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MacKenna Zielinski

Lost as Alice of Wonderland Fame

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November 2nd, 2020


There was so many people.  She knew her eyes were darting everywhere just out of fear, so many people meant she was more hidden but it also meant more danger.  She couldn't say which this situation was but she figured 50/50 was a decent ratio.  Specially since in Europe it always seemed more 70/30 in favor of her pursuers. 


She wandered the docks in something of a haze having left Calder behind.  She didn't want to risk his life again and besides, this was her job to figure herself out not his.  At least there was some hope, she had recognized the skyline of New York after all so maybe there was something here.


So far she was batting zero as she walked around the harbor.  The voices sounded more familiar than in Europe at least but she wasn't seeing anything that might trigger a bigger memory.  There had to be something though she wasn't born a handful of months ago here.  She had a few scattered things that had to be real....right?


They had to be real.


With her skull already hurting from mattered she marched on, a strange woman in clothes to large staring around her like she was a tourist of some kind.  More than a few people eyed her but no one bothered her for now.  Lost souls wandered through the harbor on an almost daily basis after all.  What was one more?

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