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Bedknobs and Broomsticks....

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December 15, 2020

2pm - still under the ice age of fae fury event



White curled from her lips in thick smoke rings as blue lips pursed staring at the crimson spattered snow. Omenwich was known as a haven for Outworlders and it seems the Outworlder violence had found its way here.


Thick boots carefully picked over the snow as eyes magnified the ground to ensure she stayed out of the actual crime scene. Satisfied she wasn't intruding on evidence she released the magnification in time to hear the faint scratch at a window. Hazel lifted in time to see the eyes before the curtain fell away in the window. Residents were skittish. Likely as much by her presence as the crime scene she was investigating.


Cops were usually the last any magus helped, so like her precinct family, she didn't have the "fortune" of wearing enhanced clothing against the cold. Instead she had done it the old fashioned way, merino wool long underwear wicked the moisture away from her skin and gave her a warm base layer. On top she had loose moleskin pants to trap the heat inside and a wool sweater on top to do the same. Last layer was a military polar parka that came well down on her thighs, fur lined hood snapped up and tied under her chin which was nestled inside a fleece balaclava that went over her head. She was dressed for the arctic. Yet all that didn't stop the crystals of ice from forming on her lashes as she focused on the crime scene.


Fingers flexed in the double layer of gloves as she listened to her partners teeth chatter. Fingers lifted to pull the balaclava back over her mouth and nose before speaking.


Lance... back to your car before I have another body out here.


NPC:... am fine.....rrrreally...


The unconvincing reply came as she watched his lips flush deeper blue.


uh huh...... get going. You need about another two layers before you can survive out here for more than fifteen minutes. Go.


Her tone made it evident she wasn't playing. Four officers had died in the last month from exposure. New York couldn't afford to lose any more.


As he finally gave up and headed back to the vehicle that struggled to keep running as it was,  she went back to the crime scene and the blood spattering as high as fifteen feet on the alley walls.


Two victims. She was sure of it. But she only had one body. Something told her there was an Outworlder crime first... but that anyone stupid enough to attack in Omenwich had found themselves on the receiving end of revenge. She suspected her first perpetrator was the body she had now.... not the victim. That body was the one that had been dragged away from the tracks in the snow... winged perhaps based on the drag marks?


Again she was acutely aware of eyes on her. Seemed she was the center of attention here.

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