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    Eluine Cycle "Generation upon generation, the blood of Elua and his Companions runs still in the veins of their descendants, the D'Angelines, each of whom will one day follow to the land that lies beyond. And though centuries pass, they do not forget, but call their land still after that further one, and keep always sacred the precept of blessed Elua, that is, 'Love as thou wilt'. Such is Terre d'Ange." - Jacqueline Carey, The Eluine Cycle Eluine Cycle is a free-form roleplaying forum inspired by the series Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey. We aim to be as inclusive as we possible can be, so if you have not read the books we are more than happy to help you learn as we go along! There is always plotting going on and in-character positions open in all walks of life and experiences, from royalty to the lowest of peasants, and if slice-of-life is what you prefer, we have plenty of that as well! So please, bring your ideas on over and join us, both on the boards and in our discord channel!
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  4. Grand Opening

    Got a helluva Lucky Charm at that…. Grin grew again. He was easy, laid back. A lesser would have bristled… he just shot it back. For the first time in a long time, the shoulders relaxed as she let herself actually enjoy the third Yorsh. Awww fuck off Joe, stop bustin' my balls! Back leaned into the wall, the boot propped on the stool between them rocked a bit as she "listened in" on the crowd. Conversations away from them focused on briefly to determine the topic of discussion before moving to the next group. He had a girl working the room tramp hard but seemed most the guys were ignoring her. Other than the ho, the crowd really seemed just a casual, feet up on the coffee table sort of crowd. So that's your game then.... run me out of town... wait, was that doubt it'd be successful I hear in your voice? Absolutely… The immediate response was laced with a chuckle as the glass came to her lips. Somehow I didn't think the stuffy butt brigade would give two shots, but hey... leprechauns got gold, pretty rainbows and bad movies. We be psychotic little bastards... They dont.... and for the record, you represent well the little bastards…. She also didn’t bristle. She was a hothead about a lot of things but not this sort of ribbing on the family. It wasn’t a threat, just banter. She hadn't been this relaxed since a certain ammo dealer spent time drinking with her in a cemetery. Frown ghosted over the dark shades a moment, the Cajun had been awol since she returned from Egypt and she had managed not to think about him for weeks. I bet on you Joe! Now I gotta win back my money, I'm too drunk for that shit! Whoever has the balls to win me back my money gets free drinks and a shag! Lips curled down in feigned disgust as the interruption diverted the spiral into a dark mood back into neutral. Eh….. shag a leprechaun? How is that a prize? Though even as she said it the glance went to the table. It was tempting. She had never played in her old life. The blind couldn’t "shoot pool". But on the richly engraved tables at Bakkhos in the after hours of the club, Toni had taught her in private. Depth perception and which balls were hers was the hardest things to overcome as the white outlines of her gift showed her the edges of the table in the same plane, but it hadn't taken long for the sharp mind to begin compensating, reading the brightness of the lines to determine their depth. She learned the placement of the balls in the triangle and therefore learned never to take her eyes off the table, watching the break so she could tell where every ball ended up. It didn’t always work, but it worked more than it failed. As long as she kept the balls straight, she could run the damn table. Her unusual "vision" of the world helped to remove all distractions and learn the precision of angles. She enjoyed the game but only played with family that knew her….. shortcoming… and only in private. She feared the humiliation of making a mistake. Still…. the challenge of it played on her risk seeking side. Head shook faintly to remove the thought from her head as the glass came back to her lips. She needed to be more careful than that.
  6. Nighttime is Playtime

