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@Pandora Chapel and @Faye Johnson need some plots and stuff to do. A little backstory on both.


Panda is ex Order of the Light Sword Magi.  She's damaged and shares her noggin with a much more evil entity than herself.  Nix.  As of now she's in hiding from the Order so really anything that has to do with Order or ARMA (because of her 'friends.')  Though I am more than open to make her some friends!


Faye is the Queen Bee of the Domus Mortuorum, a shady nightclub meant for illicit drugs and also Ex First Sword of the OL.  Within the walls there is no violence and if any were to start a fight or take part in one the chances of death or extreme pain are high.  She's know for her ruthless attitude towards any patron within her club that breaks what little rules she has.  

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