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Nov, 11 2020


Frustration was a familiar feeling.  It was everywhere in her life really between ducking her pursuers, dealing with others, and mostly dealing with herself.  It was not a new thing to feel the frustration boiling in the gut.


She was just mighty tired of feeling it.


When she had seen the city from Calder's ship she had been somewhat sure she had been here.  The skyline of it looked familiar somewhat to her.  As she walked the city though she couldn't seem to find anything that clicked in her head.  Perhaps she only knew the skyline from a picture or something.


Sometimes she was sure she knew something of the city but when she sat and tried to remember her mind was blank or she simply suffered from her brain trying to explode.  It might have been a car driving by, a place that looked kind of like something she knew, or even just a person.  


It left her wandering for weeks, stealing food sometimes so she might eat and scavenging the rest of the time.  There had been a few...opportunistic souls that she encountered as well but they had changed their minds about coming near her.  Snapping a person's neck in front of his cronies seemed to do that.


The fact that she could do that and not feel bad was...strange.


Shivering she pulled the oversized coat she had gotten from Calder tighter around her still thin frame.  If she didn't find anything soon she was sure she could go back to Calder if he was still in town.  It was probably better than living on the streets like she had been doing the last few days.  She simply did not want to give up unless she felt she had exhausted her options.  


With that in mind she had kept to major crossing areas.  Spots that seemed like she should have visited them if she had ever been in the city, be it as a guest or as a resident.  So far she was batting zero and she couldn't say that made her happy.


It was dark now as she wandered through Central Park.  Nothing was clicking as she looked at park and places around it.  Sometimes she got that same feeling like something was staring her in the face but she couldn't drag anything up from her mind.  


Perhaps it was because it was dark?  Maybe if she waited for it to be light out it might help.  She didn't have anywhere else to go and with the farms right there she could at least eat in the morning.  No reason to leave with a decent bench to lay on.  Concrete was far colder anyway.


So she curled into as much of an inconspicuous ball as she could on the bench, doing her best to keep the coat wrapped around her warmly.  She should be alright this way, maybe cold as she tried to rest a bit but comfortable enough in the oversized clothes and boots while she waited for the sun to rise.

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