    She hated people. She hated people. She hated people.... dark lashes narrowed as she stared down a party goer that had attempted to make a beeline toward her and Ahanu with a tumbler of something from the bar. A small head shake and he was moving back toward the bar. Nose crinkled slightly, refusing the urge to rub it to ease the smell of pheromones... and chlorine... and sweat... booze-y sweat, crappy perfume. Sex. The whole damn room smelled like hot blood and sex. ...and agitated Lycanthrope. ...with a smitten Roderick in tow. For Christ's sake. Eyes flicked to the still somewhat deserted patio as an escape. Seemed all the fun was in here, which meant she would rather be out there. A glass of something, watching the dark sky in swirls of winter cold and warmed air, relishing in the silence. But no. Silent, rolling thunder may have parted the seas for him, but it stopped short when it hit her cool wall of indifference. She didn't move, for anyone, and she didn't care if they wanted her to either. He would never be able to sneak up on her...not that she wasn't okay with that. Nostrils flared slightly as she breathed it in, the fresh blood in her veins allowing her to read more into the intricacies that most would never know. Alpha, with a scent as good as a fingerprint now. She'd killed an alpha once, regretfully... but he'd been trying to kill her in full fang mode so it was necessary. "Welcome to Bakkhos, I'm glad you decided to come." The slight curl of her lip paused, then tilted upward on one side in a lopsided grin. Brow quirked. The word liar almost slipped from her lips. She nodded slightly, the faint amused expression on her face evident she knew the jig was up between Ahanu and Roderick. It wasn't often she overlooked things, but wasn't surprised. Ahanu was beautiful in every sense of the word, she expected it, but Ahanu rarely returned affection. The Viceroy wouldn't be tweaked about it, the air magus could be with anyone she chose. Just wasn't sure if Roderick knew what he was getting into... The shaking hands thing again...she had to remind herself he was just being polite. Unless she was feeding, fighting or fucking she hated touching people. A distaste that had lingered from her mortal years. When people wanted to touch her they were either teasing, beating the crap out of her or shooting at her... among other humiliations she no longer had to endure. Graceful hand withdrew from her pocket to shake Gallo's, grip iron, skin warmer than usual. Business had essentially concluded between them, he wasn't under any obligation to entertain her. She could entertain herself. "Pleased to be invited Mr. Gallo. I'll get out of your hair now and let them have their..." lower lip rolled through her teeth, "" Brutal honesty was quiet, calm, rum rich with honey, and still licked of amusement. She'd gotten all dressed up to be a chaperone. Dark eyes flicked to Ahanu, she nodded toward the patio. Veiled, aloof smirk glanced at Roderick a moment before releasing Gallo's hand and sliding hers back into her pocket. She wouldn't ruin an evening for Ahanu with her business. Business could come later. Pristine, plain manicure traced delicately down the silver chain briefly to make sure the gold ring was still tucked in the folds of her shirt. Another time. "Besides, I forgot my bikini," comment to Ahanu was under her breath, extremely rare warm humor quiet as eyes slid over to the patio to find an escape route. "Keep the car... I'll find my own way home when I want to leave." When, not if. Not bored, just tired of crowds. She hated people because people hated her. The bullying and ire thrown at her for twenty years of her life had stored in her psyche like kinetic energy. It would be a long time resonating back into the world, if it ever ran out. Came off as arrogance, and she was okay with that. Glance again to Gallo was uncharacteristically more cordial than usual. She'd been had, but was okay with that too... for a while anyway... because it was Ahanu. There would be a limit though to her tolerance for watching drunken brouhaha, even if it was trying to be fashionable. The Sheut didnt want to hold her back. The entire room smelled like sex and ego. She needed silence, air, and a damn drink. Besides... Bakkhos may have thought they were scoping her out, it was completely the reverse. There was some clue in their tight inner circle that the world was more organized than they thought, how much of a clue they had that she was that umbrella that weathered the storm for them to rebuild was yet to be seen. Maybe she could get some insight tonight. Or maybe she could just stare at the stars. Stars were more interesting. Nod was slight to all, and she moved to make her escape.
  7. The real monsters are human. Werewolves have been labeled non-human by the Supreme Court, beyond the scope of fundamental rights. They must register with the government and cannot move without fearing criminal penalties. Other supernaturals, vampires, witches, ghouls, guides, and ghosts watch in horror, fearing they will be exposed and become the next target of the human government. As more of the supernatural world leaks into public consciousness, can we overcome the intolerance and hate or does a bitter, violent end await us all? We are an advanced, supernatural creatures, no word count (400+ preferred), jcink premium site set in present day New Orleans, LA. GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER 18, 2017 TUMBLR - SITE
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  9. Drinking Buddies [02.25.2020 7PM]

    Mel stuffed her hands deeper into the pockets of her jacket, the fleece lining soft against her hands. She looked around them, her eyes taking in the darkened roads that were dimly lit and the sparseness of people walking down the sidewalk. This wasn’t exactly her side of town; not that Mel was afraid to be in the rougher parts of town. She just preferred to not be somewhere that might get her into a spot of unnecessary trouble. It was one of those things that wasted energy she didn’t want to waste. Mel was like that, she wasn’t about throwing good things after bad; and that included her energy. Especially out in the field. While to people who didn’t know her that might have come off as a bit of a lazy streak but really it was just because she was strategically planning out each move, then each move after that. She did not seem bothered by the fact that Gavin had completely ignored her question and just kept to watching the world around them; just assessing the situation around them, never letting her guard down (even if she did look relaxed standing there). Her eyes had been watching two men boisterously attempting to get into their vehicle several yards away when she heard Gavin’s voice. Her head snapped around and an eyebrow shot up as she heard the words coming from his lisp. She snorted softly in amusement as he barked his order into the phone before hanging up and calling a taxi. She snorted a slightly amused chuckle again as he called a taxi. When he began to pace and started speaking to himself Mel tilted her head to the side, never saying anything just watching him. She pulled her hand out of her jacket and scratched an itch on her neck just as Gavin seemed to remember she was standing there. She gave him a soft smile and just watched him for a moment as he spoke. Mel opened her mouth to speak but clamped it shut when Gavin made a full-face dive into the ground. She lunged forward and moved to reach out to him to help stop his wayward fall into the ground when he caught himself and used the parking meter to right himself. Mel took a step back from him and put her hands back into her pocket. She turned when she saw the delivery boy’s car pull up and watched with amusement as the look of confusion flashed across the young man’s face at the sight of Gavin. Mel really did feel for the guy. This would be the second time his world might be imploding on him (the first having actually imploded with the loss of his wife). She was also pretty sure he had not been this bad of a drunk since right after Rebekah was gone. She took a deep inhale and looked down at Gavin and watched him as he devoured as much of the food as he could within the shortest amount of time possible. She shook her head after a moment of watching before moving to plop herself down beside him. With her feet flat on the ground in front of her and her knees bent Mel placed her arms on her knees and interwove her fingers together. She looked over at Gavin and finally spoke “is any of that actually making it into your mouth Boss?” the amusement in her tone evident as she watched him eat the food he had just ordered.
  10. Nobody Expects the ARMA Inquisition:

