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Hands rubbed over his features as he stood on the field of the massive stadium. It was tee minus just days and counting before their grand opening and there was as always still too much to do. Wrist turned over to glance at his watch again. He was meeting some Pharos guy in twenty minutes.


It had been an odd phone call. Gaspari had apparently reached out to the head of the organization who in turned reached out to him offering to add extra security opening night by adding some artifact to his outer enhanced cage. He was supposed to be getting some sort of demo today.


He had immediately called Gaspari to confirm this bizarre turn of events only to be told yes this was his doing. After arguing that the cage was already enhanced nine ways to Sunday, he was told a bit more security didn't hurt their image. Gaspari was probably right, an audience injury opening night could kill the endeavor dead in its tracks. Still... they had six different mage enhancements on the damn place. This seemed like overkill.


NPC: You want me to just lead the guy down here when he arrives?


ya.... may as well get right to the point on it.


As security walked away he moved to the stage, hopping up to sit on its edge and wait. The massive platform was for the show before the fight. Derrick was supposed to play, something Gaspari seemed pretty excited about. She was good and all, but for this size crowd? Then again, Gaspari always seemed to know something he didn't.


Legs swung back and forth off the edge as he looked at his watch again....... three minutes since the last time he had looked.

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This was a dream come true.


He’d tried to get a ticket, but they’d sold out before he even had a chance. And then, just like that, a quick call from Thorne changed everything. Not only was he getting a fool-proof mission that he couldn’t fuck up, but it was in Satyr Stadium of all places.


The place came before his eyes in its full magnificence. It was rather deserted and quiet today, but all in perfect anticipation of the wonders to come. It made Darius’s mouth water just thinking of it. Held closely to his chest was an iron briefcase as he stared out at the hulking building before him. That briefcase held his key to all the action - there was no way in hell he was going to let that beauty fall into the wrong hands.


The car came to a stop, and Darius got out before the driver could help him with the door. Luxury was nice, but the sight of weres ripping each other to shreds was so much better, topped only by the chance to support such a spectacle. Such an opportunity waited for no man.


He grabbed the briefcase and stepped away from the car, bidding the driver farewell with a tip of his hat before making his way closer to the arena. He stopped only to admire a poster advertising the stadium’s opening night. It gave him a hunger for entertainment - one that only the sight of a brawl could settle. Now he was only a few days and one ticket away from a seat in front of the action.


Security met him as he approached the main entrance. With a satisfied grin, he flashed his badge. Every damn time, it felt so good to do that. That badge never got old.


Agent Kayne, Pharos. Special delivery for Satyr Stadium!

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