interesting trinket and she was now determined to learn more about it.  The "red flag" around the girls neck was ignored.  New world cops didn't faze the telekinetic mage one bit, and she was obviously not on the radar yet if she hadn't heard anything about it.  Probably because NYPD"s finest had a few scummy cops that enjoyed her humble club.


"How, completely rude of me."  Faye ran a hand against her pants to clean off any dirt and reached out for the girls hand.  Eyes seemingly calculating as she took in the girls appearance.  "My name is Faye... Faye Johnson."

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Ghost had a tendency to fade in and out. He wasn't bothered at all by what people thought of him. The only human he ever really cared about was Abby and Margie; they took him in, loved him, fed him, and he had good training with Abby. It was never boring with her, and she always brought him to work too. He got to meet other people! Though, it did get boring whenever he was home and neither Margie or Abby weren't there. It was like they were gone forever. Regardless, a tiny part of him always believed they'd come back, especially Abby. She was the one who found him.


Then his ears perked up when a voice slid in, but he couldn't see where it was coming from. His head rose, tail straight, alert. He craned his neck and looked one way and another, sniffing the air. 


And then he saw her. 


Abby, after a sip of her coffee, nearly spat it out when the voice drifted in her ear. Then a woman approached her table - a fiercely attractive woman. Not that Abby was into girls, but that didn't mean she couldn't take notice of another female. This woman emitted a dangerous sort of attraction, the kind that men fell to their deaths for. Sort of like a siren in leather. Minus the tail.. and now Abby's mind was going to a strange place. 


She shook her head, looked one way and then another, before glancing to the lady in leather. What caught her absolutely were the dichotomy of her eyes. Abby felt absolutely plain before she glanced down at the hand offered. 


"Dete-" She paused and then chuckled. She wasn't at work. "Abby, Abby Wynn." She said and took the woman's hand. She gave a good, solid shake. Nothing limp, and friendly. 


"Yeah, that's Ghost. He sorta does that when he gets too comfortable." Once she released Faye's hand, she glanced down to the husky as he sat up on his haunches, tail lazily wagging. Hackles weren't raised, rather, he was quiet as he watched Faye, ears pinned back. She gave him a playfully exaggerated look, before glancing up at Faye. "So, all in all, no mind lost. I thought I was crazy when I found him. You wanna sit?" 


The entire time, Abby was completely unaware that Faye wasn't actually talking to her, so it was pretty ironic to say that she thought she was crazy, when she might as well have been, talking to someone who wasn't actually talking to her. 


Strange world, but interesting nonetheless. 

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Most things didn't throw Faye off.  She'd seen almost everything at her club.  But a dog that could fade in and out of the physical plain was fantastic.  Altered humans that could do the same things was familiar, always would be.  It was the first time she'd seen an animal with abilities.  Whether it could really control it or not. 


"Detective Abby Wynn is it?"  The other woman's slight mixup told Faye everything she needed to know.  "It's a pleasure to meet you..."  Head swiveled to look to the dog, "and you as well Ghost."


Faye's eyes lingered on the dog for a few moments.  Curiosity having gotten the best of her.  She'd have to hire a few people to go out in the world and find more altered animals.  They could come in handy if needed.  Her mind wandered to the thought of a fire breathing cat, or a flying bear.  A smirk twisted the corners of her lips and she nodded when Abby offered a seat.  


"I would love to, thank you."  The chair slid out by itself and Faye slid slowly into it looking at the woman opposite of her.  Wondering if maybe she had her own abilities, or if it was Ghost that had won the Resonance lottery.  "So detective.  Where does one happen upon such a fascinating creature?  I've seen many animals since everything went to hell, but i could swear none of them had their own abilities.  Or they did but they weren't quite as noticeable.  It's an interesting thought that their may be more out there."


Faye sipped gingerly at her drink before she placed it on the table slowly.  Left leg folded over the right and her hands clasped together in her lap.  She was warming up thanks to the coffee and suddenly felt herself in a better mood than prior to her trip to the coffee shop.  So small talk began to come a little easier to her, and she wouldn't find herself thinking about killing anyone until the caffeine wore off.


"Do you prefer I call you Abby?  Or shall I just stick with Detective?  I imagine we'll be getting to know each other quite well, and I'd hate to make you uncomfortable with my way of using peoples titles to talk to them."  One of the employees came around grabbing cups and Faye reached out to touch her arm, giving a brief order to just her and she nodded before walking off.  "Oh, would you like anything else I could call her back."