    This was odd. This entire setup was off, the entire atmosphere of the event was not the typical. Not that he was typical, given the fact that he was a jaded drunkard past his prime trying to keep his job and pay grade… but he expected a little more hostility, to be frank. When Lieutenant Walker made the quote, Gavin just nodded his head sharply without committing to a verbal response. The next words out of the Cloak’s mouth were equally off, because if that wasn’t the purpose of this meeting… Well, Gavin had no idea what the hell this was about unless it was some wacky ass Cloak recruiting mission given that two of their officers were sitting right in front of him. Seeing Halliday knocked down a peg was also a great feeling, because if Walker wasn’t here to fuck him the soldier was safe… at least for now. This meeting became more and more surprising by the second, and when the Lieutenant continued the soldier again visibly stiffened as he was caught completely off guard by the direction the conversation had taken. He had been with Shield from the beginning, and was part of the initial merger of the Silver Winged and ARMA to begin with. Rebekah played a much bigger role, but he was at least present during the entire affair. The entire division was his wife’s baby, essentially, and she had gone above and beyond early on to help Aura make the transition as smooth as possible. It wasn’t Gavin’s baby, though. He had lost all emotional connection to that branch the day that Rebekah went missing, because she was the only thing that tied him to that job in particular once all of his original group either fell in battle or got promoted out of the squad along with getting alienated by his alcoholism and depression in the years after her disappearance. This was not the meeting he had expected when he came in, but he was not going to waste an opportunity like this because he was all but being asked to switch. He had a position of some leverage here, and he was more than willing to at least test the waters. He forced his body language to relax as much as he could physically force it to before continuing, but it was admittedly very difficult to do so when caught so off guard. His intense gray gaze locked with the mentalist’s before he started speaking, trying to gauge what the hell sort of game that he was playing. The officer had access to his file, which meant he had full access to the soldier’s vast array of deficiencies as well as his skills and power set. It was extremely risky to offer someone like Gavin a transfer, and Walker had to know that. There had to be some ulterior motive or critical need, which would complicate things if he was indeed suggesting a move to Cloak Division. If that was just to butter him up so he would accept a swap to another division as well as a demotion and pay grade drop with it, the mage could go straight to hell. If it was an actual offer, though, that would just be ill-advised from any practical perspective. Also, internal work? If everyone hated him anyway, he supposed nothing exactly changed on that front even if he did swap over to the rat hunter division. ”If that million dollar question came with a million dollar offer, I’d be willing to hear about a job swap to just about anywhere.” he joked drily as he bought himself time to both think of an actual response and to force his body to stop being so damned rigid. ”In all seriousness, as long as the pay grade remained the same I would be willing to take offers from anywhere in the organization provided I could be at my house at least enough of the year to keep it from falling apart.”
  11. Nobody Expects the ARMA Inquisition:

    Alec had not chosen the panel. If he had, the men would have been representatives of each department. Such was bureaucracy, however, that availability of appropriate people takes a back seat to speed of execution where matters of review were concerned. Alec was also not a veteran by the military definition of the word. He had never been issued a uniform and a rifle and told to shoot in that direction. Nonetheless, the mentalist knew many who were, had spent time in their heads, and removed the most painful of their memories so they could function once more. He knew enough to recognize nonstandard dress, but not enough to engage off the cuff. Brown eyes registered recognition of the soldier's modifications to his service uniform. The man had tensed, recognizing the absence of shield. It was unfortunate... especially if the goal was to put this mage at ease. Alec would have to advocate for better matches on these review boards. Gavin responded to the invitation to sit by standing and taking full stock of the situation. He somehow grew more visibly tense and then relaxed mentally into what seemed to be a rehearsed speech. Good. The man was interested in staying afloat. Merval scratched a note on the pad at his desk. Alec let fluid motions carry ink onto page. Halliday sat silently, staring at the soldier. Ultimately nothing that would be discussed here mattered so much as the way Gavin portrayed himself. And he seemed to care. "As for willingness to lead, I think that it is fair to say that I am not the most excited man in the world to be in charge of other people’s lives when we go down range, or even when situations occur like the incident at the Harbor bombing with the virus exposure. There are risks that we take every day out there, and even a routine call can turn into a life or death situation for the entire squad." A slight smirk from the mentalist. He would let this continue. There had been recent situations that had raised concerns with many in leadership about Gavin's command. To hear that he was reluctant brought an actual chuckle, followed by a quick apology. Georgian drawl slipped through the layered Chicagoan and New York accents developed over a lifetime away from home. "Mr. DeLuc, I do apologize for that. Bit surely you know the old adage that a commander who enjoys his post is unfit to hold it." It was something he'd heard once, never attributed to anyone. "I dont think any of us walked in here to talk about stripping your rank or command and putting you away. And hearing your genuine concern for the lives of your fellow is as good a reason as any for us to stay away from that course of action. Isn't that right, Thomas?" Alec gave a smile and set his pen down, his last words directed at the representative from Tower, who nodded and acquiesced. Alec paused. "We are here to make sure you're in the right place, if that makes any sense. Your tactics lately have been... shall we say... unorthodox? for shield. You aren't a match necessarily for tower either, in terms of power set, according to records. However... there are places in ARMA not governed by those two branches." Alec was alluding to knight division, comprised mainly of those who had served prior to merging with the silver winged who defended the borders of the Eastern Seaboard. It had occurred to him that a man who had fought dragons might not welcome fighting alongside them. There was also cloak, there were commanders other than Gavin's own in Shield... there were options. Alec leaned forwards slightly. "So here's the million dollar question. Would you rather be somewhere else?"
  12. Old spectres and new phantoms

    ”There has to be a better way of fixing your dead people issue than drinking yourself blind… You could always see if you could get your powers curbed or whatever. You might even be the first person who actually wants that shit, seeing as how they seem to have no use that I can ascertain.” The soldier had made the mental judgment that the woman was harmless, so his tone was almost overly friendly and comfortable. Words were slurred, but only a small amount due to the practice that he had in covering up his drunkenness to the authorities when needed. Her power set, frankly, sounded absolutely fucking atrocious and he couldn’t understand how she managed to live day to day with life that bleak. With his attempt to influence the spirits an utter failure, there wasn’t exactly a lot else to do other than drink and just ignore the man at this point. He couldn’t help in any way, shape, or form so as shitty a situation as it was it wasn’t like there would be any point in communing with spirits or whatever the fuck. When she mentioned practicing her shooting, the soldier’s head cocked to the side as he thought out loud for a bit. His intense gray gaze bore through the woman as he inspected her like a piece of meat instead of a human being. ”Cop? No, too timid.” he paused for a moment before continuing, ”Security guard? No, too pretty.” Another pause, ”You also don’t have enough mods and excessive gear to be a competition shooter. Too soft to be a vet…” The man ended up just shrugging his shoulders and just stopped guessing. When she mentioned if he had any more booze, he had binged enough alcohol to not care about a convenient use of his power and ended up just gesturing to a patch of land about ten feet away from the woman and just used the shadows around the dirt to violently eject dirt into the air and quickly create a hole around the sack of rum and whiskey in that larger stash. Most of those bottles were at least half empty, but it was a sight better than nothing. ”There’s a good chunk of booze in that hole over there, Casper. Guns and fresh booze back in the truck, if you want something a little bit more powerful than the sidearm you have on now. Melee stuff, too, more effective in alleys and spots like that.” his tone remained friendly and casual throughout, but at this point his eyes were completely off the woman as he sauntered towards the last spot the spirit was located. ”I told you that we could have stormed Ireland together.” he murmured, underneath his breath. The words were coming out with a clear disappointment and a particular type of venom. ”But your dumb ass decided to take your chances with the fucking Vanguard instead. You knew damn well we would never be able to recreate the armed forces, not with that fucking rabble. The cutthroats rise to power in the fuckery, like they always do, and they shove it down the throats of the projects like they always do. You knew that, you fucking idiot.” There was a small pause as the soldier collected his rage and his balance before continuing, but he did continue in a voice too low to be overheard by anyone. ”You were my brother, but you also never made an attempt to make contact. I did, God knows that I did but you know how fucking unwelcome someone like me is in the South. You’re dead, and I can’t help you figure out whatever dumbass quest you need to accomplish in order to leave. That’s between you and God, and God knows I’m too broke to help myself … let alone you. Good luck, but I think it’s time you went back home and stop haunting random women. I realize you’re a horndog, but holy shit dude… you’re fucking dead and couldn’t do anything anyway. You have to understand that running around with your throat slashed chasing after women who aren’t dead is creepy as shit.” With that, the man stalked off in the direction of the young woman once more. He adjusted his leather jacket to cover up the fact that he was adjusting his balance on the fly with mixed success as he hollered out to her: ”At least this spirit should be leaving you alone now, if he has any human decency left.”
  13. Chaos theory

  14. Drinking Buddies [02.25.2020 7PM]

    The cold night air outside immediately made him regret not bringing an actual shirt or a jacket into the bar itself. Each step was unsteady, but despite all appearances he seemed to keep his balance just fine and more than prevent himself from taking a spill onto the pavement. He would have normally driven to the bar, but he couldn’t exactly be seen breaking the law at this point and it was kind of hard to miss an armored truck in the streets of New York City. Drunk Gavin, however, was not the most reasonable of individuals in the world. He ignored Cruz’s question for the moment to fumble out his phone and make a phone call. He rose the device to his ear, shivering slightly due to the fact that his beater shirt covered very little and barked out the address of the place immediately before continuing in a tone of voice that was much more giving orders rather than pleasant conversation. ”One extra large meat lover’s with barbeque, roll it in with two things of breadsticks and a two liter of Mountain Dew. Paying in cash.” he all but yelled into the phone, not giving a single damn about keeping his volume at a reasonable level with all the people around him. The soldier was not the best planner to begin with, but the more trashed he got… the worse his grasp of the future outside of immediate wants and needs was. Which is why the second phone call was to a taxi service. He made absolutely no attempt to move to a more convenient location, and seemed more than content to loiter right outside the bar he had just left and continue shivering right by the door. He had left the establishment, so it had ceased to exist in his vision and thus his mental state at the time. After the phone call and explicitly calling the cab to the location outside the bar, he started pacing back and forth while continuing the shivering. ”I should’a just fucking drove here.” he breathed, frustration clear in his voice. ”Fucking hell, it’s not like the truck would get damaged even if I rammed it into a power line anyway.” The pacing continued for another thirty seconds ago until he seemed to remember that someone else was with him and actually turned his attention to Cruz once more. ”Hey,” he started, then shook his head slightly in a brief moment of lucidity. ”Sorry. Just a bit fucked up right now, I just need some food in me and I should get a lot better. Sorry you have to deal with,” The brief pause was caused by a momentary loss of balance where a violent lunge to a nearby parking meter was the only thing that prevented a full on fall onto the concrete. ”This shit. I should probably just go home,” he started, but completely lost the train of thought when the most timely delivery of pizza occurred, mostly because Gavin didn’t realize that the pizza he had ordered had a building not even two blocks away from the bar he had holed up in. This was not a part of the city he exactly frequented, due to the fact that police tended to get angrier about people flaunting the law in the higher income areas. If a little drunk driving and a little fighting happened in a poorer area, the chances of the police being called were much lower. Once the conversation left his immediate field of view, it was forgotten. That was a sign of enough drinking that at least this point of the night would be a complete blackout by morning, and only happened when he drank an excessive amount even by his standards. At the moment, though, Gavin just stuffed a hundred dollar bill into that confused teenager’s hand as he grabbed the entire order and sat down at the edge of the sidewalk without a word. He tossed the order to the ground, opened up the breadstick containers and just started sloppily devouring the food as quickly as possible to satisfy the momentary craving for food. Back in the old days, he would never allow himself to get this wasted. He had not gotten quite this bad in months, though, because things at least seemed to be getting a little bit better. Now, with the possibility of everything that he had worked for crumbling before his eyes… he was right back to match the worst alcohol abuses that he had ever done.
  15. Nighttime is Playtime