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Ghost almost had human-like qualities whenever he expressed himself; not too much like an adult human, but a child as the curiosity in himself piqued to the stranger that joined their table. Her eyes were on him, so his ears were up and alert. Did his human know her? The stranger's scent wasn't anything he ever picked up before, at work or at home. When his name left her tongue, he tilted his head and wuffled. Abby chuckled and leaned over the table a bit to pet him. 


"I think he likes you." She said to Faye, before straightening up. This woman had legs for days and a look that could make any man's jaw drop. Confidence spilled from her aura, and while Abby wasn't one to feel self-conscious, she couldn't help noticing the contrast between herself and Faye. Abby was of a small stature, and this woman was tall and well, magnificent. 


She laughed and shook her head, "no, please. I'm not working. It's a hard habit to break though, since I'm usually at my desk." She made a show of rolling her eyes before resting her elbow on the table, chin in her hand. "Abby is fine with me." The question about Ghost made her grin.


"I found him a year after the event. He was at the park and I was on one of my night runs." It was stupidly dangerous for a human to run alone that night, but Abby had had a lot on her mind. Her sister was a lycanthrope, and she was still mourning her father, the former chief of police. That she happened upon Ghost was something she didn't realize she needed then. "He was so little when I found him, and he's been stuck like glue ever sinc." The thought of there possibly being other animals made Abby nod, "yes. I think there may be more just like Ghost out there, especially in the park." It was where she found him, after all. Now it made Abby wonder about the zoo creatures. Were they anything like Ghost?


When Faye touched the woman's arms, it finally hit Abby. The woman seemed a bit startled at first, before she nodded. Another day after the Nevus after all, and now Ghost had the courage to stand on his paws and sniff delicately at Faye's boots. His tail wagged a little during his approach, scenting her out while Abby's jaw went slack with surprise. 


"Well, shit." Abby said and then laughed, feeling a little silly. "No, I don't need anything else, I still got my coffee." She leaned back in her chair. This world offered strange and amazing possibilities every day. That Faye was gifted didn't bother Abby at all, rather, it made her just as curious as Ghost. "So, earlier..." Abby began, "where we really talking? I mean, I know we were talking.. but you know." She waved her hand around with her vague choice of words, but Abby's brain was pretty fried from not allowing herself a day off. English, girl, do you speak it? 

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At the mention of the pup liking her, Faye smirked and turned her head to gaze upon the dog. It looked like a highly intelligent creature.  Dogs were always one of her favorite animals, cat's a close second due to their grace and agility.  'Silent Killers' as she liked to call them.  But man's best friend was by far the best in her eyes.  Easily trainable, loyal to a fault, and adorable to look on.  Head shifted yet again to Abby as she spoke.


"Abby it is."  Faye offered in response, hands folded neatly in her lap.  "I wish I could sit at my desk sometimes, running a nightclub is rough when a slew of meta's and other species can't keep their heads straight and decide to provoke violence.  Tis a rough life when security can't handle situations and I'm needed on the floor."  The raven haired woman's eyes stayed set on the female across from her.  Not judging, but observing. Her emerald green, and blue eyes looking into her opposites brown.  "I imagine you are much busier than I when it comes to matters of work though."


As she pondered the woman's words Faye combed a hand through her hair.  "As I'm sure you know it's not exactly safe for unpowered humans to be out in the park late at night.  Especially so soon after the event..."  Faye trailed off in thought for a moment, "Regardless, it may be a good thing that you stumbled upon Ghost that night.  Otherwise some unsavory being might have done the same and the pup you know and love might have had a much darker future.  Imagine the possibilities a thief, or murderer might use him for.  You two were destined to meet."  


Ghost approached, and unable to resist the urge Faye reached down to run her hands through his coat.  Hearing Abby's surprised sounding expletive a brow quirked followed by a swift smile at her words.   "I am a telepath.  I speak using my mind.  I was born mute you see.  So after the event I was able to find my voice in my own way."  She removed her hand from the dog and lifted her coffee to her lips again and sipped at it.  "I can choose whom it is that hears me, which is why we keep getting weird looks whenever you respond to me.  I prefer to only talk to those I deem important, not an entire crowd.  It's especially useful at the club."  

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