    What is she doing here? Tom marched toward the door with a determined stride. The crowded floor seemed to part around him, as if they all instinctively knew to stay out of his way. If anger had an odor... As if intended, Roderick slipped just behind Tom as he got near Eris and Ahanu. Tom gave him a quick glance, and Roderick looked away briefly, guilt plain on his face. This was his fault. They'd have a discussion about this later. Rage boiled up inside him unconsciously...the moon was soon and it was evident. Brows furrowed and a low growl escaped. Suddenly, a gentle calm slid over him. His rage subsided a bit. A barely controlled inferno reduced to a contained blaze. The fury and passion was there, however, thanks to Roderick, it was contained. For now. Walking up to the tiny woman, Tom greeted her with a warm and welcoming smile. His smile was tempered a bit as he caught a whiff of Eris's silver necklace, but that was quickly dismissed, smile returning in full. Welcome to Bakkhos. I'm glad you decided to come. He said as he offered his hand to her. This wasn't untrue. There was a part of him that was glad to see Eris again. Tom was just not a large fan of surprises...especially those that involve someone like Eris. Stealing a quick glance at Roderick, he noted that he appeared to be nervous, slightly. Great. Someone was smitten. This is why this scenario exists? Yes. They would definitely be talking later.
  16. Old spectres and new phantoms

    The whole time she talked she had kept her eyes on him. After seeing him start to walk about normally and it seemed not even caring that she was even there was something of a blessing. It meant she wasn't going to die tonight. Well, at least not at this very moment. The night was still young and she wasn't too sure that he could stand his ground against whatever might or could come there way being out so far from the city. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she watched him still. Then her eyebrows raised as she saw him just utterly down half a bottle of Fireball. Huh, weird that that was his first drink, she thought, considering it's literally my favorite hard liquor. She instinctively licked her lips, but then bit her bottom lip, hoping to hell he just didn't witness that slight moment of weakness. ”I’m not nearly drunk enough to deal with this shit right now so I am trying to rectify the situation.” Aingeal wasn't too much of a drinker, or at least she didn't want to be, but it seemed to be the best and only way that she had found to keep the spirits at bay. She didn't necessarily go walking around like a drunk twenty-four seven, but for the most part she wasn't completely sober most of the time. She held up both of her hands and shook her head. "Hey, no problem here. I tend to usually drink a fair amount myself. If I don't then I tend to see spirits all of the time and that isn't something that I really enjoy in the middle of the night," she replied to him and then realized that it might have been a little bit too much information, but it was the truth. There had been one night that she had been woken up at about three or four in the morning to the sound of someone trying to open her dresser drawer. Come to find out that the spirit had once been a peeping tom and had been wanting to go through her underwear drawer. It had been enough to make her skin crawl. Plus add on the fact that he didn't look all that appealing with a slit throat. Though I guess that's what she gets for accidentally making eye contact with the guy in the middle of the day and then ignoring him. She had probably downed 2 bottles of Fireball that night and she was completely ashamed to admit it. ”So, does the spirit know what stupid task they need to complete..." A small laugh came from her lips at his words and she smiled as she spoke. "I'm not too sure they do. I think it's a more of a they have to figure it out type of thing and for the most part they don't typically interact with me unless I accidentally make eye contact with them. Then they know I can see and talk to them. At which point they tend not to leave me alone. I didn't see your friend until just now. He hasn't been following me all day. Thankfully...." she said her words somewhat slowly. She knew it was a lot to take in and that sometimes it was hard to completely understand. "...then get shitfaced like I was planning to do in the first place – without the haunting.” She had gone quiet and nodded her head after he spoke. She understood where he was coming from. Normally she didn't do this kind of thing. There was no helping of spirits talk to their friends or family. It was more of a 'if I drink then I don't have to see them and help them' kind of thing. In a way that made her realize just how majorly selfish she was, but seeing dead people tended to make her stomach upset. "Trust me. I get it. All I wanted to do was find a place to practice my shooting. I wasn't planning on talking to any dead folk either," she replied to him softly. After her words were spoken she noticed the shadows doing something weird. Something that naturally they weren't supposed to do and she figured it had something to do with Gavin. She looked over at Gibson and watched as the shadows went right through him. Ah, she thought, he's trying to see if he can do anything to Gibson. Her eyes moved back over to Gavin and she tilted her head slightly to the right. "I'm sorry to say that if that was your attempt at trying to do something physical to him..... it didn't work," she spoke her words with a hint of sadness to them. She almost wished it had worked. ”Alright Casper, I guess I’ll overlook the trespassing just this once.” Another laugh came from her lips at the word 'casper'. She had never really had a nickname before and even though that name reminded her of a boy name she kind of thought it would suit her in a way. Huh, she thought, go figure some random person in the middle of nowhere picks out a badass nickname for me. "Hey. It isn't like you keep this place posted with signs saying that it's your area. I just assumed it was okay for me to practice at. Next time I'll make sure to do some recon," she said the last few words teasingly. "On another note. I don't suppose that you would happen to have any other alcohol on your would ya," she asked hopefully. "Though if I get enough alcohol in me I won't be able to see your friend anymore."
  17. Discord??

    Some have asked if we have a Discord for Resonance. Curious if people want a Discord. If you do, send me a PM on why you think this would benefit Resonance and I will put all the ideas together - thanks!
  18. Drinking Buddies [02.25.2020 7PM]

    mel sipped her drink as a small silence passed between them. She watched him with calculating blue eyes. With her ‘awareness’ still pulled close around her she read him as best she could like any other, unusually observant person that knew the one they were watching just a little too well. She felt concern settle over her like a tangible blanket for her friend sitting across the table. What would they decide for his fate? Would they strip him of his rank, possibly even try to cuff his powers, then turn him loose? Even though Gavin was a wild cannon, even more so these days than in the past, he was still valuable. His knowledge through the battles he had fought, his willingness to get the job done and his inability to shy away from a fight made him the perfect solder. Coupled with his ability, he was truly an asset to any team, if he could keep himself under control. As she sat there and weight and counter-weighed him as if she herself was the judge and jury, she almost wondered herself if his pros truly did outweigh the cons. She took another sip of her drink. Of course, they did, she thought silently to herself. When he spoke she nodded her head ”Mmm” she said in a simple acknowledgement of his words. She knew that none had died on that mission for if they had, she might have actually learned how deep of shit Gavin was in. Not that she could have done anything about it, the action had already been committed and he now had to answer for it; whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. There is a moment when you throw new fuel on a small flame and it flares, throwing a burst of heat outwards without needing any movement from the things the heat touches to help it reach. His next words and the thoughts underneath were like the fuel on the flame and his emotions the quickly expanding heat. Mel blinked for a moment longer than normal as his anger, distaste, and frustration washed over her. Another downfall of her ability, even when she was not wanting too she could still feel those around her if they projected hard enough. And Gavin was projecting his emotions out into the room like a wave crashing hard onto the beach. It almost caused her true physical pain, but she kept that small fact to herself and schooled her poker face to not show what was happening to her. Mel groaned when he did not readily respond to her question and instead stared off with a blank expression. She narrowed her eyes and for just the slightest moment though about pressing her awareness out to him and trying to reach him on a deeper level, but the vehement of his earlier emotions washing over her kept her from doing that and the fact that after a moment he finally spoke, his eyes not even refocusing as he spoke. She took another sip of her drink and chewed on the inside of her cheek for a moment as she continued to watch him. It had been some time since she had seen him vacate so completely, it was as if Gavin was not even in his body any more, just automated responses triggered by the right questions. While it raised even more concern for Mel, the moment was fleeting and soon he had returned to his body; his eyes focused and his body no longer rigid. An eye brow raised when he cursed and suddenly stood from his chair. It did not surprise her, his abrupt change of direction, she was just curious where this moment was leading too. Mel kept her eyes on him as she downed what was left of her drink and dug out some money to lay on the table for the drink and tip, since she had not settled when she had ordered the drink. She did not respond to him, just silently stood and followed him out of the bar. She pushed her awareness out a little bit as they started to exit, just encase someone got a little bur of their butt and decided to start something or do something stupid to the retreating pair. Mel stuffed her hands in her pockets and never once reached out to help steady Gavin, he was a big boy and if he did make it to the ground then she would help him up if she felt he needed it but until then she wasn’t going to push any kind of physical contact. It wasn’t really in her nature to be overly touching. Once they were outside the bar Mel looked at Gavin and sighed “Where to now Boss?” she asked in her typical bright tone. Her blue eyes watched him for a moment and her eyes narrowed, debating on if he really needed some help steadying himself or if he would be able to walk by himself.
  19. Nighttime is Playtime

    Phone slid from his tailored slack after feeling the vibration, seeing the message a faint smile played at his lips. Tom was too worried. The club was clean, there was nothing to hide. Still. Phone slid away as the gaze lifted to see who he was talking about. It took him a minute but he spotted the women just as Tom slid up beside them. He knew her…. Detective….something….crap he was bad with names. Gaspari was always getting on him for that. It had been a couple years back at Leo's murder… he had been cut in pieces and put into wet cement only whoever had done it hadn't taken the time to be sure the body parts were pushed down and when the construction crew showed up in the morning there was a hand with an sleek watch still peeking out of their freshly hardened parking lot. Matteo had been called because the watch had the image of the club on the back. The Detective never had a chance to solve the murder…Bakkhos took care of it. No one fucked with family. Still he had played the part of concerned employer and followed up with her a few times over the next several months to see if she had any leads before finally it all dried up. Fuck what was her name again? Walking over he couldn’t help but smirk at the poor shmuck that had caught Angel's attention. He was thinking he was getting ass tonight… she was thinking he wouldn’t be leaving on his own power tonight. He nearly made the bar when everyone's attention moving caused him to look to the door as well. Well fuck me….. Words murmured on his lips. What the hell was the liquor store lady doing here? She wanted something. Or…… boys were still sniffing. If that was the case heads were going to roll. He didn’t give a shit if Gaspari was away, his word still stood. Seeing Tom take the lead with her, he decided the bar it was. Though not before looking the woman over. She fit in at the club, moreso than most there. The club was a throwback to the discos of the late 60s early 70s and her classic style slid authentically in. Derrick always did that too. With that long unfussed hair and feminine black jumpsuit with the plunging neckline, she always looked like she had slid out of a 70s club magazine when she was working Bakkhos. Moving through the empty crowd he set his empty class on the bar for Ari as he leaned an elbow on the counter beside Wynn. Devilishly genuine smile shared with her and her sister. Its Detective isn't it?
  20. Would Be Reluctant Hero

    Branden smiled and chuckled slightly as he heard the physician’s question regarding eating. He drew in a deep breath, “not normally, but for you, I could make an exception.” His head stung a little still but for the most part he felt tremendously better. He was for the most part healed as the woman suspected and Branden really wanted to show some appreciation even if he didn’t have a lot of green backs. Life since his graduation had been one of constant searching for work and not much time chasing romance. This was turning out to be an unexpected opportunity to do just that and he wasn’t about to let it go without trying. Work would have to wait and searching for a permanent position in his field may be a long shot but getting a girl, why that might be doable. The man smiled and sat up a little on the bed and gazed at the doctor, “besides how often do I get the chance to take a woman who thinks I’m a hero?”
  21. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

    She wasn’t sure if the other detective was going to make it. She looked a little green. Of course, so did most of the force now out trying to hold back the curious public. To her credit though, Wynn was coming on board the ship behind her, a feat most of the blues below were not willing to do once they heard what was on the ship. There was a faint annoyance in the thought because she knew that while for some it was the horror and stench that kept them away, for others, it was their bigotry against outworlders. World had been turned upside down, come face to face with the future… and yet they hadn't evolved a single iota. Boots hit the rusted metal of the belly, walking the perimeter slowly, feet placed meticulously so that no evidence was disturbed while the eyes began to assess. The frowns from the coroners team were ignored. They never understood how she was so calm in the face of such horrors. There was time to be upset and disgusted later, right now the dead needed her forensic skills. Head tilted as with the lights on she could see things she had missed before, dark lashes flicking up and to the side, clearly tracking some unspoken train of thought. "They must have been in here for weeks, even months." Freighter this size take about five weeks to cross…. saw some rotor damage outside so likely she runnin' slow…. six maybe seven weeks…. The murmur was almost to herself as she crouched near a pile of older bodies, the fester of decomposing flesh showing bones protruding through. “There's no way the guy would casually hang around the dock for someone. Even if we get a good description, who's to say that he isn't wearing a disguise? Regardless, that is the best option. Talking to the dock master, get something, anything out of that guy.” Stepping over a small decomposed body, presumably a child she crouched closer, head tilting the other way as the pupils flushed and contracted, zooming in on what had caught her eye before the left hand went out beside her and fingers snapped. A suited forensic expert came over instantly, they were familiar with Seiko and the fact that if she spotted something, it was worth paying attention. These two were shot. NPC: huh? They were always dumbfounded how she could see these things without autopsies, especially with the severe decomposition of the bodies. Shot… there are at least two slugs in this tanker and I want them. Standing she glanced back to the doorway then to where the two were. Farthest point. Against the wall, likely went first. Likely shot as they were being closed in, probably figured out they were in trouble as they were being locked in. Again the murmur seemed to be mostly to herself. Glancing to the white suit the authoritative tone returned and left no room for arguing. I want the make and model of the weapon before tomorrow noon. NPC:… we don’t even have the slugs you cant…. Well you better start focusing on finding them. Trail would go cold if they didn’t get moving. “Maybe we can get in contact with the Vanguard. They might know something.” Brow quirked at the woman. Was she kidding? Go to the organization that touted "human first"? For all she knew they were behind this death cruise. What better way to start purging the world than set up a false underground railroad and kill the outworlders in droves as they fled persecution. Doubt it. It was all she was saying on the matter as she moved through the carnage once more. With the beginning removals it was apparent they were right around seventy bodies in various states of decomposition. I want to know if any others were shot by the end of the night. Her demand was met with grumbling but she didn’t stick around, moving back up the stairs and taking a deep breath once on the deck again. Being submerged in the festering "coffin" below, the stench on deck seemed almost refreshing in comparison. Hands rested on her hips as she paced the deck looking over the rusted metal looking for more clues. Not the first event like this we seen in New York….. first one of this size though…..
  22. Drinking Buddies [02.25.2020 7PM]

    Trust was a funny thing, and recent events had a way of changing his perspective on things. God, it just felt so bad to be completely powerless over your own life… but here he was, drinking himself half to death waiting for a decision that he no longer had any control over. Worst case, they cut him and try to dampen his powers before letting him go due to the instability. Quite frankly, he would rather die fighting than survive a neutered shell of his former self. He had no illusions of actually making it out of the headquarters building alive if he decided to try and fight his way out, but he could do a good bit of damage before the top shelf mages came and snuffed the life out of him. If they just released him, he would have to try some new line of work. He wasn’t cut out for much more than fighting at this point, and having to stay in New York lowered his options considerably. Maybe he could set up a mechanic shop or something, but his pride was too high to go to a customer service job after all of this time. He was a soldier, and would continue to be a soldier regardless of the organization or cause that he ended up fighting for. That was a fact of life, and if that fact could not be true…. He would die fighting before it was taken away from him. It was all he had left, for better or for worse. ”None of our people died, so at least there’s no personal guilt.” he admitted, tone flat as he took another long drink. ”And yes, ‘administrative leave pending investigation’.” he almost spat the phrase, the distaste and anger clear in tone and expression. Shoulders and right arm tensed for a few moments before relaxing back to normal as he briefly considered chucking his glass against the wall in frustration, but thought better of it at the last possible second. Cruz, with a laugh, asked him what he was going to do when he was on leave. She knew him well enough to know that fleeing to maintain some level of control was something that he had thought of… but he just stared back at her coolly with a blank expression and unfocused gaze and a completely rigid posture before speaking again. ”No felonies, destroying my liver, the occasional shooting range day… you know, the usual.” he said, his tone matter-of-fact and voice low. It was almost as if he was talking to himself, and maybe he was. In an instant, his eyes refocused and his body relaxed just a tad bit more as he seemed to regain awareness of where he was. ”Fuck.” he hissed suddenly, getting up from his seat abruptly in a way that made it pretty obvious how much he had to drink already that night. ”I need some air, you up for a walk?” Using one hand to steady his uneven feet, he started meandering out of the building without a response. His pace was slow, because he knew damn well that if he moved quickly the chance of falling or getting into another fight were relatively high. He had already paid his tab off, because he paid after every drink to give him the freedom to just wander off whenever he damn well pleased. It was a habit that he always had, because in the old days he never used to get more than comfortably buzzed at these places and certainly not to the sloppy drunk level that he routinely descended to these days. He had done a great job at training his voice to not slur in a manner that made it obvious to others, but the body movements and glassy eyes always gave it away.
  23. Lost as Alice of Wonderland Fame

    November 2nd, 2020 There was so many people. She knew her eyes were darting everywhere just out of fear, so many people meant she was more hidden but it also meant more danger. She couldn't say which this situation was but she figured 50/50 was a decent ratio. Specially since in Europe it always seemed more 70/30 in favor of her pursuers. She wandered the docks in something of a haze having left Calder behind. She didn't want to risk his life again and besides, this was her job to figure herself out not his. At least there was some hope, she had recognized the skyline of New York after all so maybe there was something here. So far she was batting zero as she walked around the harbor. The voices sounded more familiar than in Europe at least but she wasn't seeing anything that might trigger a bigger memory. There had to be something though she wasn't born a handful of months ago here. She had a few scattered things that had to be real....right? They had to be real. With her skull already hurting from mattered she marched on, a strange woman in clothes to large staring around her like she was a tourist of some kind. More than a few people eyed her but no one bothered her for now. Lost souls wandered through the harbor on an almost daily basis after all. What was one more?
  24. Land of Confusion

    Nov, 11 2020 Frustration was a familiar feeling. It was everywhere in her life really between ducking her pursuers, dealing with others, and mostly dealing with herself. It was not a new thing to feel the frustration boiling in the gut. She was just mighty tired of feeling it. When she had seen the city from Calder's ship she had been somewhat sure she had been here. The skyline of it looked familiar somewhat to her. As she walked the city though she couldn't seem to find anything that clicked in her head. Perhaps she only knew the skyline from a picture or something. Sometimes she was sure she knew something of the city but when she sat and tried to remember her mind was blank or she simply suffered from her brain trying to explode. It might have been a car driving by, a place that looked kind of like something she knew, or even just a person. It left her wandering for weeks, stealing food sometimes so she might eat and scavenging the rest of the time. There had been a few...opportunistic souls that she encountered as well but they had changed their minds about coming near her. Snapping a person's neck in front of his cronies seemed to do that. The fact that she could do that and not feel bad was...strange. Shivering she pulled the oversized coat she had gotten from Calder tighter around her still thin frame. If she didn't find anything soon she was sure she could go back to Calder if he was still in town. It was probably better than living on the streets like she had been doing the last few days. She simply did not want to give up unless she felt she had exhausted her options. With that in mind she had kept to major crossing areas. Spots that seemed like she should have visited them if she had ever been in the city, be it as a guest or as a resident. So far she was batting zero and she couldn't say that made her happy. It was dark now as she wandered through Central Park. Nothing was clicking as she looked at park and places around it. Sometimes she got that same feeling like something was staring her in the face but she couldn't drag anything up from her mind. Perhaps it was because it was dark? Maybe if she waited for it to be light out it might help. She didn't have anywhere else to go and with the farms right there she could at least eat in the morning. No reason to leave with a decent bench to lay on. Concrete was far colder anyway. So she curled into as much of an inconspicuous ball as she could on the bench, doing her best to keep the coat wrapped around her warmly. She should be alright this way, maybe cold as she tried to rest a bit but comfortable enough in the oversized clothes and boots while she waited for the sun to rise.
  25. What Lies We Breathe is a relaxed, Urban Fantasy RP that provides a comfortable place to play for anyone and everyone. We thrive on the nitty-gritty, character-driven plots. (The supernatural life isn't always rainbows and sunshine!) In this parallel universe, humans unknowingly live next door to the very creatures that are thought to exist only in myth. Supernaturals own establishments, attend classes, and blend with the rest of human society Modern-day Cordova is no exception. This fictional city in the heart of Colorado is home to humans, psychics, Vampires, and Weres alike. Tensions run high as Humans learn to cope with the fact that Vampires actually exist, not to mention the furry and the undead being at each other's throats almost constantly. FEATURES: → Friendly & welcoming 18+ community with no cliques! Come make new friends! → Determine the site's overall plot arc via IC happenings (member-driven storylines)! → No activity requirements! Post at your own pace! → Short applications! → Several species to choose from! → Levels based on character development! → The freedom to create your own IC group! → Achievements that you can earn both IC and OOC! → Easy to read skins (both Light & Dark skins provided)! { Home | Getting Started | Guidebook | Wanted Ads | Face Claim }
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